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Careless and Callous - Accumulation of Inherited (Antiquarian) Art - Part Four - "Affected and Placed"

Careless and Callous

Accumulation of Inherited (Antiquarian) Art

Part Four

"Affected and Placed"

            Careful screening (“vetting”) allows for sure
            Careless and Callous home décor
            Affected and carefully placed ‘all’ fill the décor of space
            “My home”?

            Hardly... and all of that is not hardy enough ‘for the region’ (old New England)
            To last.
            Look at the map on the back of the packet; it shows where ‘that’ (the affected and placed) are ‘frozen out’ (frost killed).  “Too early” or “too late”.  Anyone’s old eye for old things may deduce the fraud; ‘endeavor of fraud’.  That is all it is anyway; an “endeavor” that is
            Whose bones are broken? 
The fraud-dee.
In their home.

            The curious want to know?  Actually they do not
            Want to know.
            “A clutter bug in there they are” is an easy pass
            Notorious hodge-podge of gathered (no... never gathered... “HOW DID THEY GET ALL THAT?” “THEY INHERITED IT.  HIS MOTHER.  You KNOW”.  “OH”).  There then the regulation of placement; no ‘screening’... or affected ‘place’.
            That is such a serious stage that no one may understand this unless THEY TOO have a vantage from behind a ‘good eye’ (antiquarian eye).  It is a murky morning mist.  A dream.  A charm.  A way... of old things.

            Beginning with poor lighting; “it is dark in here how can you stand it?”.
            “I do stand it”.  And cold... except for there; the ‘her old chair’.  “We don’t turn the heat on in the summer (April 15th to November 15th).”
            So it is dark and cold “When you were in there”.
            What follows next is rooms; ‘the rooms’.  Lots of rooms never used “anymore”.  Actually they are used... just not ‘anymore’.  The rooms; lots of rooms, are ‘used’ and just fine ‘that way’ (the way they are used).  That ends that doesn’t it:  You don’t have any rooms like that
            Do you.
            Then there are ‘the things’ in ‘the rooms’.  Each rooms has each things in
            ...each rooms.  And all just stowed away in there; each things in each rooms.  Yes...:  Clutter bug.  It is actually easier at this juncture of careless and callous domestic decoration... to denote that to accomplish this it is, in fact, easier for the people to ‘move in’ to the home with the rooms... then it is to move the rooms with the things into the home of the
            People (inheritors).  Peeking at this that way... it gives a better sense of scale to the ‘things’.  There are a lot of ‘things’.  In a lot of rooms.  Dark cold rooms.  You think you have one of those (a dark cold room) you say?  Aren’t you just FOOLISH.
            If a thing is in there... it was not put there.  PUSHED there maybe... after ‘being in the way’
            One day.
            You didn’t (push it) but someone did and no one knows or cares of a reason why.  So now this that is ...there.  The drawer is full too.  No one has opened the drawer
            Since “I don’t know when”.  That is a valid time designation for a full drawer in a ‘thing’ in a ‘room’ that is used as a room that “isn’t used anymore”.  It is dark and cold in that room.  Too.
            Are you starting to get the hang of this?  Presuming so... one must now be becoming a self enlightened ‘good eye’ as to the
            “WHY?” of what I am speaking of; the true careless and callous décor; not the affected and placed fraud (phony) endeavoring to fool by emulation.

            Density is; each room has a ‘deep stock’ of things (inherited).  Each thing has a drawer that is full of things never looked at.  Never opened.  “For how many years?”  “It never occurred to me (to look in there)”.  The drawer... or the room?  Or both.  We already know the ‘explains this’ (Part One).  The whole of the inheritance was “admired”.  Admiration does not require looking in drawers and rooms.  That is why they (the heirs) never do.  Maybe once they push “that” “back”... once.  Otherwise it all just sits there in the dark and cold room.  Except, we understand (Part Two), for the ‘good things’ that have become the ‘they were sold’.  There is a hallow... but not much of one.  There are never many good things because good... good things are few... so when ‘sold’ they are ‘not missed’.  “There is just SO MUCH else”.
            There is; “density”.  A ‘deep stock’.  That is the stumble.  One cannot just ‘get that’.  No.  One must ‘inherit’ that.  That is why it may not be ‘affected and placed’.  No one may ‘affect’ and ‘place’ inheritance.  It is ‘too much stuff’.
            If one is not sure of what I am speaking of; the density of inheritance, then one ‘has not’ any of this.  And you won’t (will not).  No.  Your admitted to ‘only a safe distance’.  They won’t have you grubbing around... with your decorator tabloids designating ...oh... ‘your adolescent whims’.  No... your never in... and should you ever get in... they certainly don’t want you talking about it; what you “SAW”.  Go home to your rolls of paper towels.
            Correctly denoted, the ‘box store’ of the old New England inheritance... should be furtive... and furtive only to the knowing eye.  It should suggest, at a ‘behind eye’ moment, that ‘there could be’ a... ‘there could be’... ‘in there’.  THAT is the... the.  Careless and callous already assures that THAT ‘has been sold’ BUT that should ‘could be’ a ‘something’ to the ‘that old eye’.  “I WANT TO LOOK IN THE DRAWERS”.  It is that foolish a decorum.   And it works.
            It is like no other ‘home’ ‘in there’.

            Let us practice this so we are clear; a concise ‘we understand’.  I am stating that the actual eloquence of ‘careless and callous’ is the mirage it creates to the knowing viewer’s disciplined eye that... even though it is concise and precisely understood that the ‘good things’ ‘have been sold’, the imbedded density of the remaining inheritance... found properly distributed within the rooms of the family and/or heirs... convey a decorum that believably purveys that... a ‘good’ (‘great’) ‘thing... may still be found.  And that voyeur believes this... with no self dispute.
            “OH GOD THAT IS NASTY”.
            But... too... real.
            Such a successful decorum; the ‘careless and callous’... it assures ‘you are not’.  No...:  Not a ‘vanity of’, for example, of an ‘old money’ decorative touch...  That is not an ‘it’ and, too, makes the ‘one look (very) foolish’.  No, no, no.  I said pushed back... in the cold and dark.  That is not what you actually do.  No... you cannot escape your own ‘show off’.  You...
            Are not dense enough.  Old enough (generational).  Rich enough.  Own enough.  Know enough... about NOT knowing enough.  No... you are not a full drawer that has not been looked at.  No.... YOU ...could not resisted... “going through that”... then worse... insisting upon... showing ‘it’ to me... inclusive of the false pretence that ‘the room’ is “dark and cold” too... with its ‘pushed back’ “I inherited’.  You lie.  You live a lie.
            I... with my eye...
            Know the difference.

            “Not hardy enough for the (old New England) region” I advised at the opening of this chapter.  Go back and look.  It is there.  Old New England... frost.  Kill.  Killed by old New England frost.  It is dark and cold.  “It” is ‘the whole inheritance’.  It is not, in the whole, the “THINGS” one “I GOT”.  No.  Never on the ‘your wall’ hung... does one find the frost line.  It was too cold.  Too dark.  One did not... does not... ‘go there’.  Once, now; you are thinking back, you think once you... could have been near a room where the things in there could have been, in there, dense enough that THERE, then, THAT could have been
            A room
            DENSE and dark enough that THERE THEN could have been a HOME that this there; the careless and the callous... WAS that THERE THEN
            It was too... dark and cold and
            “I could not see”.
            You think, now, you remember this; that.
            You are a ‘little sure’ of this-that being that:
            A careless and callous
            “In there”.  Don’t you still wonder... if.

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