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Trimming Grass and Weed Around Old New England Property (Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures - Part Eighteen - "Being Thinking" - (A)

Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
Old New England Property
(Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part Eighteen

"Being Thinking"


            As there is no culvert on the bumpy... old... abandoned... road “into there”... where that culvert should be ... the road is “washed out”.  From there on “into” one used to ...walk.  “Into” these days is by petroleum ‘footprint’ sans... actual human footprint.  Petroleum power slows little at the wash out.  “Into there” is four season.  Snow machine winters and... the delight of “GETTING STUCK” in “MUD SEASON” (spring); “into there” is comprehensive.  Nothing much ever ‘is taken’ and ‘comes out of there’ ‘anymore’; it’s ‘all gone’ “BUT YOU CAN STILL SEE WHERE THE CHIMNEY WAS” and... should one hunt it down and actually notice... “it”... the ‘old quarry’ “ON THE PLACE”.  Too.  Any ‘valuable’ (“saleable”) (antique) granite landscape fixture... including the select removal of ‘stone’ ‘wall’ and ‘field stone’ “from the foundation” has been “took that” too.
            When I stand there; just past the crest of the hill ‘into’... it is not very far ‘down’ to the “SEE WHERE THE CHIMNEY WAS”.  AS I am, there, standing... the first plate of the diorama book... ‘being thinking’ I am... about that.
            BY the 1725 date this land had been English man “PASSED THROUGH”... for a century... ‘here’ ‘on the coastal plain
            Of Maine.

            ‘Being thinking’ of that forest HERE just past the washed out road crest “into there” notice that I, too, crested ‘into there’ AT the
            Exposed granite ledge... that is still exposed ledge just as it was exposed ledge before there was an English man’s pass through or ‘English settlement’.  The forest, I know now from my shadowy study of the “TREES” that are “about” (surrounding) the exposed ledge, is in its (“remarkable”) ‘recovery’.  NOW (this 2014 date) this forest is EQUAL to the density and...
            Reckless wild mess that the original “TREES” were... “about” (surrounding) the ...granite ledge.

            The diorama book says that too... in the very first sentence of the text for the first diorama:  “The pre-settlement landscape was not a stable, homogeneous, unchanging forest”.  Then I be thinking after that sentence that I ‘do see’ the ‘exposed (granite) ledge in the left bottom corner of the diorama.  Too.

            Then I am done with this first diorama.  Walking ‘down’ I, being thinking, turn the page to the second diorama as I enter the ‘original settlement’.  I, being thinking, notice that ‘head pile’ of old granite field stone that once ‘ended’ the ‘original wall’ of
            Colonial settler’s ...lone man with his pair of bare hands... granite field stone field clearance... stones piled... there... then; as long a three hundred years ago... I
            Being thinking... that...
            Is TOO FAR UP THAT WALL for that early date so, being thinking, that the true... earliest piled field stone be ‘down close to the house’ (cellar hole).
            I... can not walk down that wall anymore for it (the colonial stone wall) has been... now for one hundred fifty years... mangled... by, mostly, ‘logging’ and:
            I being thinking denote too
            Muddied by ‘them’ (the ATV) who will not run straight at the wall unless drunk but do ‘crunch over’ at ‘low spots’ back and forth for thrill driving into the mud hole just beyond and then... back over again
            And again
            Down the old wall to the following their little tin signs that show how they, being thinking themselves too, can follow a route of wet mud without getting lost let alone ‘thrown’ when they ‘ram the wall’.

            “Gosh that FIRST man moved them ROCKS by HAND” is not thinking of I
Be thinking.
            As I pick my way down the wall and keeping in the original old field side with the stones on my right I
            Will head the wall at its bottom that NOW I
            Be thinking was NOT the earliest field stones piled either for it would have been
            Right outside the cabin door... then ‘moved off’ (that early wall of field stones piled) as the farm yard ‘come to be more settled’.  I
            Being thinking that as I “stand” in the ‘recovered forest’ ground that was made farm yard once.

I be standing there to being thinking I DO SEE the old open yard TOO; its BACK to the rear of the cellar hole.  The big barn to my left.  The carriage barn to the cellar hole’s right I
            Being thinking that... I HAVE turned the page on the diorama book again and I am counting the hundreds of maple sap buckets the were made by hands and hung by hands and carried full of sap (spring blood) by hands and
            Rotted in piles of ‘too old’ “after”.
            “NO THEY WERE IN THE SHED CHAMBER and old Herbert; HE took them all and sold them.  Yes, yes, yes I being thinking NOW RECALL his bragging of them sold at FIFTY CENTS EACH “to TOURISTS” he said... that... I being THINKING that I recall HOW HE with his BARRELS full of “TOOK OUT” of the ATTIC HERE TOO.

