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Why is "The Old Dark Blue" the "Old Dark Blue" in "Old New England" - Part Two - "The Other Stuff is Phony."

Why is "The Old Dark Blue"

The "Old Dark Blue"

In "Old New England".

Part Two

"The OTHER Stuff is Phony."

            As I stated (Part One)... it was a decade before I found my own “Old Dark Blue”.  This was a perfectly “right” find...:  Absolutely perfectly right with all the trimmings of all that it is... to be... the absolute perfect portrayal of the... “all about anyway” of ‘The Old Dark Blue’.  Yes... it was a ‘that fine’
            A find.

            This was found within my ‘first estate’.  Contents.  NOT JUST ANY OLD estate contents of the antiquarian’s mind’s eye.  No...:  It was ‘old school’; when estates were... ah... different.
            “Back then”.
            Then... ‘back then’ an ‘estate contents’ was applied to ...BE... (mean)... an old New England house in an old New England village that was the historic family home of the owners who were one of the original settlers of the village and always ‘live there’ (in the home) for as long as the... village had ever been there including this home being ‘one of the first houses built’, et al.   And... that family finally ‘died out’ (Part One).  And that that house also looks ‘old’, ‘abandoned’, ‘haunted’, ‘overgrown’, ‘full’ (of stuff)... AND located in the middle of the village so “EVERYONE” “ALWAYS” went by and sees it “ALL THE TIME”
            That kind of ‘estate contents’.
            I am not going to go on and on about this factor/feature.  These old houses used to be all over old New England.  THEY WERE OLD NEW ENGLAND.  They are gone now:  “CLEANED OUT”.  I did that:  “CLEAN” them “OUT”.

            I am writing about ‘the old dark blue’... in the ‘old New England home’.  That is just one small part of these old estate contents.  It is a very “telling” part.  VERY TELLING.  Most everyone knows nothing about that... at all.  It takes even the best student of these old New England homes a long time to discern that the old dark blue is TELLING that person about it (the old dark blue) being
            And for most of that ‘telling’... it is an... ‘after the fact’ discernment.  Too.  THAT aspect is not well known or understood too... so... already I have to serve notice that all of this ‘the old dark blue’ in ‘old New England’... has a ‘sand slips through the fingers’ FEATURE too.
            The only way out of these combining... merging... enigmas... in my field tested opinion... is to have “done enough” of all “this” (old New England estate contents... hands on that... SOME of this serves as some sort of short personal enlightenment that “there is something going on here” and one of the telling tellers is ‘the old dark blue’
            “In there”.
            Got it?  I don’t think so.  It took me decades and... I am still at it and... I am only now writing this “it” down.  From my personal vantage.

            Okay so ten years goes by from my dog door creep and I’m eighteen doing my first full bore “I BOUGHT IT” old New England estate clean out and I’m “IN THERE” “CLEANING IT OUT” for the three weeks working all day long these old estate clean outs “TOOK” to “DO”.
            Yeah, yeah, yeah: ‘grab and go’... I know.
            No... there is too much truly old ‘stuff’ in the ‘in there’ to do that (grab and go).  No.  One is forced to a very slow pace of ... cleaning EACH and every single THING ‘in there’ OUT.  SO... one day I “FIND” an Old Dark Blue ...sugar bowl... just as old and as busted up as that old sugar bowl I went through the dog door for... for my grandmother... ten years before (Part One).  It was all busted up but did have its original lid... with that being all chipped up too... “but there”.  It was a sugar bowl....:  I found an old dark blue busted sugar bowl....
            “In there”.
            That is point one.  Point two is ‘it’s a sugar bowl’.  Point three is ‘it is broken’; a fragment relic ‘in there’; a long ago no longer used or usable...  Point four... is... that this sugar bowl is the only... is the only... ‘piece’ of The Old Dark Blue... I find... in there (within the estate contents).  JUST THIS ONE BROKEN SUGAR BOWL.  No other ‘Old Dark Blue’.  “YEAH SO WHAT”.

