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Little Glass (Sauce) Dishes

Little Glass (Sauce) Dishes

            Put off and a little bit irritated Alex could be when around what he called “stupid”.  Pressure to sell art that long ago had become stress to sell art snapped like razor arcs of electrical lighting fresh from his hands of God.  His hands were connected to his mind.  The mind was the source of the snapped razor arcs.  His mind was the God.  Of the art.  He sold.
            Slowly the lethargic wake up on their tombs?  It is not ghoulish.  It is the simple reality of simple minds and their confusion about the simple art that surrounds them.  Alex knows this from the absolute minute by minute action of selling art.  He knows too that it is not confusion.  That is too much work for the lethargic.  It is not even lethargic.  “It is so stupid that they cannot even accomplish lethargic.” He commented.
            To me
            One morning.

            Beside the failure to sell art, the follow-up stress of that and the begin again criteria (razor arc) of the next minute.... (Alex IS right back that next minute with the ‘sell art’ for he has no choice)... his astute and near prodigal prophesy crackles from his finger as he
            Begins to demonstrate
            A previously denoted “care” he’s found within art that I was not, myself, surprised by and here pass on to the reader.

            Six little glass dishes; a ‘set of six’.  “These are Good Luck” (pattern) he verbally flicked
            Does that stick?
            It (“Good Luck”) should... but probably does not.  Right?
            Or is it “Be careful.”?  Right?

            Anyway.  He’d put the little dishes out and squared the six to a rectangle and then spooned...:  Well one had spicy slightly pickled “old fat yellow” garden cucumber flesh with only touches of its yellow skin left on.  “Everyone has one of those old girls in their garden at this time of year (early fall)” Alex commented.  The second little dish received spooned “nips” (Alex’s title) of, again, spicy and slightly pickled after blanching... broccoli.  In the garden these “nips” are the little ‘grow backs’ that appear after the ‘head’ of the broccoli plant has been cut off.  They are a treat source from both summer and fall.  After a frost they are ‘sweeter’?  Or ‘bitter’?  That doesn’t matter for the deer love them and will... “nip” ...all of them... before one can if one is the “too much work for the lethargic”.  That is two dishes filled... of the “three for each of us”.
            “Oh number THREE!
            What could THAT be?”

            Well Alex didn’t do anything that one could just ‘think of’ unless, of course, you’d “been to one” (a Korean Restaurant).  “I never understood and didn’t really like it.  I always ate it all FIRST and then went on to the pickles.  The sauce was always a little syrupy.  Not sweet at all but its consistency implied it was some sort of sweet yuck.  I don’t trust them (pre-made “canned” and “jarred” Asian sauces).  I never know what it is.  Just start with ‘they use canned milk and Spam’ and honor one’s horror from there.  The pickles, of course, are just vinegar and sugar with ‘this & dash’ so... that’s ALL.”
            What he’d done was... put out... into the third dish pair... a cold leftover boiled parsley potato sliced... with the fresh parley flecks and its hint-haze of ‘real butter’.  Then with his artist hand he brought over two smaller little glass dishes to ‘set beside’.  He spooned an “I made this” of his own syrup.  “It’s soy and WHAT?  A little steak sauce.  Just a spat.
            Of that.”

            What Alex was serving... is Korean Banchan.  If it is a ‘don’t know what that is’?  Well your safe for I... and Alex... are not doing that; making Banchan.  No.  Alex and I both ate up his... ‘made Banchan’ and then.
            And then.
            What are we getting at?

            Well... Alex denoted and became concerned and then became interested in and then corralled and then coordinated and then... waited
            And now has
            A single observation endeavor where he is “going after” the “stupid” who are the “too much work for the lethargic”... with
            Little glass (sauce) dishes.

