Friday, February 5, 2016

Antiquarian Sophistication of the "I" and the "Eye" Upon the "It" - Part One - "Possibles Bag"

Antiquarian Sophistication of the "I"
And the "Eye"
Upon the "It"

Part One

"Possibles Bag"

            “Perfunctory”:  I don’t pay much attention to someone else’s fumblings with antiquarian objects.  By fumbling, I mean their “I” and their “eye” upon the antiquarian “it”.  Why bother; they are, usually, “mired” (“Up to their hubs”).  “Go around the stuck bastard.  Move on.  Let them call a tow truck.  There is nothing I can do to help.”  Further, should I offer ‘help’, this someone else often becomes... an enraged stuck bastard.  “Oh so what.  JUST GO ON AND TRY (to help)!”
            No.  I avoid stuck bastards that are enraged.  A “possibles bag”*** that falls off their horse (high horse?) I see... hear... note... but never ‘say’... anything.  These ‘they’... will ‘find out soon enough’ and have to ‘go back’ and ‘look for it’; their dropped ‘possibles’ (I and eye... the it... again).  I do not need to be put in my place over a ‘someone else’s fumblings.  No I do not.
            And I do know what the problem is.  Exactly.  It is...:  Politely... “they are poor at it”. 
            “I don’t think you should say that.”
            I don’t feel I should care what you think.

*** One’s internet search skills will promptly define a ‘possibles bag’.

            “A” begins with “I”.  Somewhere someday that happened; an “A” attracted “I” and with that I’s “eye” the “A” was noted... from... ‘of the swirl of all’ of the “It”.  That was a moment wasn’t it?  The first “THING” you “THOUGHT ABOUT”.  I prefer to say ‘felt for’.  I don’t like it when people “think” about art.  It is tiring.  And tiring to watch.             
            So one day
            In some way
            There was a FEEL
            For a “THAT”.
            And you took it home with you

            That was the ‘a beginning’.  Do you still have it (that)?  Many people do ‘still have it’.  Others just felt for and... never ‘took home’.  Their first felt for is ...just a memory.  Often they are very vivid memories.  How do I know that?  I ASK about it... and have the STORY told to me.  They are often very clear, cleaver, dignified and opulent stories.  I observe.  “Remarkable.” You say?  You should... because they are remarkable; an actually comprehensive story about discovering an ‘it’ with “I” using their “eye”.  As I said; “That was quite a moment wasn’t it”.  YES IT WAS.  And look at you now... reading this... about THAT and the THAT of your “I” and “EYE” upon “IT”.

            Sit down and rest?
            Or do you like this?
            I get tired of people who ‘don’t like this’.  So I don’t keep them around.  I don’t have to do much; they take themselves away... by themselves.  They drop their possibles bag and... never come back to look for it.
            I don’t drop my bag very often... but I am always looking at ALL the dropped bags I come upon.  I do, habitually, feel each dropped bag (the story bag).  I never think about this.  It is really... quite a bit of fun... these stories of dropped possible bags – dropped story bags.  Really.  Most of them are charming... stories.

            Am I getting a “too much” for you here?  Too ‘far’.  To ‘wide’.  To ‘encompassing’?  I haven’t even mention ‘sophistication’ yet... either.  It’s in the title... so it is a part of the purpose.  But I am already all over the place with this and you and I and eye and.... it.  Too.   The ‘its’.  The first it.  The first it for you... your eye... and... your
            That IS what this is all about... you understand.  You do this; have done this, to yourself; used your I to eye an it... and now... here you are... still at it.  To varying degree of
            “Oh no”:  “Politely”...“They are poor at it”.
            So now may I say that this ‘poor at’ benefits from being ‘rebuilt’.... ‘taken down and rebuilt’... ‘regularly’... by you using your I to eye... all over again... upon the it’
            May I say that?
            Yes I may.
            And once you ‘see’ that; “feel it”... you will then have had a ‘sophistication’...
            Of your I
            And your eye.
            Then... you may use this, in this sophisticated sense, to have the ‘taken down and rebuilt’...
            All over again. This procedure never stops within the antiquarian I – eye – it. The I – eye – it is always getting better; more ...sophisticated.
            Isn’t this a fine way to feel about art?

