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(Yankee) Hoarding - Part Three - "Animals"

(Yankee) Hoarding

Part Three


            Suggesting and now stating that my expertise of ‘hoard’ is because I seek it, find it and... roll in it.  Like a dog doing what you don’t want it to; that kind of roll in it.  ‘Good ones’ of hoard are... how about...
            Zoomed in on
            Right away.
            No tally stick.  No moderation.  No pussy foot.  No “you should be... too”.
            By the time we get to ‘good one’ of hoard... you have taken yourself off and I have made sure that you did.  I just want to be alone with it (hoard; a ‘good one’)
            “Privacy Please”.  Orange plastic cones.  Yellow plastic barrier tape.  Closed doors.  Locked truck cabs.
            Sympathy... is fain.  Why not?  That’s what they want to hear.  And want to hear
            “The problem can be remedied?”  These days there is a ‘clean out’ industry whereby the ‘victim’ of hoard negligence hires (pays a substantial cash cost) to ‘have it’ “TAKEN CARE OF”.
            I don’t do that.
            There are plenty that do.  They are not that good.  At hoard.  “Paid to Clean Out” they do.  The ‘hoard’ goes with that.  No judgment is done.
            No; for the most part these are cracker barrel top cash clean-outs of
            ‘Good ones’ (a ‘good’ ‘hoard’).
            “No one even knows what a ‘good one’ (hoard) is”.
            As I stated:  Yankees are good at hoard and... if they are good at their hoards...
            You will never know.
            And... I will never say.

            This kicks back to the ‘behind scene’ whereby... “IF”... the “YOU” (I) am “INTERESTED” then there “MUST BE” ... “SOMETHING”... “IN THERE”.
            “No... just happened to be going by”
            “No... friends of my wife’s family”.
            “No... GOD in CREATION couldn’t TEMP me.”
            But their (the hoard-E) treasure trove HOARD
            “TEMP ME”.
            So now I have to get rid of YOU.

            I do.  I have your truck towed?  Yep.
            Who calls the tow truck?
            THEY DO.
            “Who’s THEY?”
            The victims... of hoard.  The victims have the clean-out service (and their large ‘charge’ [cost]) towed off for
            I do not request to be paid... to ‘clean out’
            A ‘good one’.

            A ‘good one’
            “Is a WHAT?” you, a compulsive trash bag, ask.
            I already told you (Part Two):

            “Yes.  That is a ‘very key’ (skeleton key) to Yankee hoard.
            The Yankee hoards his God
            In his soul”. (Part Two)

            As soon as I sense that a hoard has a soul; that the hoard is ‘of humanity’... with the ‘more generations bailed in there the better’... too... I am
            I am.
            You are towed.  You don’t know that it was I who ‘did that’.  Nor do you
            “See Soul”.
            It is very rare that a five-letter-using... ‘clean’...sees soul.  Or its hoard.
            The ideal combination is... a soul touched Yankee hoard of many generations all ‘in place’ in an old New England home undisturbed outside ‘of family’ with the last of that (family) guarding the “MESS” from peek-a-boo.  They (‘of family’) fear peek-a-boo ‘of family’ more than “clean out” but, too, fear the “cost” of that clean out too so... peek-a-boo... I come along with the “we will pay you (stated definite amount of money) for all of this and will have it (the family homestead)
            Cleaned out
            By next Tuesday
            At four o’clock”.

            What’s this actually about?  Layers.  If it is ‘that old’ ‘in there’ for ‘that long’... it is in
            I look for (multi-generational) layers
            Of Yankee hoard.
            I know what I am looking for.  I know what it looks like.  A casual “walk through” is ‘suffice’.  Remember; the political button was denoted in the dresser top dish hoard and ...that was all... (Part One).  Nothing but lightest ‘walk though’.  Once that deal is done... though...
            EVERYTHING IS CLEAN OUT.  All hoard of ...all hoard... is


            Think of hoarders being hoarders for generation after generation with each a special person hoarder with special hoarding visions that are hoarded on top of older family hoarder’s hoards of hoarding... deep... dark... “core sample” hoard.  SO DEEP it is found to include layers dating “Colonial (New England)” “in there.
            “AFTER THE CIVIL WAR”
            “CAME BACK”
            “Married TWICE”.
            “THEN SHE DIED”
            “BURIED HER CATS BEHIND THE BARN.  In the FERNS over there
            THEY SAY”.
            “Seventeen cats”.

            “WOODEN LEG.”
            “They KEPT THAT you know.  OUT by the FIRE.  SHOWED IT TO
            MY MOTHER
            When she was a LITTLE GIRL  She said.
            Always said
            She told me
            DID YOU FIND THAT
            IN THERE?”
            I did.
            Is that hoard?
            No... just a part of hoard.  One piece
            To a puzzle?
            No.  To a

            What do you want me to do?  Be breezy and trite?  Just because you don’t notice hoard and don’t notice family hoard and don’t know what a ‘layer’ is in an ...old Yankee New England house hoard... am I suppose to accommodate you and your crass subjection often verbalized as “selling my mother’s house”.  No... you just don’t want to have to paint the trim molding on the backside of the house (“can’t see it from the street”) so whatever I clean out of the
            You ‘already went through anyway “I didn’t find anything I wanted”.  I know you’d like to hire an interior designer to help with the latter (‘didn’t finding anything’) but, well... that’s not gonna happen.  It would just be a bigger insult to the past seven generation of your family.  They (the seven generations of [hoard] family) would rather I “did it” and not let you and your ceiling paint card ‘loose in there’.  Did I just say that those hoard souls would rather have it all burn to the ground than have you get it?
            Yep.  So I had your truck towed BACK to where you ‘moved to’.  It is okay; we are all getting a better idea of hoard, hoard management and hoard soul... thanks to you.  That’s really where we are right now; stuff, stuff management and the boarder lands of hoard.  “Clutter”.  “I hate it”.  Look:  You can’t even clutter because your stuff is so crummy.  The old Yankees... nod from their graves.  Even the seventeen buried cats nod from THEIR graves.  “Tortie – Killed By Arrow” one’s stone reads.  Again:  Seventeen cat graves... that is one person’s HOARD of cat graves.  A hoard of cat graves is very rare.
            Full of soul (cat and human)
            And, today...
            “Lost on most people”
            Even when shown and
            Standing amongst them.

            What is it going to take to get you to understand that calling “Hoarder” (“witch”) is a declaration of how EMPTY you are?  That includes one legged sea captain’s ghosts...
            Clomping down the backstairs with his candle.  I know:  You “don’t stay in those kind of houses”.
            You have no “privilege of hoard”.

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