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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around Old New England Property (Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures - Part Eighteen - "Being Thinking" - (C)

Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
Old New England Property
(Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part Eighteen

"Being Thinking"


            AIR... painting.” (plein air).
            “But you don’t ever doing THAT.  I never seen you.”
            “So what’s THAT got to do with the Harris Place?”
            “KEEPS you OUT OF IT”.
            “WE GO IN THERE ALL THE TIME.  Right on that ATV trail just like YOU SAY.”
            “Yeah but all you do is go in there and MUCK.”
            “Well how else you gonna GET IN.  I ain’t WALKING IN THERE.”
            “You’ll be walking OUT one day when your STUCK”.
            “I’ve been STUCK.  We got TWO of us and a CHAIN”.
            “Then you’ll BOTH be stuck”.
            I’d... begrudgingly... “SHOW ME” the diorama book to a local “I CAN READ IT” of this vignette (series of blog posts) about ‘old New England property... granite...’ who’d ‘flared up’ over the written expostulation of the Harris Place... by I, a wordsmith antiquarian at work.  Beginning, of course, with “I’VE BEEN IN THERE” on to “FOLLOW ALL OF THIS” meaning he be an ‘in the know’ about
            Old New England property
            Granite landscape fixtures...
            With this “in the know’ carrying to his “I” with words like “GOT”, “BOUGHT”, “KNOW OF”, “SEEN”, “HAVE” and... “DO YOU WANT”.
            “JESUS:  HUNT ME DOWN... you OLD FART”.
            “I didn’t have to HUNT YOU.  I always know where you are:  SOME PLACE you shouldn’t be and I SHOULD be damn you”.
            “And I God damn you back every week and you know it”
            “WELL... I don’t DO as much as I USED TO... damn YOU back”.
            A ...resting rascal... with his L.L. Bean boots... two (old dirty) “SEARS” “flannel” shirts... (timber) slash Carhartt pants, wool ball cap that has been “dipped” in both bar and chain oil AND (insect) “repellant”... pencil, pen and paper ‘stuffed’ pocket.  Cigarette... box... CELL PHONE... cash money (quite a bit of it) folded in a slip of paper.  Eyeglasses in the other pocket of the WOOL-IN-AUGUST (old – ‘very old’- “forty years at least”) “JOHNSON” (Johnson Woolen Mills, Johnson, Vermont*B) “RED and BLACK”.  He... “COMFORT – TABLE” seated...

            “You old resting rascal”.
            “SOMEBODY TOLD YOU ABOUT that WELL CAP Timmy’s GOT?” (Tim; Part Nine)
            “HE TOLD ME.”
            “WALLLL... I TOLD HIM if he’d FIX a price I’d SEE.”
            “You’d see someone else SOLD TO TOO before YOU ‘cash in’... as YOU say.”
            “WALLLL.  When... YOU went back in there you went DOWN to the cellar?”
            “Of course”.
            “Anything change much?
            “The Ricker boys been in there they said.  Looking around.”
            “It’s all GONE in there”
            “Never know THESE DAYS.  They got them metal ‘tecters.  You seen theirs?”
            “WALLLL... they can show a ‘puter screen of a RING... or a NAIL.  You know; button. 
            “Yeah but what are they gonna find for a button?  They didn’t fight the Civil War there.  And there weren’t ever a diamond ring there that anyone LOST”.
            “How do you know that.”
            “Because I’m smarter than them Rickers.  ‘Go at it boys’ I say.  Have a nice day with the bugs, snakes and TICKS (deer tick bite).”
            “They ain’t gonna get TICKED.  They know”.
            “You been ticked?”
            “You smell like you’ve been SKUNKED.  Nice job on your fingernails too.”
            “These ah gotta work as SCREWDRIVERS TOO.”
            “Regular human tool box.  When’s the late time you showered?
            “Did they strip you up to TOGUS (Maine Veteran hospital).
            “None of the old girls will touch me”.
            “No shit.”
            “They think I’m still active.”
            “I bet they do.”

            “Timmy’s got some HID he says.”
            “Yeah he told me.  There not that HID.  I went and looked.  I don’t’ think he’s quite got ‘em yet.”
            “He says he’s gonna’.
            “Yeah... probably,  He’s got ‘em TUCKED... well ... you go out to the BACK left of the lot.  There these pine shrub something.  So they’re BEHIND those and THAT butts on to a back parking lot.  You know; IN BACK.  So I look at it (the granite cap stones) and, well... what’s he put ‘em THERE for?  Well... so... It’s a lot easier to get at them if you come in through that other back parking lot.  So I see that.  He’s got ‘em TUCKED.  You can’t even see ‘em unless you go through the OTHER lot.  So I think (“being thinking”) he’s still acquiring them.  If you know what I mean.”
            “He’s good at that ain’t he.  His father was good at it too.  You run into him (Tim)?”
            “Run into?  He just about SQUISHED ME.  He was driving one those big dump trucks of BAY-lou’s.  He had something in the back that was going ‘on vacation’ he called it.  Anything they got at a site they don’t want HE TAKES IT.”
            “Those (the cap stones) aren’t for you?”
            “Right.  They’re LATE.  Victorian.  ONE on the bottom is actually OLD.  He knows that”.
            “How old?”
            “THAT old; that’s why he’s got it on the bottom.  It’ll be on TOP when they leave the area.  And... it will ‘go on vacation’ as he says... first.  But I ain’t buying any of it.”
            “You see the well cap.”

