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Careless and Callous - Accumulation of Inherited (Antiquarian) Art - Part Three - "Decoration"

Careless and Callous

Accumulation of Inherited (Antiquarian) Art

Part Three


            When... one... walks
            Into a room does
            One walk noticing?

            The room
            The entry
            The doors
            The windows

            The whole affair?
            And the ‘things’
            “In there”.

            “My things” you say?
            “Put there” you say.
            Suppose it is, as you say:

            So it is an accumulation after all.  Isn’t it?  I just purveyed (Part Two) that you did not ‘take’ the ‘good things.  No:  You wouldn’t pay and someone else
            Took them away.  But you did
            Lots of things
            “From there”
            And I have to look at them again... after years (decades) pass.  You introduce them as a whole, an all, as ‘from there’ and then carry that prefix as an understanding, to
            “Each and every”
            You now show as your own “in there”.  Yes... you are now old enough that you too, now have your very own ‘in there’ of ‘things’.  How many ‘rooms’ of ‘things’ do you have?
            It “turns out”... you don’t have things.  No... seems to be more
            You have stuff “like”.  That bad?  Yep.
            AND you took that and you put that and... then-there came
            The ‘stuck with it’ ever after.  I mean... it is not as if one is going to have an
            And order out the stuff like and buy crazy good things to be your
            “In there”.  No... your not going to do that; it does not happen.  Your stuck with it; your ‘get’ ‘lots of things’ ‘from there’ (“inherited” “antiques”).

            And then, you, too
            Do not think I notice (know); that you ‘decorate’ with ‘stuff like’... and not
            Real things.  Oh no:  No, no, no.  Go back to your rooms and look.  I am NOT over boundary.  I am speaking of fact.
            The fact is... that it (each room) is... a decorated with accumulation...; the ‘your rooms’.  I may denote this just as I enter each room.  Whom did you think you are fooling and... I did not want to be around them ‘anyway’.
            So let us stop with the ‘decoration’ of each room and drag the ‘stuff like’ around as it should be; push us against and stood upon; back to the wall front to service.  Dirty drawers filled with clutter.  Old wrinkled and smelly carpets.  No one’s eyes see that
            Except mine.

            Yes there is a back edge to the gold blade of one’s accumulation of inherited antiques.  But one must put them (accumulated antiques) down.  IF you have a tall clock (grandfather’s clock)... do not decorate with it.  Do not display it ‘at me’.  No.  Never.  Unless, of course, it IS a ‘an actual good one’.  THAT means THE old CLOCK has merit... not YOU.  But:
            Careless and callous.
            Is a secret Santa?

            The first bad boy (Part One) was the objective status that the ‘things’; each thing, in the inherited estate contents were not ‘know what they are’ by the heirs and that was
            Careless and callous.
            The second bad boy (Part Two) was the objective status that the ‘things’; each thing, in the inherited estate contents, were distributed (with and including denoted cash valuation).  Most if not all of the truly ‘good things’ were purloined by a silent “I know” who, too, actually ‘paid’ for those ‘good things’, too; the ones that were ‘highly’ valued (appraised ‘high’).  Although not noticed or understood by the heirs, this looting-of-the-best (things) was, too
            Careless and callous.
            The third bad boy has just been broached.  Gathering your ‘I take’ from the leaving and scrapping still within the estate, one’s “I LIKE” (“I know”?); your fair share of the “of that” and... taking it to ones own home and...
            Decorate.  THAT... the ‘decorate’ IS domestic promotional... a showing off of
            ‘My good things’.
            It is too...
            Careless and callous
            Enough for you?

            And now we are back to the ‘but...’
            “Careless and callous... is a secret Santa”:

            If you are really stupid... you think Careless and Callous is a ‘style’ you
            Can do.  Oh take a bite from that apple.  It is poison.  Careless and callous is a style but
            Does you.

            First the old ‘inherited’ estate must be “full” of (good) “things” “not known”.  Then (second) it must be looted of these ‘its best things’ by those who are “I know”.  Then the heirs ‘come though’ and “take”.  Then the estate is formally ‘cleaned out’...  Leaving only, thereafter, the ‘come through’ and ‘take’ cashes... spirited away to a ‘new and better’ “HOME”.  There is ‘nothing good’ ‘in there’ (the new and better home).
            No Wasp estate will settle for that.  No.  They...
            Cart it all home and shove it everywhere.   ALL of Dad’s books.  Ratty chair after ratty chair... to be used as seating for old dogs to lick themselves in.  ALL of the flower pots.  MOST of the kitchen... “THE DRAWERS ARE FULL” with little odd ‘bottle twisters’ from ‘mother’s house’.  All the frying pans (“SHE NEVER USED THEM”) (or “HER” “bean pot”).  Rakes, tire irons, bird feeding supplies, flashlights that don’t work.  Telephone directories from the cottage.  Door mats.  “TV tables”... what ever those are.  Children’s sleeping bags from the trip to the New York World’s Fair... in 1964.
            If you leave it
            I take it.
            But; Careless and Callous
            Done right
            Leaves little behind.
            The mess and clutter moves to your house.  “Isn’t that interesting!  THAT’S how its done.  I always wondered.”  No fanfare.  No speaking of.  The grandfather clock... in the first estate ‘didn’t have a movement’ “in the appraisal” but that movement was found in a cardboard box on the bottom shelf of the backdoor cupboard then
            Moved to the heir’s home with the clock...
            It was... ‘put down’
            “Somewhere.  We HAVE It I’m sure” but, too...
            With the BONNET (whatever that may be) of the tall clock’s case
            “SET OFF” in
            “THE OTHER ROOM” “THE CEILING WAS TOO LOW” (to put the bonnet on) “OK?”.  And everything else is that way too.
            Is a careless and callous
            Wasp interior decorative style.  It takes generations to perfect and may be spotted by the knowing eye in seconds. It cannot be ‘faked’.  It may be tellingly emulated and THAT be a LIE.  Oh don’t think for a moment that I don’t know exactly what I’m talking about and what it looks like.  Just because you’d never live that way doesn’t mean it is not a way... a Wasp way.  They just won’t let you see it and... none of their things are ‘that good’

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