Friday, June 3, 2016

The Coming and Going. Of Design. - Part One

The Coming and Going.  Of Design.

Part One

            Relative intrigue (novelty)
            Of design?
            Of course and that is always pleasant.  But a little too selfish; as if one IS an ‘an object’.
            Divination?  A foundation?  No:  Bad.  Go back and look again.  Harder.  With no ‘u’.  Just it.  And quickly.  Throw that (object) through the heritage of all design
            Very, very quickly.
            Is it still there; your an ‘an object’.  Or did it disappear?

            Take the ‘squirt gun’ (‘water pistol’)
            For example.
            “Didn’t ‘was there’ before”.  No.  Not there:  Was not there.
            The squirt gun / water pistol was a ‘not there’.  Then a ‘someone’ ‘innovated’ a design form titled ‘squirt gun’ and/or ‘water pistol’.  Or was that design innovation not singular.  Not a ‘one person’ – ‘one design form’ ...innovation.  Took several over several ‘time’ too... fumbling starts and stops.  A magical medium?
            YES THERE; a divination, a foundation?
            YES THERE:  “Plastic”.  Molded plastic design; a ‘gun’ that ‘squirts water’; a ‘squirt gun’... a ‘water pistol... made of molded plastic I
            “Had one when I was a kid”.  You did.  But Dad didn’t?  The ‘design form’ “hadn’t been invented yet” (innovated).  “Dad?  Did you?”
            “No I didn’t”
            “And my kid doesn’t either!”  That design form... either.  Molded plastic squirt guns were... and now are
            NOT.  The design form has “evolved” and the “MY SQUIRT GUN” has...
            Can be
            Could be
            Is... “NOT”.  The molded plastic squirt gun... as an innovated design form... came... was... and... is not.  “I SEE THAT” you say.  “FOR ALL DESIGN”.  I doubt your that good at it
            If you are that adept at design... why is your life a full gathering of
            Bad design.
            “Go back and look again?” “Harder?”
            A design form ‘appears’, ‘exists’ and... ‘disappears’.  All of it does.  Always.  Constantly.  It is the constant of design; appear-be-disappear.  Everything:  ALL.  Object?
            “Where is it?” (its current moment in an ‘its design heritage’).  

            The 18th century had people who drank tea sitting at tea tables.  First there were no tea tables, then there were ‘innovations’ of tea tables, then popular usage of ‘designed for tea drinking’ tea tables.  Then tea drinking ‘falling off’ with coffee drinking ‘appearing’ so
            Sitting at tea and the tables ‘fell off’ and the... disappeared... while coffee drinking fumbled its table space for
            One hundred years to finally find
            The ‘coffee table’ innovated and starting to ‘appear’ as a ‘design form’ during the late Edwardian and World War One era to ‘become’ a domestic design standard by “THE TWENTIES and ‘carrying’ as a domestic design form for most of the 20th century to only be discovered to be ‘disappearing’ RIGHT NOW because (1) people are sick of tripping over them AND (2) ‘never using it’ (to sit at and drink coffee).  You know where people drink coffee?
            In their... yeah... the little plastic ‘cup holders’ as a design form are EVERYWHERE these days; a ‘considerable innovation’ in design that is, for the most part... very not inspired design and disturbingly ugly.  Too.  From tea tables to plastic ‘driver side’ cup holder to Grandmother’s house
            WE... as a beverage service design form... GO.

            I didn’t mean to do that; make fun of your coffee mug.  So... let us do that some more.  You and your design usage and the comprehensive perceptions of that... are
            “Wicked ugly”.
            Most of it (one’s design usage) is, actually, as a quality of life... intellectual perception... nasty.  No notice.  No carry over.  No ‘relative to what’ (anything).  Returning to the squirt gun I denote the marked ‘made in USA’ amplification and how that there-then (on a vintage 1960 squirt gun) is NOT a disingenuous design inclusion AND is merely a design declaration that has, for example, the “Park Plastics Co.  Linden, N.J.” title molding of this molded plastic design company that... specialized in ‘making’ plastic squirt guns (now defunct - ‘disappeared’...)  Yeah:  The real ‘made in USA’ that as a design form of itself HAS DISAPPEARED TOO.  Ok... Calm down...:
            That is “purity” of the “expression” of design.  Seems a little trite?  NO.  I use ‘expressions’ of ‘purity’ of design all the time when I critique any and all design forms as my ‘antiquarian interest’.  So get used to doing that yourself.  As a comprehensive value action you take
            So... let us do some more... again.

