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Thread Bare (Threadbare) (Rug) Care (Dare) - Part Four

Thread Bare (Threadbare) (Rug) Care (Dare)

Part Four

            Even if they (informed rug eyes) ‘don’t buy’ these ever getting more expensive threadbare ‘good rugs’... due to this ‘getting higher’ cost... (they ARE getting expensive)... the these rugs ARE ‘respectfully coveted’ by these knowing ones.  No problem there; within the taste the nod to a good one IS.  That’s good enough for me for I am one who pushes the price:  “Don’t want it?  FINE.”  And don’t make me look at what you DO have.
            What I just said is the back edge of the sword blade to the threadbare taste style; warrior level.  ART warrior level.

            To no surprise to I but perhaps a shock to a... lay voyeur... the daily ramblings of this ‘interest’ (antique threadbare ‘oriental’ rugs) is... ahhhh.... ‘aggressive’.  The hang time of a good old rug cheap in the marketplaces is... “like”... less than one minute with... several ‘come up empty’ hands right there too.  That sort of clears off the playing field ...constantly... so... not only keeps the supply of ‘what one may see’ ‘way down’ (THE MAN and his rolled up rug in Part One) but leaves the cupboard bare except for the generic ‘they are one’ old ...worn... pet peed... on... Wasp estate style... “threadbare rugs”.  Those... are for sale ‘all over the place’.  “YOU CAN DO THAT” look and style “NO PROBLEM” and get ‘clean away’ with it... except, of course, for the ‘can’t fool me’ eye (I) activists.  The quick way around that is to have a contact within THAT enhanced “old rug” market and ...pony up... for a... few of those (‘the old [antique] good ones’).  That way you’ll throw even me off the trail for... “HOW DID YOU GET THOSE?” is also equaled (one to one ratio) by I (eye) feeling that if you HAVE those (better) rugs therefore, in fact, you are NOT bullshitting me when YOU tell me that YOU ‘got them from my grandmother’s house’.  OH THERE WE GO:  Style... Taste ...DONE RIGHT.  That way is the right way into the REAL Wasp threadbare “look” (style).  A few ‘good ones’... go a long way.

            Placement (of a ‘good one’ in the home) is subtle...  I say that again:  Subtle.  NO in the face show off of “THE RUG” (s) “I PAID A LOT FOR”.
            No.  For real.  If this (Wasp threadbare style) is gonna work... for you... NO
            SHOW.  OFF.
            The old girls (your grandmother) did (acted on) display... like I love and you ‘can’t believe’.  FOR EXAMPLE a true old (Victorian) Soumak flat weave bag face (30” by 20”) does not startle me to be found on the floor in front of the
            WASHING MACHINE.
            A ‘wicked worn’ Kazak ‘throw’ has had the cat’s food dish at it’s upper right corner against the kitchen wall next to the basement stairs for FORTY YEARS.  Or longer:  “My mother did that”.
            An eighty-two year old man living alone in his family’s estate has, as a small jewel set on top of the traditional style layered Wasp threadbare rugs ...found in ALL the home’s rooms...; a small ‘single eagle (Kazak) throw’ that he has... put his bare feet on each and every night and dawn each and every day for ...nearly... sixty years... with I being the ‘only one’ (outside the family) who’s ever seen it.  I said (commented)... absolutely... NOTHING.  It was not a surprise to me.  Subtle is scatter.  FOR REAL:  “Scatter rugs” and they did that:  “SCATTER”  “RUGS”.

            If you use the ‘great rug’ in front of the washing machine trick on me... well (in harmony with the rest of the estates rugs)... I will probably ‘fall for that’:  (“There is only ONE RUG in there I want”).
            But... I’m no lightweight from giving YOUR whole estate a ‘sniff test’ before... moving on THAT RUG.  So... ‘basics’; don’t leave the price tag on it.  And don’t act like I’m suppose to notice... your collection... of... “ITS”.  I craft my “I won’t let on” to not let YOU KNOW what I am feeling... at any time.  About your old rugs.

            Once the door has been ...subtle... LEE... opened a ‘just a crack’, you can tweak your ‘floor coverings’ for the rest of your eternity and ...that’s a gas.  YEAH because the longer you go at it the more you ‘see’ ‘find’ and ‘get’.  JUST CANNOT HELP yourself for as I noticed in John Henry New England is the THIS IS ... THE BEST PLACE... IN THE... WHOLE WORLD to “find them” (a good one).  They don’t go to the dump and if they do someone... ‘grabs it’.  I don’t need ‘to try’; there is a constant supply.  I do not need to ‘display’ or ‘show’; there are LOTS of dealer-venders with LOTS of old rugs doing that.  No.  When I roll up a rug fast... I roll up that rug fast and... “that’s it”; the ‘last you’ll see of it.  That kind of rug.  I know... I know; it’s hard to take.  But I told you I’m talking about warrior grade rugs.  So remain calm and get a grip on the ‘your Wasp values’.

