Saturday, August 4, 2012

How We Make Lobster Rolls at Home in Maine

How We Make Lobster Rolls at Home in Maine

First and the same as we did for our lobster salad post, we purchase a pound of the best and freshest lobster meat.  As in our lobster salad post, we stopped at Day’s just north of Yarmouth.  Again we note we were “in and out” in three minutes with truly a “best and freshest” pound of their lobster meat.

Once home and at the kitchen counter, we prepare the lobster meat first.

We sort and inspect the lobster meat on the cutting board.  The claw meat is across the top, the arm meat at the far left.  The tail meat is across the bottom.

Next we slice the meat.  We slice it into just a little bit smaller and more even pieces than we sliced the meat for lobster salad.

We put all the meat, evenly mixed together, in a glass serving bowl and put it in the refrigerator.  The meat will stay in and be served from this bowl for the short two days it lasts.

Now we make the dressing.  We do not use commercial “mayonnaise” (or whatever that stuff is).  We make our own dressing that is similar to a mayonnaise and has a complimentary green color that further highlights the lobster.  First we put an egg yoke in a mixing bowl.

Then we sort of measure… one half cup sort of… of grape seed oil (the source of the green color).

Next we add two tablespoons of mustard to the mixing bowl with the egg yoke.

Then we add “this much” salt noting the photograph with the salt in the hand below.

Whisk the bowl lightly.

Add and Whisk in A LITTLE grape seed oil.

Then add and whisk some more.

Then add and whisk some more again.  Repeat that until it’s a creamy mayonnaise like spread.

Now juice one whole lemon.

Pick out the lemon seeds.

Add the lemon juice to the mixing bowl spread and whisk it in.

Transfer the dressing to a small serving dish.  We keep this dish together with the lobster meat “ready to go”.

I select a couple of “buns” for MY sandwiches.  Nothing special or big for a bun.  The “roll” does NOT have to be a hot dog roll.  It can be a bun and that makes a little bigger “lobster roll”.  Hungry men like that.  Remember that this is about the lobster and not about the “roll”.

I toast my rolls whole.

Spread on the dressing.

Add a lot of lobster meat.

And eat them.

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