Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

I went out past the birdfeeder
And the clothesline frame
On three excursions across
The property.

At three compass points.

The fourth compass point will have to wait.
The Chickadees at the birdfeeder did not notice.
The clothesline frame was empty with the hangers
Scattered on the ground.  I
Did not stop to reflect on that.

On the first excursion I went along the ridge
Above the pond to the
Old White Pine at the high spot - crest.  Then down
To the pond’s edge where

The beavers have cut down three popular trees and
Harvested them for their winter.
It was raining when I stood on the dam.
Actually, it was just drizzling.
I went back to the house up through the forest to the
Old White Pines below the cranberry bog.

At the house I checked the fire.
They had told me that they were going to
That store and there would be many animals there
Including the dogs that bark inside cars in the parking lot.

I went back outside and was a little worried
That I startled the Chickadees but no they were
Just fooling me
In the drizzle.

The second excursion I committed to crossing the stream
On the plank bridge.
The planks are not nailed down so the recent waters had
Floated them around and clogged their tops with old leaves.
I didn’t want to fuss with that so just stepped nimbly across
Like the deer eating the last of the brussel sprouts in the garden
Had stepped away into the wood when I came outside

The house.

“Isn’t there going to be something
Made of pretty colored plastic for me to
Find here in the woods” I asked myself
On the other side of the stream.
Then I went up the trail through the hollow
Past the oak stand to the
Stonewall that, today, had an old dead branch
Fallen across it
That I didn’t touch.

On the third excursion I went from the clothesline frame
Out on the deer ridge to its overlook at the end where
If I cut down all the old trees there I could see the
Atlantic ocean.  I know that because I have
Climbed up one of the old trees and did
See the Atlantic Ocean from there.

I found a blown-down (storm broken) crown from a
Balsam Fir so planned to drag that back after
Setting it out near where I’d be coming through
From below the ridge.
Down there, on the far side, I found a standing dead
Ash tree.  That is pretty unusual on this property.
Eight inches in diameter.
Perfect firewood.
I walked back so as to fetch the Balsam crown

And dragged it back to the woodshed where I
Use them to block out the snow
That blows in
During the winter storms.

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  1. I didn't do so well while shopping today. I dropped the eggs on the way back from the hen house. Broke every GOSH DARN one of them! What the HECK is going on?