            What’s an example of a grip?  NEVER... show off ‘Wasp threadbare’... anything.  Never mention floor covering (or the condition of the actual floor) EVER.  Never write an essay like this telling the tale.  NEVER.
            When you ‘see’ a ‘rug’ NEVER let on.  Ever.  Never showingly notice ‘a rug’.  Never flip the corner with the toe of your foot to ‘see the back’.  YOU DON’T NEED to SEE THE BACK if you can SEE THE FRONT.  IF it is for sale especially with a price tag... BUY IT ROLL IT UP GET IT OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW.  If it is ‘not priced’’; a very common occurrence with estate rugs, ASK ...not if it is for sale but “HOW MUCH” “IS THE” “OLD RUG”?  Then buy it and get it out of there.  Ask, if there are numerous rugs “HOW MUCH” the BEST ONE is FIRST.  Then buy it, PAY CASH and GET IT OUT OF THERE.  Then go after the other rugs RIGHT AWAY...  Do you feel you can do that?  Probably not.

            Because your not fast enough.  Someone like me is already “IN THE CAR” with the “GOOD ONE”.  This is, again... warrior grade... old New England Wasp threadbare old rugs in old New England homes.  This is not a joke.  Especially if there is actually a rug ON the pool table (“I missed that?” Part One)

            Turning this can up... side... down... I (write of) blunt another iconic thunder cloud (Part Three).  This one is a little ‘I didn’t know they could do that’.  A ‘good rug’, once found by someone like I, must be sold to ‘get all the money’.  Showing that ‘a good one’ to the rug market at a ‘your’ ‘fair market price’ MAY not get the job done.  They (the rug market) just says ‘no’.  So....
            I am, myself, IN the these old New England estates all the time so... ah... ‘are familiar with the landscape’ (“feel at home” “in there”)  And:  Know there is a ‘magic’ “in there” (in an estate).  Properly done (harnessed).  Soooo....:
            If I have a ‘good one’ possibly touching ‘great one’ (pool table quality) I... may be best to bring the little piggy to market by putting that rug IN... TO... an old estate... well mixed (hidden) within the estate’s whole and tawdry hoard of threadbare pet peed... traditional Wasp “RUGS”.  Don’t look now but the upstairs back bedroom just got ‘sophisticated’ with an additional ‘floor covering’.

            I don’t wait.  For the estate.  Or the rug dealer(s).  And, if an estate is being sophisticated... it is probably not just one rug... or one object (furniture, silver, paintings) that this ‘slight of hand’ is “doing”.  No.  Polishing up a mid grade estate by “bringing in” is ...common ...practice.  What the (commercial) point is ...is that the BUYERS will take the bait and PAY promptly too... on objects (here a ‘good one’ threadbare rug) they believe are just discovered ‘in’ the estate.  It is really (in basic) a cash flow issue.  The dealer and collector will “HOLD OFF” buying as long as possible on a costly ‘good one’ unless they ...believe... there is an urgent NEED for them to act.  The reason this slight of hand is done ...understand... IS to ‘get them to act’ (buy and PAY).  So just keep that in mind when you come down with “estate fever”.  A lot of time one could have purchased the same rug a week before for a quarter of the estate’s tag price... because it had been ‘sitting there’ (in a rug dealer’s stock) for sale for the last six months.  For I, a little cynical ‘sniff test’ of “what’s this estate sale about anyway”... is carefully done.  Especially if the rug of interest has an ‘old’ price tag ‘still on it’.  Really; they actually do leave them on.  I never do. 

            One should be sure to attend several of this sort of estate sale (‘sophisticated’ estate sales) to get the look and feel of this... commercial fixture.  I know this will be hard to accept for many but the reality is that the old pet pee everywhere little old lady with her doggies lived in there alone for EVER... smells like that, looks like that... and includes telltale signs OF that (“yellow” in footnote Part One)... becomes a more the merrier support system for assuring a legitimate estate sale (estate rugs).  One such as I comes to embrace the ‘old’ “pet pee” purity and its traditional state... with fondness.  Further... that pure... raw... setting makes ‘additions’ stand right out to the knowing cynical eye.  Too.  It’s hard to hide a ‘good rug’ well ‘in that’ (a home full of ‘stuck to the floor’ pet used ‘carpets’.  “THIS ONE HERE IS PERFECT” may mean it was ‘brought in’. 

            That final note is the end of this note on this popular topic (Wasp threadbare rugs) for this moment.  The enhanced Wasp threadbare rug realm has been pushed along for you by I... a little bit... I hope.  There are many more tales that can be told... but the issue really is
            Are you that bold
            With your ‘Wasp old’
            To care
            To dare
            To be ‘thread bare’.

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