Friday, February 27, 2015

Old New England Glassware in the Home - Part Thirteen - "WHAT?"

Old New England Glassware in the Home

Part Thirteen


            The... vile... lance... that “NEAL”  and her “number” (Part Twelve) bring to the
            Of old New England glassware... in the ... (old New England) home;
            The... violent... resolution... of the
            State of ‘that universe’; the old New England glassware... in the ‘I HAVE’ – ‘YOU HAVE’; it is a stabbing of the crucified.
            And that is not the ‘over statement’.

            I line the ducks:
            IN the New England home by inherent usage
            OF its intended design... there be
            The lacy salt.
            Active to this day within that setting it ‘is’... usually ‘lost’, ‘buried’, ‘floating around’, ‘long put away’ and/or ...the multiplicity of the meanings of ‘trashed’ I,
            The explorer of this Amazon... that resolves this by, well... putting the lacy salt  of the ‘in there’ (this old New England home) on... a... cross.  This is usually an in my jacket pocket carried to the dash board of the truck where it is, in the reflective period of eating a sandwich ‘in there’ (the truck cab) for lunch... I MAY... poke the salt... on its cross. 
            I USUALLY KNOW ‘exactly’ so... like.. ‘NEAL’ is
            “Yeah, yeah, yeah” but  “OK ANYWAY” too.  So the salt gets stabbed... on its cross-by-I...; stabbed by Neal.  THAT is not a bad way to go IF one ‘may not be sure about this’ of, for example, I being introduced to a ‘Texan’ (Part Twelve)... IN an estate setting where I JUST MAY not have... ‘got it out of there’ ‘YET’.
            “Got what out yet?”
            THE LACY SALT.
            I already know it’s in there because I’ve ‘seen it’ AFTER I ‘found it’ but
            THEM TWO (Eve and Bing) ‘still have it’.
            I HAVE NOT purloined it... YET.  OK I GOT the bear pomade for a couple of “IT’S CHIPPED” bucks (Part Ten)
            But I have not ‘got’ ‘the salt’ that is ‘in there’

            So where’s Neal at?  Well... Neal ‘says things’ about ‘salts’ ‘other books don’t’.  That ‘says’; they are ...collector community worthy... so are cash value ‘worthy’.  So, like, I... KNOW THIS.  So I flipped Neal’s pages and after, like... ‘finding it’ to... like... “OK” and... like... “OH LIKE” the “COLOR” isn’t (is not) ‘listed’ (recorded) “IN NEAL”.
            “Nice” of my ‘file that’ turned to the “scared the ‘oh shit’ out of me” (Part Twelve) when
            The Texan
            Rode into town.  Actually... she just rode on to... the (Eve and Bing’s, by inheritance...) ‘property’.
            That includes... I find out abruptly... “the contents” OF THE PROPERTY TOO.

            Back to Neal.  This color thing (“color is everything” Part Seven) has been ...of collector interest (passion)... noted right along.  So a ‘of color’ salt is ‘collector - is good’.  Is good ‘cash value’ too.  Is ‘in Neal’ too.  Is not ‘recorded by Neal?  The color of “OP 1a” ; the specimen I am going to FIND in the Eve and Bing estate contents I am... ‘stripping’ (getting all the ‘good stuff’ ‘out of there’ ‘cheap’) is ‘of color’ of ‘not recorded’ ‘in Neal’ TOO.

            AND so what?  Well... here we go a little arty again:  “IS IT A NICE COLOR?”.  When I look at the salt it is... almost... a clear glass salt.  Almost for but be... in the bottom of the bottom inside that is the BASE of the salt BOTTOM I notice INSTANTLY while Eve and Bing are looking out the dining room window at the BIRDS... that ‘THERE” in this BOTTOM is a “TRACE”... no... ‘is a MIST’ of ‘opal’:  A floating mist or near fog of opalescent glass color; a little opal ‘fire’, a little mist-vapor ‘white’ and a little refractive hew... of blue.   This adds up; this ‘seeming nothing’, to be ENOUGH to be a OF COLOR salt with this-that being “yeah” qualified by my mind TOO with “I LIKE IT!”  OK that’s like point zero, zero, two of a second and IT (this salt) goes back EXACTLY WHERE IT came from.  They are still watching the birds.  OUT THE WINDOW.
            I notch my ‘this estate contents’ stick.
            “I’m getting that.” is the notch.
            So... you know; “I’ll get to it”.  IT’S FOUND.  Like, already; I’ll get it.  I mean... I got plenty of time... with these two

