Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mud Season Meals - Number One - Chicken Cottage ("Pot") Pie - or Over Biscuit

Mud  Season Meals

Number One

Chicken Cottage ("Pot") Pie

Or Over Biscuit

            It’s not that hot
            It’s not that cold
            It’s not very dry
            But it’s not that wet.

            Track what?
            Mud season.

            If I don’t track it into the house then
            I don’t live here.
            The path is muddy
            The road is muddy
            My boots are muddy.
            Some boots are wet.
            Some boots are drying
            Beside the fire
            That I run hotter than needed
            Because it feels good
            “What’s there to eat?”
            “(Chicken) Cottage Pie

            Crust on the top
            Crust on the bottom
            A must
            A ‘neighbor’s rooster gone missing’ grade
            Chicken in a pot
            With broth from its bones
            Carrots, celery, potatos and onions
            Salt and pepper
            Keep it simple
            Concentrate on the (bottom) crust.
            That bottom crust is the heart.
            A spoon must find it there.

            Alternative self servings:
            Chicken in a pot ladled
            Over warm ‘from the oven’ biscuit
            No:  Actually it is biscuits.
            I take two.

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