            “So... what’s that painter fella in THAT picture case?”
            “Yep.  That one.  You know:  That’s what it DOES look like there.  There now.  I can remember the DEER time (diorama plate six) but it’s all come back now.  Hardwoods just like they say.”

            “Yeah but you can still see the wall head stone pile.  See; right there.  And that’s what THAT DOES look like too.  But you just go right by it.  On the ATV.”
            “No.  We stop up there; at the crest.  We stop.  Gets thick down below.  Can’t even go off trail anymore.  I can remember.  Used to be all wide open.  Jesus it come back fast don’t it.  I ain’t even dead yet and they’ll cut it again.”

            When I rid my... antiquarian world view... of old Mainerly woods wandering rock hunting, abandoned attic seeking, old bottle dump raking, metal detector-upon-ATV-lashed ‘treasure hunting’ and general “SEEN ONE ON THE INTERNETS for XXX dollars” “antiques dealer-I-AM”....:  Don’t worry, he ain’t going far... and never has. 
            When I... rid... I, alone, returned my eye to the SEVENTH diorama ...that is beyond the sixth diorama and, therefore, beyond my original ‘first five’ ‘relevant’ dioramas of ...what should I call it...:  The “Half Drill Hole” of old ‘cut stone’ on ...old New England property?
            “YEP”, “SNAP”, “WHIP” (of a sprightly hardwood sprig branch in the FACE of a helmet-less ATV rider) is fine for I NOTICING “Mr. Plain Air” (plein air) painting RIGHT THERE in the diorama... with this right there being the SAME right there as the first diorama.  Mr. Plain Air stands... at... the ‘exposed ledge’ ‘outcropping’ that... well... ‘started us off’ within the study of these seven... dioramas; the FIRST diorama.  A full circle?  Here we end up?  Especially I say for diorama number seven’s ‘in sequel’ is that I, right here again note, the colonial stone wall head... is still there TOO... “SEE”.  And dumbing this seventh diorama to BE THE end ALL of these dioramas that I’ll write about... is that ...on the next page from this number seven diorama is... “page nineteen”; an already expostulated upon singular and ‘turning point’ page in the diorama book that ...sends the lengthy ‘rest of the book’ off into forest management consideration dioramas (Part Seventeen).  I, in the earlier ‘herbed olive oil prose’ application upon that highlighted page nineteen transition ...defined that as a simplistic “aesthetic” or “obtain more wood” dividing of ‘old New England property’... a fork in the road that the diorama book ...goes whole hog off onto the ‘obtain more wood’...fork.

            This leaves Mr. Plain Air ...painterly painting... to be a, well... cute... touch... or possibly a pointing out as... commercial wood lot usage... buffoonery (?).  IT DON’T MATTER... for... I do feel that Mr. Plain Air is actually included because... at the 1936 time slot OF the creation of the dioramas... Mr. Plain Air IS what “aesthetic” and “recreational” forest use “was”... “then”.
            TODAY I don’t get to prop up an easel and dab paint until it’s a PICTURE.  NO these days I get out there and some... bunker buster sends me an E-MAIL from PayPal or demanding audience or wants to SMART PHONE me by texted photograph of a
            WELL CAP STONE or a... Washington crossing the Delaware ‘oil on canvas’.(?).
            “TURN IT OFF” but the WIFE SAYS
            “Don’t turn it off I MIGHT NEED TO CALL YOU.”
            Just like the way it used to be... when I first visited the Harris Place cellar holes.
            Just like Herbert ‘used to be’ when he’d STOP filling his barrels of truck from the “farm abandonment” Harris Place attic SIXTY years ago and “CALLED” on his “CELL” from that ATTIC to “SEE IF I SHOULD TAKE THAT DO YOU WANT IT I SENT A PHOTOGRAPH OF IT?”.
            Maybe ...we all should
            The whole ‘being thinking’ of this “Trimming Grass and Weed Around Old New England Property (Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures”?

*B :  Seeking real?  Go there and buy yours off the floor... paying in cash... (and doing so dressed, physically appearing and... smelling... like you do only that with ALL your affairs – come in and pay cash)  Then wear “it” (“my Johnson”) for the next forty years ignoring and replacing the ‘suggest dry clean’ with a ‘never washed it’.  Mine?  Two gray h-bone tweed CPO shirts; identical with decade-apart-age at least, one missing a pocket button and both having pocket flap ‘curl’.  I bought the second one when I was “through there” one day because the first one ‘worked out so good’ that I ‘figured’ (“being thinking”) that I’d ‘better’ ‘if they still got it’ because ‘they’ll stop making it’ and ...I bet they have (?).  Bet they had THEN and the one I got was just a leftover ‘on the floor’.

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