Monday, February 16, 2015

Old New England Glassware in the Home - Part Eleven (B) - "A Small Point"

Old New England Glassware in the Home

Part Eleven (B)

"A Small Point"

            A very small point:
            I being that
            And of that;  the ‘those’ too
            In a (New England) home
            As my endeavor.

            Yes I am the one that has this safety... of  small points.  One may look at me  behind my abatis of
            But I
            Live here (there).

            Once established... by applying cup plates under the ‘this cup’... that ...these old New England folks in their old New England homes are (were then) sipping from their saucers... in the front room... of that home... we... may... WHAT?
            Well there is another glassware object that is not as goofy as the cup plate.  Unpleasantly too, for those who harbor ‘art dread’ (the notion of ‘is art’ and the ‘it is’ of ‘that’ [art])... it is more... ah...arty; more of arty of... old New England design... of glassware... in the (old) New England home.  Sorry about this and I know one tends to get secure when one smears bear grease in one’s hair, skips showers, burn whales up for the perverted inner nature of ‘filling’... a... ‘lamp font with spermaceti’.  OH MY MAN and your dirty thumb too... on the inner edge of the saucer... among other men who, too, have their dirty thumb too... there.  Too.

            Yes we must note this, girls:  The men, too, ‘at the office’, could be found ...gulping... their ‘tea’ and... quickly fashion to ‘coffee’ (I’m not writing about this) from... not particularly clean saucers... with ...not particularly clean cups... on not particularly clean cup plates and these were “GUY STUFF” cup plates too... and
            Had (have) MEN messages pressed into them like... American eagles, boats... log cabins... Presidential candidates, monuments, ‘important’ ‘MEN’ (Victoria... is the only girl portrait I recall.  I.e.:  There is no Margaret Fuller cup plate... ‘known’.).  But who cares for the point is.... cup plates are from the era of saucer sipping beverage fashion... and that era included all... old New England... people.
            That is why there are so many ‘styles’ of  and... just plain so many... still around... of these cup plates.  “USED THEM” and “PUT THEM AWAY” and
            HEY:  They are still in there; the old New England home.
            I find them all the time
            It’s a small point.
            This small point is that they are... the snowflake... of old New England Glassware.

            When one throws aside the men’s wear (“historical”) cup plates, one is left with press glass snowflakes of varying design ‘depth’ (merit) and ...some of them are especially ‘snow flakes” of glassware.  I don’t’ expect one to ‘get there’ in this judgmental poise of cup plates and ... art.   It is subtle and I know hate... subtle ‘art’.  TRUST ME that finer eyes are very carefully raking this cup plate ‘judgmental poise’ WITHOUT YOU.  And, like, I’m ‘pretty into it’ on my antiquarian inner home voyage quick scan of “FINDING” and “I KNOW” right then in the flashlight beam ‘THAT” (‘all that’) and
Good one(s).
            And say nothing
            Absolutely nothing.
            It’s a small point

            Contained within the self-world of cup plate survival I... disregard the rest of the universe.  Ever since I ever thought I see a cup plate I’ve been ‘there’ AND
            Quickly learned that no one else
            “Fine” and “Thank you”.
            They (cup plates), evidently from antiques legends as a source, were once collector coveted.  Like... back in the 1920’s roadside TEA ROOM era before ‘smart phones’, flip flops and... smoothies.  That, though
            Was so long ago.
            That though;
            It did not go.
            It ‘went’
            Out of fashion too?

            So I walk around in cup plate land alone and a trespasser
            On my knees before the under cupboard corner spots
Saying nothing.
            Showing nothing
            Being perfectly content with this
            Except warning the you of the ‘out-there-somewhere’
(I know the trail through the mountains)
That there
Are some serious cup plate

            The second ‘design form’ (Part Eleven A) is
            The “lacy salt’

            It is a glassware open top salt dish... to be filled with salt and carrying a little... usually wooden... or ‘horn’...’ivory’... ‘bone’ or.. ‘coin’ (silver)... spoon to ‘serve self’ ‘salt’ upon one’s portion of food... ‘at table’.  Girls.
            Of salt at table was grace... full... ly... done by one hand lightly sprinkling ‘that’ (salt on a tiny spoon).  Men sprinkled too... as best as men ‘could’.  A ‘lumbering oaf’ hands-on at the old New England lacy salt dish was... and still is... ‘known’.  Today a grown up MEN may be found who ‘do know’ and ‘do know the difference’ though this has not trickled down to any sort of ‘most men’.  Women, it seems, “understand” what a ‘salt’ ‘dish’ ‘is’.  Is said.
            MY little small point rarely has an “even that”... girls.  Yeah your off over there with those tiny-tiny 1920’s round tiny little glass ‘individually place’ ‘salt’ ‘dish’.  Like ‘roaring twenties’ onward to ‘post war’ ‘entertaining’ 1950’s.  What does that mean?  It means when Eve and Bing see those when they are showing me the ‘their’ glassware... they “KNOW WHAT THOSE ARE” and... ‘think’ (a dark spot of universe) I ‘want them’
            “NO” and ...go away... with the flip-flops and salt dishes.
            “NO:  USE THEM FOR applying rim salt... WHENYOUSERVE margaritas.”
            “Just a small point to help
            Make an ASS out of yourself... in the (your) (old) New England home’.

            I’m gonna ‘hold back’ on the word ‘lacy’ and go ‘salt’ ‘dish’.  Lacy is the antiquarian slang term for the ‘glass’ ‘type’; a technical pontification.  I pontificate on ‘art’ merit (‘design strength’) first.
            Art for the bear pomade is easy to understand:  “IT’S A BEAR” shape
            Art advances to “snowflake’ with the cup... plate... so is too... easier...
            To understand (a flat composition upon a ...flat [plate] surface).
            With the lacy salt... the art becomes three dimensional and, in this petite nugget... defiantly amplified so that one may actually encounter this ‘a little chunk of glass’
            SCREAMING DESIGN at one’s art eye from it’s modest and retired position ‘on table.
            Girls:  I am talking ‘art power’ for
            It is the only thing (object) ‘on table’... like this “ah...”
            “Yeah:  That kind of power”.
            And they were made to ‘do that’... ‘be that’.  BY ...DESIGN.
            So, ending the lacy salt tale (tail?) early... one... may... with ONE well chosen salt... ‘cover that’ old glassware in the New England home.  But... problem being... it’s... once this nook of New England design is opened... hard to stop at one.  YOU WON’T BE THE FIRST ONE to... fall for this ‘old’ glassware iota... from old New England.  For myself, I have delighted in buying and selling these (‘lacy salts’) ...especially compelling New England design objects... for a half century and STILL DELIGHT in and of... EACH ONE... that comes and goes.  They (good ones) come less than they go.  Meaning I usually DON’T have ‘one’ ‘around’.


  1. OMG, alert, alarm, it's the invasion, the end is near!!! I just opened YouTube and stumbled onto "Untapped Treasure Series from The Danni App - EAPG & American Brilliant Glass" She tells how to "find", "identify" and "price" the EAPG... OMG (again) does it always have to be about "buy cheap and sell dear"??? Do any of them have feeling for art, design, history, a thing just standing alone having intrinsic as well as esoteric value???

  2. The cup, saucer, plate pieces finally make sense, now that their function has been explained and demonstrated, thank you.