            Alex discovered them?  Yes... and isn’t that... breakable.  While everyone is “so stupid” about them; the little Asian Cuisine perchance of ‘little (sauce) dishes, they are... “everywhere always”:  “They are made of horrible.  Plastic.  And worse.  And throw out.  And sometimes some crummy porcelain.  And no one cares.  They LIKE the little take out plastic tub with its snapped-on plastic lid.  Gooey dipping sauces so ugly and messy.  Oh please.  So I said
            To my little glass (sauce) dishes.” 

            I, writing this out, know I have to be specific or I loose the ‘try to follow this’.  The back edge is the need of the following to be understanding that the creative process of observation of decorative arts... carrying back to the understanding of the design and history of ‘old’ (antique) decorative arts... moves in the creative mind as a rather bouncy carriage ride that, too, ‘goes a little too fast’.  That is okay if one just... holds on to something?
            I doubt it.

            But the rich women’s magazine (s) do this “IT” all the time and ...dumb it (the creative process) down so one never ‘feels that’.  It is done behind the curtain and the color “spread” in the magazines (s) are “only that” (Alex); “color spread”.  “I think of it as name branded mayonnaise:  Either make it yourself or don’t USE it, Fatso”.
            So Alex is not a ‘spread’ in a magazine and not a ‘screw top jar person’ either.  And, today, he’s clinking little glass (sauce) dishes.  “They (the magazine[s]) MISSED them.  But even the best antiquaries have too.  So I suppose that makes it alright?  Its just so stupid.”

            What is ‘stupid’ are the... little... glass... (sauce)... dishes... that be wonderfully and exceptionally ‘fine’ old New England Glassware that everyone’s grandmother’s grandmother ‘put out’ ‘at table’ all the time with ‘nips’ of all sorts of pickles and relish and sauces and stewed fruits and salty & sweet.  Some “canned” (at home).  Some fresh from the garden.  Some “just made”.  Some “just fresh brewed”.  Some... “an old and special recipe known only to our family”.  Even some, Alex swears... “came over on the Mayflower”.  “One day I little dished at each place a spoonful of apple pie filling as a relish.  Everyone still wants my recipe to this DAY.  Think of the little glass (sauce) dishes I say and you’ll discover the secret of my recipe.  Isn’t that just stupid of me to do that?”

            What he just said it that it is the DISHES that FOOL.  ANYTHING may ‘go in’ a little glass (sauce) dish... once one has the DISHES.  So be that way; “little plastic cups of yuck”.  Or... ‘finders keepers’ the old (antique) New England’s little glass (sauce) dishes. “OH THAT’S WHERE THEY COME FROM.  I’ve seen them for YEARS.  And there are SO MANY of them around.”  WELL... they USED to be AROUND.  What has happened to them?  “You really want to know?”

            Once a long time ago they were stacked in the cupboard and used.  But soon the “Jar of” appeared and flourished “at table (an open commercial product served ‘at table’ from its ‘jar’) (“Like a bottle of ketchup”) (Ketchup used to be homemade and served in a little glass sauce dish) .  The dishes stayed ‘stacked’ ever after.  Then... and then... they were ‘cleaned out’.  And no one ‘wanted them’ or ‘have any use for them’.  So they ‘floated’ toward the... trash (‘recycle’) and ‘old boxes’ of ‘old glassware’ at “Nickel Tables” at church fairs and “Ten Cents” of thrift shop tables and... “broken” too.  They have ...slipped away... so have become harder to locate than ‘one would think’.  This whole essay is about this ‘one would think’.  Of what Alex calls ‘just stupid”.  “Just stupid” for the finding of these little glass (sauce) dishes, is, currently a ...rescue mission... for the knowing... who care.

            Early American Pressed Glass... sauce dishes... from old New England homes where they were long preserved by closed dining room cupboard doors... after falling out of favor to the likes of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Screw Top Jar’... may now be ...rescued... by the knowing ‘I care’ and
            Delightfully discovered to ‘may be USED’ in so many ways by our modern cuisine (“Foodiee”) ‘I care’ who
            “I care
            About my food”.
            And the little glass dish it is served in
            “Very much I do
            Thank you”.

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