Thursday, January 17, 2013

Leaning Against the Wall

Leaning Against the Wall

Up in Vermont
I went to a house in a town.
I walked up to the side door
And knocked on that door
And it opened.

First we went to the back
Building because that’s where they
Had things they didn’t want.
Then we went to the garage.

Every time I bought something I
Set it outside the buildings on the lawn.
I paid them for each item I bought
In cash, right away.

The man handed the money to his wife.
She would count it again and
It would disappear.
They seemed very pleased.

In the barn I told them I could
Get the cupboard off the wall
With the crowbar in my truck
When I came back from the
Truck they said they had some
Things in the house “too”.

The best thing I bought in there
Was a small oil painting of
A Colonial house by a river.
With a family in the front yard.

It was on the floor
Leaning against the wall
In this little room beyond
A back bedroom that someone
Had tried to make into a
Bathroom but had never finished.

It was in a stack of picture frames.
I bought all the pictures frames as one lot.
I paid for them and carried them outside.
I laid them on the lawn.
Then I went back inside the house.

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