Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bunch of Letters in a Desk

Bunch of Letters in a Desk

I took a cardboard box into
The bedroom of the single
Spinster aunt who had lived
There apart from the family.

I carefully looked over her desk
And began placing the contents
Of the drawers
In the box.

I hoped I would find
A bundle of poems
Like Emily Dickinson’s
In the bottom Drawer.

I did not.
I found a corset,
A box of gloves,
And a neatly tied bundle of letters from 1937.

The letters were from a young woman
To this old aunt
When she, too,
Was a young woman.

At the end of the stack
Was a neatly folded clipping
From a newspaper.
I read this too.

It was about an airplane crash in Illinois;
Outside of Chicago in a thunderstorm
in 1937.
Everyone was killed.

I looked at the desk.
It was not
A fine desk but
It was in fine condition.

I looked at the bundle of letters.
They had fit so precisely in the
Right rear corner of the bottom
Drawer of the desk.

I decided I would sell the letters
With the desk and
Include enough family history
To carry out my plan.

I had just the client in mind.
She came back to me several days later.
“I think the two woman
Were in love.” she said.

I gave her the college year book
I found in the desk.
“I bet the pictures of both woman
Are in there.” I said.

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