            What is fine about this feeling?  Simply:  You are not in charge.  You follow your ‘eye’ that is approached by your ‘I’ from a ...discernment of an it.  There is something.  You see it.  You are attracted to it.  You...
            Yes... the continuance of the ratio is carried forward from your last moments with the last of these ratios; you... sophisticate... the application of the ratio:  It is a ‘current’ ‘updated’ ratio.  Over and over this occurs, for decades... even half centuries.  The ‘I’ and the ‘eye’ and the ‘it’ become evermore sophisticated.
            And... you direct the performance of this.  You create and control the application of the sophisticated art ‘I’, ‘eye’ and ‘it’.  This is where the “Politely”... “they are poor at it”... shows up again.  Doesn’t it.
            “Most of them are”.   Poor at it.

            That; ‘poor at it’, may actually be a ‘salvation’ and/or a ‘sanctuary’.  But that is getting ahead.  Keep this notion as a feeling... for now... but don’t go there, yourself, yet.  Wait until you are sophisticated enough to understand (‘I – eye – it’) what you are doing when you choose to do this.  Meanwhile:
            I enhance this ratio of sophistication by concisely assuring that one does this; follow that self application of these... I and eye and it... in all commercial... professional... and personal antiquarian pursuits.  “It’s about the stuff”.
            “Bullshit.” You say?
            “You are absolutely right”.  By walking from this now one may walk away from art and ‘set yourself free’ from “That”.  One may, for example, clean out the garage holding your dead father’s “TOOLS”; hire a dumpster and ‘get it cleaned out in an afternoon’.  “DAD” didn’t “LIKE ART” you know.  Don’t you.
            So that is that.  Right?

            Actually... this ‘it’ (cleaning out) is tiring and too much work.  Dirty work.  That’s where I come in.  Literally.  With a ‘my crew’.  WE know that you did not see the ‘dish’ of ‘nails’.  No.  The bent used pulled galvanized sixteen pennies were in the broken Victorian mulberry earthenware Staffordshire soup bowl... ‘dish’ on the work bench.  We saved it.  We save all of that when we ‘a clean out’ ...for you.  For us, each and every ‘it’ is “eye” with “I”.  In a setting like this; your father’s tools in the garage, it is easiest for us to do that; the sophisticated ratio, by TAKING ALL OF the IT... after using just one... big... ‘I ‘and ‘eye’.  You dropped YOUR possibles bag ‘of this’.  Not us.  WE picked it up; your dropped bag... after we
            This isn’t very hard to understand.  Is it.

            This isn’t very hard to understand.  Is it.  I repeat that.  What is “this”?  “This” is that by applying the sophistication of our “I” – “eye” – “it” ratio...  Even in the most modest way, we... easily... feel, find and purloin... remarkable quantities... and qualities... of antiquarian ‘art’ and ‘design’; fine arts, printed arts, historical arts and decorative arts even in the murky, mumbling, stumbling... fumbling... “possible bag” dropping... “father’s tools in the garage”... material wasteland; the dropped ‘possibles bag’ oblivion.  That is what I do; apply... that.  Over and over and over.  Very, very, very fast.  I ... “I” with my “eye”... “it” using an antiquarian sophistication I have built up, torn down, rebuilt, torn down, rebuilt... perpetually... including doing that right now even when I am writing this.  

            “Makes it hard to compete.”  You say.
            Your God damn right it does.  Commercially, professionally and... personally... the ‘my stake in the ground’ is, usually, up ahead of ‘all comers’ (including your little sister who, we have all been told several times, “was an art major”).  IF we start side by side look up after a little while and you’ll see me up ahead with my stake...
            In most cases.

            Exceptions... I delight in.  Too.  There is nothing in art feeling that is better than working side by side with someone who ‘does know what they are doing’.  This is infrequent... but is ‘great’.  I mean... TWO are better than ONE.  I enjoy my personal space when I am alone ‘I to eye to it’ with a ... painting but..
            TWO ...’I to eye to it’ (at the painting) “blows it away”.  Always keep that in mind when you are working at this:  There are a lot of very smart people ‘in art’ (feeling art).  You will, regardless of your actual skills... be around them.  Noticing them is harder than one would think.  They do the ‘low profile thing’ (“tree top level”).  Engage them?  Not likely.  Unless they find you ‘special’.


  1. I'm not in your business. However, "I and eye" occasionally do see "it". This happens most often, almost always, when "we" are not looking for "it". It's a pleasure when the connection occurs. And yes, when someone who knows is involved too, even without directly recognizing one another, the companionship of knowing is a treat.

  2. They missed it, and without a possibles bag, there is no second try.