            The second diorama shows a pile of field stones ‘down in’ the ‘cleared’ of the far right of the...
            I being thinking that Herbert NEVER SAID he ever took ‘any of that’ “OLD GRANITE” “from that place; THE HARRIS PLACE” he called it; the “THIS” I
            Being thinking that
            Standing in the old ‘recovered forest’ of the farm yard.

            The little cellar hole is the old cellar hole of the ‘first house’.  Then they dug the big cellar hole for the big house.  The first house became the ell of the big house; the ‘old part’ I, being thinking, said out loud.  THAT is the chimney ‘can see was’ THERE.  The new house chimney brick was ‘all taken’ ‘out’ a long ...long... time ago.  “GOOD BRICK they made THEN didn’t THEY”  Elwood said to me one morning while I being thinking of his
Truck load colonial brick I’d just said “DUMP IT OVER THERE”.
            “CAN’T SELL IT OR I WOULD HAVE damn.
            It” Elwood then said.
            I mined Elwood’s dumped brick pile for TWENTY YEARS always being thinking how he was a fool to take his (old colonial center chimney cape) chimney ‘out’.  Now that house is gone... though not before HE (Elwood) was gone.  “THEY” “took the house down” and “moved it”
            I being thinking how HERE; in the diorama’s ‘old place’, “IT (this place) just
            The ground”. 

            But that doesn’t happen until the fourth diorama.  Or maybe... to keep the time true... until the fifth diorama.  And maybe even ‘after that’.  I being thinking.
            That 1725
            Was that first stone wall... head ‘up’ by the exposed ledge
By 1740
            And ‘kept on at it’ another forty years to 1780 with a
            Third generation ‘kept on at it’ then
            Again and again
            For the SECOND third generation of this head wall ‘up’
            I being thinking of
            This being then SO TITLED “The Harris Place”.
            With the boys growing up
            To go to the
            Civil War.
            All of them went.
            I, being thinking,
            How they died doing that
            Or just never came back.
            “Millie (his wife)... left him for her SISTER’S.  HE WAS ALONE OUT THERE.
            TO THE END”.


            “That’s a pretty short window” I being thinking “but no one understands that.  Very well”.
            I being thinking that the twenty years (1830 – 1850) window was maybe forty years (1825-1865) “if you nurse it”.  It’s the ‘after that’.  Some of ‘em ‘hung on’.  Some of ‘em ‘stayed on’ (the old farms remained farmed) “to the first war”.  Some of ‘em ‘stayed family’...even to
            THIS DAY
            I being thinking for I, myself, ‘see that’ and am well known for HUNTING that ‘see that’.  “Getting in there” (the antiques of the old farms) I be thinking I pretty much have been ‘being thinking’ THAT my whole life.
            And Herbert, in the Harris place.  Well.  He’s been DEAD forty years.  At least.
Right?  That’d be it for He was in there when I was TWENTY?  MAYBE BEFORE.  SEEMS I heard of the OLD CRANK WAY before THAT.  MY MOTHER SAID SO.  So I’d HEARD THAT ...fifty years go.  At least.
            So Herbert would have been in there SIXTY YEARS AGO; ‘INTO THE HARRIS PLACE’.  And Tim’s (Part Nine) FATHER took the STONE, they say.  HE hid it around but they say that MOST OF IT was sold to MOLLY ANDERSON’S new house.  And SHE DIED in 1974.

            The third diorama shows when the Harris place peaked as a farm... in 1830.  I stand there in the farm yard today.  That ‘peak’ is a peek of the whole; 1740 to 1870 ‘peak’.  There, then... the old New England property of the agrarian aristocracy... becomes
            And... abandoned property... often still owned by ‘the original family’ with that property still retaining (1870-1915 on, too... one hundred more years... 2014) the old granite landscape fixtures.  I, being thinking, turn the diorama book’s page to the fourth diorama
            To see that: “FARM ABANDONMENT”.
            The old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures
            Are, then (in this fourth diorama) ‘still there’ ‘undisturbed’.

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