            Waste... paper... is a design form.  In both senses:  Waste paper, an object.  Waste paper, an action.  Where?  Waste... paper... basket.  A design form... poorly titled... but a ‘none the less’.  Bet you even own one.  Or two.
            A design form... that was ‘not’ before.  The 18th century?  Waste paper?  Did they... waste... paper.  Did they have waste paper.  A waste... paper... basket?
            A waste paper basket ‘appeared’ as a late Victorian design form; an object created with intentional design purpose.  Yes... look at yours:  There it is.  A design form... after all.  Your is ‘ugly’?  I know that.  We are getting to that.  It is ugly because you never considered it... as an aesthetic ... a design form.  You just chuck your snotty Kleenex ‘in it’.  Yuck... AND you are just soooo.... arty.  So they (waste paper baskets) exist.  And they have not disappeared.  They have gotten really ugly and really crummy and really gross.  As design forms... that you have.  Just feeling (as opposed to ‘thinking’) that one may have to adjust this... splendid demonstration of bad taste in the ‘your home’?  A sort of ‘look in their refrigerator if you really want to see’... kind of wrong message sender; your waste paper basket.  Don’t worry, I do notice and do notice ‘good ones’’; GOOD waste paper baskets.  Didn’t know there could be that?  “A good one”.  Design encompasses all and ‘is there’ too.  A little as if one is wearing no clothes... one’s design inclusions are:  A ‘naked’... is one’s design sense to the disciplined eye.  Your waste paper basket is the fat on the inside of
            Your thigh.
            Well don’t worry.  One may ‘correct’ this;  ‘work on’ the ‘your waste paper baskets.  You WILL like doing this (sophistication of the art eye)  AND you will too... get to notice ‘them’ and, of course... denote ‘good ones’.  Good ones of waste paper basket design... in a (your) domestic setting.  You don’t want someone like me making fun of your waste paper baskets... do you.  It is gonna cost you more than you’d like to... ‘work on this’... domestic design disaster.  Waste paper basket design... is a good place to start your career with ‘good’ (great) ‘design’.  No one will notice at first.  Most everyone is ‘pretty numb’ when it comes to their ‘waste paper baskets’.  For starters, just ‘seeing’ a ‘good one’... is hard... work.  And you will have to go directly to the secondary marketplace (antiquarian realms).  The waste paper basket stores that sell good ones are few and expensive.  And a lot of theirs are ‘crummy’ shams made to ‘LOOK LIKE’ but are not really a “GOOD ONE”.  Fraud?  Yes.  But you can deal with it.
            See how fast this goes?  Your already looking at all the waste paper baskets you can find.  Even your best friend’s and ....your mother’s.  Welcome aboard.

            What if you discover that the waste paper basket your mother gave you is a ‘good one’?  She ‘got it’ from ‘her mother’?  Oh... THAT kind of waste paper basket.  Didn’t know till just now that this could happen.  Better stop... take a look around.  What if your grandmother knew a ‘good one’ (a good waste paper basket) and, passing it along to you, ‘was trying to help’.  Wasp etiquette?  You bet.
            Your getting rid of your plastic ones... from the box stores?  Good start.  Your going to grandmother’s house and reviewing ALL of her waste paper baskets?  Good start.  Didn’t know that waste paper baskets had a ‘could come from within’ design heritage.  I’ve known it for decades.  Thank you for ‘leaving them behind’ when you ‘clean out’ grandmother’s house.  I’ve never ‘bought one’.  I delight in ‘finding’ a ‘good one’.

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