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Old New England Glassware in the Home - Part Thirty-Three - "Chutes and Ladders"

Old New England Glassware in the Home

Part Thirty-Three

"Chutes and Ladders"

            Once one discerns that old New England glassware in the home is a
            Rich pioneer settler’s oblivion that,
            (Once one has snuck through its self defending fence of “I know”)
Therein, one is
            Totally alone.
            No one ever bothers you...
            And it actually only costs one ‘a pittance’ so...
            One may, thereafter, forage the edible plant lives of old New England glassware
            While “Never”
            By an anyone

            That includes
            Right through the holidays where-when the most of the “MY” (“GOOD”) glasswares are “OUT” and
            Right through the yard sales where “it was too heavy to carry out we broke some already”.  “SOMEBODY LEFT THEIR COFFEE.”
            (That’s the plastic cup – plastic cap with sip hole coffee
            Container) “I THINK IT’S MINE”.
            “I put it on the table by the PAY BOX.  I KNEW that would happen if I set those on the ground don’t worry if something broke its ok”.
            Once one discerns:

            By passing by yard sales, auctions, antiques shows, flea markets and ...related venues I have
            My glassware from ‘homes’ that are preferably ‘old houses’ of a better well-to-do multi-generational undisturbed
            Gathering of all of their ‘things’ neatly closed up with the curtains drawn and a
Very serious but not verified rumor that ‘no one’ ‘is ever’ ‘has been’, ‘will be’ or ‘could possibly’ ‘get in’ ‘there’
            “EVER”.  This is
Just my
            Personal taste in old antiquarian settings that include the opportunity for me to
            Be absolutely “not know”... or any way to be a ‘known’ ‘to be’ ‘about that’ (‘know about’ any decorative and fine arts including old New England decorative arts with this including ‘old New England glassware” and... this last
            They never
            ‘Suspect you’
            “Would know”

            So I am a wisp of air
            In there (the old houses).

            And I am gone
            With the
            “DO I dare?”

            It is very ‘not hard’.  It; the old New England glassware, is in there (the home) screaming at me and... no one else hears that so I just
            And that’s that and that’s that and that
            Is that
            Over and over again.
            “Don’t you ever tell anyone”.

            One way... down a street... that is... and at the others I am always the opportunist and that I may rely on for, astonishingly, ‘no one’ ‘shows up’ for ‘like WEEKS’ a lot of the time so I get that TOO with the same glassware screams and the
            Quality of what I find is... astonishing... and a... that no one else ever notices slightly.  I am REALLY used to that including them ‘thumb in bum’ set who “YEAH GO BACK AND SIT DOWN”.
            It’s Chutes and Ladders; the board game of
            Old New England glassware... in the home.
            I guess that’s the way to do this?  Huh?

            I open up the game board and its date says nineteen fifty-six so that goes back far enough I guess even though there must be an ‘earlier’.  There’s always an ‘earlier’ so ...give it up.
            With this board open I flick the metal spinner with my finger and move off my player to ...avoid a chute and ...climb a ladder.  One of my pals is right there and they spin too but slip and slide
            On the third try so that’s like “HEY YOU BOUGHT A WHOLE BOX OF CRAP
            Old (New England?) glassware in the home.
            “HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S CRAP?”
            I just wrote one hundred and fifty pages for you on that subject so like:
            And “OK, ok... just show it to me”.
            “That’s what it is:  A NO”.
            “But I...:  WHAT IS IT?”
            “A... NO!!!!!  A... one of those.”
            “But it rings”.
            “The lady’s toilets are back past the baked goods tables.”
            “But I like it.”
            “I am dreadfully aware of your bad taste choices.”
            “YOUR SUCH A... whatever you are.  REALLY!”
            “LOOK:  The Met does NOT want your prized cookie dish.”
            “Will you shut up.”

            From there, when I move off and away from traditional waterholes purveying assortments of ‘old (New England ?) glassware “GO FIGURE”... for a NEW home...:  I move away... in the ever open space of day after day, week after week
            Month after month
            YEAR AFTER YEAR
            Until I may say ‘stuff like’ “FOR A QUARTER CENTURY”:
            “Yesterday (May 13, 2015) I didn’t do much with old glassware.  I rescued a Sandwich Glass Company cup plate ‘at a’ ‘for a’ “DOLLAR” and ...responsibly included a ‘sawtooth’ pedestal salt (again ‘stickered’ $1.00)  in my
            At that sale
            And like... “nothing else” “that day”

            NOW just like why don’t we just like TAKE the sawtooth salt and:
            Since I have been ‘in the trade’ these ‘they’ have NEVER EVER ‘sold’ as ‘dealers ‘ say that; “SOLD”.  Ok... so... beyond ‘being old’ and ‘being one (EAPG ‘salt’) the ... I can stand outside ANY OLD 1840’s New England “HOUSE?” and “BET YOU” there is one of those (sawtooth pattern EAPG salts) “IN THERE” and
            Probably win that bet so there define the survival status of the ...old New England glassware... sawtooth salt ‘dish’ the home as “plentiful” and ‘so like’:
            NO collector cares because they are “TOO COMMON” ‘so like’
            THERE YOU GO.
            (a ‘market survey’ of EAPG that may be applied).

            Now... I have been ‘finding those’ for fifty years.  And other EAPG ‘sawtooth’ TOO and
            So like...
            No one who knows ‘ever buys it’ and it is only a ‘Huh.” that buy a salt ...once... maybe.  That’s the cash market; that.  BUT
            “Jesus Christ” there are a lot of them (sawtooth salts) in them old homes so
            SOMEBODY must have liked them SOMETIME.
            So... just wait a minute...:  Is this.... THIS the ‘really it’ of
            Old New England Glassware in the Home?
            I mean... I’ve had at least ‘always’ like TWENTY of ‘these’ around for at least
            TWENTY-FIVE years ALWAYS... and
            I mean...
            I actually LIKE THEM because that are not only “REAL” as an EAPG design object but they, too, have a standard bearing poise “in the home” TOO.  Throw in that one may buy them for ‘nothing’ and that ‘no one cares’ and
            WOW ARE THEY BEAUTIFUL.  Just find one... and buy one
            And you’ll “SEE” what I mean.  AND its all ...old New England... ‘totally private’ ‘good taste’ TOO. 
            You ever wanted to go for a walk in a wilderness and be, like, “the only one there”?

            I just handed all that off to you; I have treated the subject for you...
So now you may ‘go there’ and
You don’t even have to
            Leave the village.

The End

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  1. But...but...I don't understand? Do you mean that I can't make a million doing this EAPG stuff? Oh, by the way, can you take a quick look at these heavy glass ashtrays that I bought at the yard sale up the street??? Go "what" myself??? Jeeze, I just wanted your opinion!!! I think that they are worth something.