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Thread Bare (Threadbare) (Rug) Care (Dare) - Part One

Thread Bare (Threadbare) (Rug) Care (Dare)

Part One

            I suppose that it is okay for I to return to ‘something I wrote’ and fuss with it.  I suppose.  If I didn’t write it then that (fussing with it) could be a different and difficult matter.  I suppose.  But I do not have ‘that issue’.  No.  I wrote it (upon this subject) and it still stands and still seems to be a ‘popular read’.  I am spoken to of it and the ‘this’ (still popular read).  That is a measure of success isn’t it?
            No.  Especially if the readers are goofy about it.  What could be goofy about reading about pets peeing on domestic (WASP) floor coverings?  The smirk and the ‘get that off of your face’.

            In the story chapter (blog post) “John Henry – Part Three” I tirade as an aside from the main tale about ‘old’ ‘threadbare’ ‘oriental’ ‘rugs’ on the old floors of old New England Wasp estates.  I go on for quite a bit and, having just reread the whole aside, I am pleased to report that I find it ‘stands’.  ‘Well’.  Still.  Pet pee... and thee... on thy

            I had to go back and look at it for I was, again, watching (from my comfortable position as a dealer in the antiques trade) the fumbling and affected fussing of ... Wasp threadbare rug shopping shoppers and their
            (The fumbling and the affected fussing).  Look:  If the shopping shoppers knew what they ‘are doing’... the fussing would not be affected.  As they do not ‘know’ and are also ‘doing’... it sidesteps into affected.  That’s not very pleasant is it... especially when it includes a goofy smirk and the...
            Lack of any sense that a someone who does know (“no”) something is watching this live drama for their own entertainment.
            That’s right and it IS worth the very nominal ‘price’ to ‘see the show’.

            They do not want to be spoken with.  So I don’t.  Ever.  No... they do not want to hear the words ‘sniff test’*** and... should they hear that from ME they... will mention it to me ever after (decades, over and over).  Is the conflict of the discovery that the rugs DO smell ‘that way’ (pet pee) and that ...that... IS a ‘supposed to be THAT’ IF they are the real Wasp threadbare... on your floor.  “I missed that.” you say?

*** “The Sniff Test” is a quick sniff given by a potential buyer to “see” if the item “smells”; “Does it pass the sniff test?”.  The sniff test is given to a real lot of ‘things’ I find in ‘estates’... for obvious reasons.  Old threadbare dirty pet peed on “scatter” rugs “is a no brainer” for a sniff test.  If it is ‘really bad’ (smelling) it is “yellow”; dealer slang for ‘makes your eyes water’:  “It’s a good rug but nasty yellow”.

            So then it gets a little more frustrated.  Doesn’t it.  YOU were just trying to “LOOK” at “THE RUG” and... that’s why you were fussing with it; rolling it out after pulling it out of a ...pile... of piles of old rugs that... “WHY THAT ONE SWEETHEART IS IT THE PATTERN/COLORS?”  No.
            “IT’S THE RIGHT SIZE”
            “I THINK”.

            Shopping (old threadbare rug) shoppers who don’t know (‘old’ “oriental” ‘rugs’) shouldn’t ‘think’ when they are ‘at that’.  A words of advice.  It (think) is like looking over the shoulder at the back side... of your ‘back there’... in the mirror... with this being done by an “Am I being watched?’

            Already we have quite a snarl... haven’t we.  And it is supposed to be so EASY.  Just find the ratty old rugs at estate sales and BUY THEM and ‘put them down’ and “What’s that smell dear?” and “IT’S SUPPOSED TO SMELL LIKE THAT” and:
            It turns out it is ‘not an old one’ whatever that means and ‘isn’t THAT worn’ because “I’m not really gonna put that on MY floor” anyway and ANYWAY the ONE RUG (at the sale) that DID look like that “SOME MAN” rolled right up and BOUGHT IT before I could even LOOK AT IT.  “I see that MAN at the sales all the time but I’ve never spoken with him”.

