Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cooking Maine Lobster - In a Maine Backyard

Cooking Maine Lobster:
Eight Lobster Dinner Cooked Quickly and With Little Mess
In a Maine Backyard.

Check the fire pit.  Ours is a four foot field stone ring maintained by Mother Nature.  The lobster fire will be in the smaller ring at upper right corner of the pit.

Check the table top.  The table stays outside by the pit year round and is maintained by Mother Nature.

Bring the cart with the firewood and lobster pot up to the fire pit.

Put the table cloth down and start setting the table.

Start the fire in the little ring.  Put the water (3/4 gallon) in the cooking pot.

Set the table some more.

Put more wood on the fire.

While the fire “burns in” bring up the lobsters still in their store bag.  They just arrived home from the lobster man’s store three miles away.

Take the lobsters out of their bag and…

Let them loose on the lawn.

Let those who wish to inspect the lobsters do so.

Bring the steamer to a roaring boil.

Put the salad on the table while waiting.

Put the lobsters in the steamer and put the lid on tight.

Melt the butter.

Steam the lobsters.

When the froth pushes the lid off once they’re getting done.

When the froth pushes the lid off the second time they’re done.

Take the steamer off the fire.  Inspect the lobsters:  “When they’re red they’re dead”.  The lobsters are cooked.

Transfer them to the serving bowl.

Bring the serving bowl to the table.

One lobster on each plate.

Pull the lobster apart on the plate.

Eat the lobster with dipping butter and lemon.  Use real butter.

Soon some will be ready for a second lobster.

Put all the shells and other waste in a large waste bowl

Save the meat filled parts of the left over lobsters.  Chill these overnight and make lobster rolls for lunch.  One lobster’s meat makes one lobster roll.

Take the waste bowl to the compost heap and empty it.

The raccoons and skunks will clean up the bodies in the night.

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