            Back to Neal.  Neal does not record this ‘color’.  But so what.  Since 1962... all KINDS of ‘of color’ have been found AND found to ‘not be recorded by Neal’.  But “EVERYONE” (collectors... dealers... of lacy salts) ALWAYS note this (NOT RECORDED) anyway.  “OK”.  But so what.
            WELL.....; WHAT IF THE ‘nice’... as opposed to ‘not nice’.  Ok... now we are talking about taking a ‘huh’ plain clear ‘twenty-bucks’ salt and ‘kicking it up’ ‘a hundred’ and ... “No I mean it IS nice” so from someone like me...:  “One sixty-five”.
“I could push it to two-twenty-five?”
            I LIKE IT
            I like the color... too.
            I found it.
            So NEAL...  just stabbed that salt... for me.  But I haven’t even got it on the truck dashboard YET.  It is still in the bottom of the ...left hand side cupboard ‘next’ to the window... in the dining room... of the estate that
            A woman from TEXAS
            Has ‘showed up’ wanting to buy
            (The property, the house and
            EVERY... THING)

            Now, now, now boys and girls even I’ve heard of this happening.  I mean I’m going along here counter balance proving a whole God damn unknown civilization of old New England glassware in the... (old New England) home to YOU and I got here, there and UP the ladder to lacy salt dishes as an anthropological pivot point of that point; New England humans, their salt and their... salt... dishes... and, you know by having been told, that I have gone along with the old salt thing for fifty years and am saying “WE ARE FINE GUYS (and girls)” and ready for the next big biggest thing in old New England glassware in the home (including Eve and Bing’s... HOME) and
            “WHAT?” FROM TEXAS shows up.
            I’ve heard of this before.
            Never SEEN it before.
            “OK STAY CALM.”
            “Pretend like nothing is happening.”
            That always worked in the past.

            So what is happening here is NOT told to me as simply as I will here tell you.  I am the ‘in there’ of these ‘Eve and Bing’s’ “ESTATE” for, like... “I don’t know” why.  But NOW I’m finding out:  I am there so... just being there... FIND OUT.  Shortened to, I determine by saying nothing and listening to every skimpy word used ‘about this’ ...I, standing around ‘in there’ HEAR that this woman from Texas... is “IN THERE” too for
            She has “flown up” from Texas for the... real estate person/company (?) who “MANAGES” the “PROPERTIES” of “A COUPLE” of whom MR. (never named) Couple... who has made a lot of a lot of a lot of money ‘setting off explosions’ way underground on ‘vast tracks’ of  “LAND” to “RELEASE” “trapped natural gas... and sell that (the released natural gas).  This Texan woman is the... footman... for the real estate company... footmen... who do the ‘duck and twirl’ of these ...fine folk’s... “REAL” “ESTATE” “INTERESTS”... and “God knowing” what that involves.
            Except that it has managed to suddenly be an “IT’S HERE” at ...Eve and Bing’s
            “PROPERTY” prefixed by “THE”.
            So this Texas girl is here-there-now... including me... TO SEE (“look over”) “THE PROPERTY” as “an investment our clients are interested in possibly purchasing” with this having the startled me ‘oh shit’ FACTOR of... ‘they’ want the stuff.  TOO.

            Simplified, these fine folks want to buy an ...instant New England heritage ‘property’.  The words are ‘property’ and ‘heritage’.  They do not want ‘a house in Maine’.  They want... and this is never stated, an ‘ancestral’ ‘family’ ‘home’ with ‘land’ ‘on the coast’ of Maine that, TOO, has ‘all the (“OUR”) family’s ‘things’ ‘still in it’.
            That includes the tiny lacy salt dish I just looked at and put back?


  1. Oops! I was carried away temporarily with the other values of the The Lacy Salt. I actually forgot for a moment...until "TEXAS" arrived...that, yes, when it comes to money, everyone is an asshole.

  2. Looks like Ms. Texas on the side of the purse?