            Okay so what is all that about?  Well... if they are... old estate rugs that are truly old estate rugs then there ‘could be’ ‘a good one’ the ‘this MAN’ says and he’s there to get it (them) he says too.  So I want him to ‘tell me about that’; “INFORM ME” and thought he understood that I wanted to see the rug he bought and rolled right up but he paid for it and only said it was worn and dirty and ‘needed to be cleaned’.  I think.  The one I bought wasn’t too worn and is the right size.  I think.  But he (the man) was right that the colors are what I’d call ‘too bright’ and HE called “garish” and something about ‘natural dyes’.
            What does he look for?  “Old rugs natural dyes 1880’s Victorian bold geometric”.  Something like that he said.  He just laughed when I said the WEAR on it (the rug he bought) SEEMED” but he still wouldn’t let me look at it (his rug) and said “They didn’t use it to cover the pool table” whatever that means.  I didn’t see the pool table.
            I saw him.  The rug was on the floor.  He just turned it over and rolled it up.  Everyone was walking all around him.  One woman; a dealer, said “Wendell; I didn’t see that.  You have such a good eye.”
            Whatever that means.

            What this all means is that more and more “I think” Wasp threadbare rug wanting yard sale-tag sale-flea market hunting white SUV driving parking problems “I should have worn my boots it’s cold in here” “I”M LOOKING FOR ORIENTAL RUGS DO YOU HAVE ANY?” are ‘there’ ‘now’ ‘these days’.  Like... a LOT of ‘more and more’.  So my business is fine
            With all of this.
            I sell the rugs.  After I buy the rugs.  I don’t have to ‘very much’ for most of the rugs because most of the rugs are not only not worth very much but are a ‘lot of them around’ ‘for sale’ too.  What rugs are those?  Old rugs from after World War Two; 1950’s-60’s.  Old rugs from after World War One; 1920’s – ‘30’s.  Even the ‘Edwardian’ ‘era’ (1890-1915) (“Dee-Abby”) old rugs.  “All you have to do is look at the DYES”.  And, if the bother is needed, ‘the pattern’.  I don’t really much ‘needed’ these days.  There are a lot around for sale.  I just ‘cheap’ on those.  And even then I get a lot.  What happens to them?  They go to the flea market old rug vender.  His business is firecracker hot these days.  It; the Wasp Threadbare Fashion Forward ‘thing’; the right place at the right time with the right “old” “worn” “threadbare” “RUGS”.  A ‘constantly keep in supply’.  How did you think those rugs got there?  Santa Claus brings them?  No.
            I do.  And they sell just that way for just that kind of money.  We do not push the market.  It is ‘just there’... just like the old Wasp threadbare rugs are suppose to be.  Sniff test?  Better... but... one does not need to ‘touch’ many rugs.  No.  The ‘good eye’ will take a whole pile or two of old rugs and reduce it to ‘tag’ (see how much they want for it – “that one”) one rug.  It is always ‘too much’ too.  It has ‘already been found’.  I find rugs; old rugs.  So I know about this (already found).
            Then I sell them.  Even the “that one”
            I do not sell them to the rug shoppers shopping.  The rug vender at the flea markets do that.  I sell my ‘those rugs’ to him (her).

            The really old really worn threadbare rugs of natural dyes and bold geometric patterns from the Victorian 1880’s ...and older...  I have here and there in another universe in another galaxy; a galaxy of old threadbare rugs in an old threadbare rug universe.  No one ever talks about this.  It is all:  A glance at ‘a’ or ‘the’ or ‘those’ rugs is it.  On the floor one of ...those... is... not an accident... or a “What?”.  No.  They know.  YOU know.  It is assumed.  That (know).  For me it means, too, ‘great rug’ ‘not for sale’.  I know all about that for I live with it; my wife layers rugs without an ever mention ever.  I understand:  It as a Wasp ‘knows good rugs’ threadbare rug domestic  Reread that; I just told you something.  The house isn’t that big and the we keep finding the rugs and she keeps taking them off and layering them around and always says “NO ONE IS GOING TO PAY ANYTHING FOR” anyone of those rugs anyway (although that market is actually very... very sharp) so who cares and I also know better than to ‘mess with’ ‘a duck to water’ (an “I know” Wasp wife with rugs).  Yes the threadbare rug thing... in the realm of ‘good ones’ is a ‘don’t mess with’ style... standard.

            Is this a little scary?  Threadbare... “I care” has a “do I dare” a ‘THAT threadbare’?  Absolutely.  A threadbare Wasp home of ‘good ones’... takes a breath away.  “You’ve seen their rugs?”  How can you tell if you don’t know?  You can’t but the rugs that are that good will try as hard as they can to wrestle your eye and then knock some
            Good taste into that eye
            I’d like to say ‘you’ll know it’ but... that’s not true.  Most people ‘don’t’
            “Their rugs.

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