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Table of Contents

The Chimney Cupboard

Table of Contents

(Periodically revised and improved)

            This blog is about northern New England antiques and rare books.  It is stories, vignettes and profiles of objects and stories of buying and selling these things.  Most of the featured items, the setting and the stories are about traditional and classic New England antiques and rare books from before the Civil War.

Long Stories (Thirty or more posts)

            “Can” B. Worth (thirty-three posts in three parts)
            --- “Can” B. Worth (twelve posts)
            --- “Can” B. Worth Epilogue (twelve posts)
            --- “Can B. Worth” Feeding the Birds (eleven posts)

            Summer Place (forty-eight posts)

            The Crow’s Nest (forty-four posts in four parts)
            --- The Crow’s Nest (ten posts)
            --- The Crow’s Nest Part Two (nine posts)
            --- The Crow’s Nest Part Three (thirteen posts)
            --- The Crow’s Nest Epilogue Blood Farm (twelve posts)

Midsized Stories (Five to thirty posts)

            A Door Knock (nine posts)
            John Henry (in progress)
            The Oldest House (five posts)

Shortest Stories (Two to five posts)

            Gardiner’s Garden Basket (four posts)
            Peach Pie (four posts)

One Post Stories

            Fox Gets Goose
            Getting In... Writing It Down
            Ice House Ephemera
            Snowbound (“Privacy of Storm” – Emerson)

Damnation Delights in Details (collection title)
(Short stories about my youngest days as an antiques dealer)

            A Family of Scoundrels (two posts)
            Bee Balm (one post)
            Downtown (five posts)
            Maggie’s Store (eight posts)
            The Codman Place (seven posts)
            The Dead Doll (one post)
            The Horse’s Grave (five posts)
            They Vacuum the Alamo (one post)

Poetry – Dead Mother’s Place (collection title)

            Bunch of Letters in a Desk
            Dead Mother’s Place
            His Two Wells
            Photographic History of Junk Dealing
            They Were In the Attic
            They Were Leaning Against the Wall
            To Time His Last Hours

Information About This Blog

            Getting In.... and Writing It Down
            Table of Contents
            Why Does This Blog Look Like It Does?

(BELOW – incomplete... and being worked on... at this time)

A Rare Maine Book

Tale of the Kennebec
The Lobster Catchers
The Loggers or Six Months in the Forests of Maine

Early Posts

Antiques, Art and Rare Books

            The Saco River Valley (Maine)


            Ferris Cronkite
            Goody Coffin
            James Hutton

Personal History

            A New England Pictorial Flask
            Mice?  I HATE MICE!
            The Old Antiques Store

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