            That’s the way I was about it.  Except, of course, that I... ah... LIKED (‘smitten with’ Part One) the Old Dark Blue busted sugar bowl... even though it had “ONLY” an English landscape scene of “GILEAD HOUSE”... and was ‘so busted’.  Yeah... I ...LIKED ...IT.  So... did not sell it for, like, the two bucks it was worth.  NO I ACTULLY ‘kept it around’... so to ‘keep around’.  And... I even, amongst others... went to hunt down my grandmother’s old dog door sugar bowl... and “LOOKED” (studied) that.  TOO.
            “Amongst  others” (above) included... TWO local old men antiques dealers who came around and I already knew ‘LIKED’ “The Old Dark Blue” so ... “LOOKED” (studied) the sugar bowl “ALL OVER”.  TOO.  And
            Stuff like that.
            I liked it.  I kept it.  Around; the THIS Old Dark Blue Sugar Bowl.  With the “English” “Scene” “on it”.

            Going back into the this estate contents and the this old sugar bowl being the ‘only dark blue in there’; this may be... tweaked.  There was ‘a lot’ of ‘old china’ in the estate contents.  MOST ALL OF “IT” dated from the popular ‘romantic’ ‘aesthetic’ 1835-1865-1880 English transferware eras... pumping along the design timeline to garner Victorian ‘china’ (Ironstone and European ‘hand painted porcelain’)... and pumping on to... “worse”, newer “cereal box” grade china to ... tacky... World War One... ish... “CHINA” dinner “SETS”... et al... with ONE OTHER TIME ZONE... included too... but
            THAT was THE... “OLDER” “CHINA”;  the broken fragment china ‘survivors’ from... and used by... this family “in the eighteenth century”.  “You missed that stuff?”  The unknowing clean outers always do... “miss that” unless the ‘they’ ‘know’ ‘early’.  I do... and did then... know.  So... for  example, I found an English polychrome Delft plate (c. 1760) (tin glazed earthenware hand paint decorated... but) long ago broken in half and brass ‘staple’ repaired... a long time ago TOO... and a second one... ‘staple repaired’ too.  AND a thing or two more of “THAT EARLY” “OLD CHINA”.

            What does that this mean?  It means that ...within the estate... when the estate was active... SOMEONE ‘in there’ “KNEW” and “CARED” about that family’s surviving “EARLY CHINA” and... ‘collected’ if only to “preserve” that “IT”.  The short answer?
            The sugar bowl... I found... ‘in there’
            Was a “THAT TOO”.  But... ah... I was a little... new to ‘this’... then.  And so are you now?
            Yes.  Perhaps though... the subliminal message is seeking you?  The Old (broken) (single inclusion) Dark Blue (sugar bowl) is messaging.  Sort of faintly somehow... in Old New England?  YOUR Old New England... of the inner old New England you... you feel:  “THINK” you “FEEL”? through an old broken sugar bowl.
            Why is what-why and what and a why
            About all of this ‘any of this’ anyway?

            Why?  Because... the OTHER stuff is phony and the ‘this’ is not phony.  It; The Old Dark Blue busted sugar bowls “IN THERE” (the Old New England Homes) tell a (the) real story of Old New England.  I already told you this is ‘telling’.  That story IS Old New England.  To this day.  It is a ‘now’ story too... and the old broken sugar bowls are here, in abundance... to prove it.  NOW...

            In abundance.  I just said that there are Old New England estate found relic condition The Old Dark Blue broken sugar bowls... in abundance now.  I... have been ‘finding them’; retrieving survivors from their castaway preservation within the old New England homes for... fifty years.  Yep... Me... THAT; a ‘rescue’.  All the time.  For decades.  I have plenty around right now.  I like them.  And their ‘around’.  It keeps my head clear... of all “the OTHER stuff is phony”.  They remind me... always... of ‘what is this all about
            So NOW that we have discerned the ‘relic’ of The Old Dark Blue in The Old New England... including finding ‘one of these’ at local thrift stores for a dollar ...unless that same thrift store threw it out because they “too broken” and... “don’t know”.  Oddly... those old girls at the church thrifts DO KNOW and DO CARE and do “price high” for JUST THE REASONS I’ve written down; they DO KNOW what this is all about
            So I am going to have to expand on the ‘back there’ of the ‘do know’.
            This is about sophistication of taste.  Good taste... bad taste... old New England taste.
            If anyone has this right... and are not phony... it is the old girls at the ...Old New England ...thrift stores.

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