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Roughshod - Part Two - "Vague"


Part Two


            In our moment of the ‘our now’...
            When fine domestic material culture is suggested to be
            Gold spray painted (faux) interiors
            And PENTHOUSE magazine in the library
            As literature...
            Isn’t that old New England
            Of you?

            Yes that does give one ‘exceptional licensee’ to ah...
            “DO THAT” and show it off too.
            As “so you”.
            It is easier; tacky, tawdry and crass.
            It is easy to burn the eggs in the “FRYING PAN”.
            And show you’ve “DONE THAT” too.
            You are genius.

            It is a peculiar genius; this new New England decorum.  I stated it in Part One; the  ‘framed hanging’ your emptiness on the walls.... with this...
Shown to
            After that... there is just the (gold) spray paint on the chairs.
            And the books
In the library.

            Many of the new decorum old New England homes have no printing in them at all.  That is correct (what I stated):  There is no print ‘in there’ ...at all.  Not even a box of magazines being “to recycle”.  Old books are never read so “WHY?” unless of course they LOOK like “I READ THEM”.  That is the cure of cancer?  The “look”?
            That (look) is certified by “I LIKE” (Part One).  Right?
            And no one knows the difference anymore?  Right?.  It is not vague.  The new wholeness IS vague.  “Leave it to the imagination” and my imagination notices that the ‘vague’ is just as stupid as I
            Imagine it is.

            I leave.  I don’t stick around any of that at all.  I leave.  You should too.
            But why would you listen to me.  It is easier to buy an old New England home and “I LIKE” décor with roughshod culture... hanging empty “IN THERE”.  The (old) library:  “IS THAT WHAT THAT ROOM IS?” 
            The title page of that room is residue; a leaving.  A ‘left over’.  A “study”.  A “den”.  A “TV room”.  Wonderfully “DONE”?  No.  Skip that room and use it as “storage”.  “WE TOOK THE BOOKCASES OUT”.
            That was smart.
            When publishing-of-book became a dominant GLOBAL New England industry (1830 forward to 1880)... putting them on shelves in a room in a... home... in New England was the ‘became’ a “right thing” to... do.   After the shelves were ‘built in’.  Of course.  And the books on those shelves were...
            “READ”.  They (the books) were “KEPT” in the library.  Along with other “things” “like” “old”
            “Hand written in ink”.
            Well I’ll be damned.  And have been for most of my life.

            That is what to do; write a letter using ink.  To no one.  That IS who reads them.  In the library.  If you have some ‘in there’ then by all means show them to someone who “KNOWS” ‘about old letters’.  They (the letters) are sufferable.
            YOU are insufferable.
            One old letter states.
            “These are the old papers.  The books are in boxes in the garage.  We didn’t
            Have room for them.”
            “Your papers?”
            “No.  The books”.
            “But the papers are your papers”.
            “In the boxes?  No.  The books are those boxes there.  These boxes are our papers.  The old papers are in the boxes still in the room.”
            “Those papers are not your papers?”
            “No.  Those are the old letters.  Those papers are written in ink.  The letters are written in ink.  I don’t know what those papers are but they are our papers.  Some are college papers.  And then bills.
            I think”.

            I always like it when they think.  About papers.  Their papers.  Old papers.  Old letters.  “In the boxes.  Over there”.  It’s easy enough that way:  Vague.  “As long as you don’t take any of those papers.”
            “In the library”.
            “No.  The boxes in the garage.  Of our papers.  The books in the boxes.  There.  Take those.  You want those.  Right?”
            “Oh yes.  All of those.  The old books in the boxes.  In the garage”.
            “That (garage bay) door doesn’t open.  You’ll have to go around the car.  Take the boxes out that way”.
            “I’ll take the boxes of papers (letters) out of the room (library) fist”.
            “Do you ever think the old letters say anything?”

            “No.  Most people’s papers never say anything.  They’re like your papers in the (boxes in the) garage.  People put their papers in boxes and... that’s it.  Pieces of paper about pieces of paper... in boxes.  Usually stacked up like yours are.  Not very interesting.  Do you ever read your papers?”
            “Ha!  No.  Never.”
            “That’s it.”
            From my vantage of the culture of the roughshod vague in the old New England home... it is a wonder that the old room that was a ‘library’ ever was that and made it so far; lasted so long (over one and one-half centuries)...:  Why should anyone keep an old library in an old New England home

            Once that room; the old library, is “cleaned out”, then comes the gold spray paint and PENTHOUSE magazine décor?  Actually not. That... ah... decorative treatise... is still in the ‘suggested’ state.  This new décor is just like speed ‘limit’ signs on the highway:  “Those are just suggestions.”  That IS perfectly obvious isn’t it; now that this (“a suggestion”) is pointed out.  That explains why no one...:
            So gold spray painted décor with PENTHOUSE magazine as the literature ARE now being ‘suggested’ to be a...
            “I like”.

            Sometimes I don’t look at (into) the old boxes of letters and books I “buy” for ten years or longer.  Obeying the new décor suggestions... prove ‘why should eye (I)’.  If I told you I read old letters (“written in ink”) that would be what you call “too boring”.  So.  Like.  What’s the hurry and... What’s the point...

            The point is that I have left the vague “I like” and took the old books and letters with me.  I abandoned the room that was once a library in your old-new New England home and you use it for storage anyway.  “NOW THE OLD COMPUTER IS IN THERE”.  That’s a suggestion?  Suggested décor?  Works for me.

            This is roughshod... in the New England home... these days.  Very few ‘old libraries’ in old New England homes... survive the superficial of ‘easier; tacky, tawdry and crass’ (noted above).  The actual empty of books and paper library room... is just as empty as the framed ‘art’ hung on the walls... once you get done ‘doing that’.  You don’t have shelves and you don’t have books.
            You don’t read books
            You don’t.
            You paint the walls of an empty room in a ‘my color’ new New England home.  I sell the old books to collector’s collections and sell the old papers to ...archival (research) collections.  It’s all very vague.  And just a suggestion.
            This new New England decor is a little roughshod... but has gained traction.
            As culture.

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