Thursday, December 25, 2014

Running the Fires

Running the Fires

            I have already employed myself this morning to assure I enjoy myself today by starting two (fireplace) fires.  These I will ‘run’ all day.  To run them I will have to, without comment or notice, come and go in and out including round about.  All day.
            I enjoy this ‘work’.  I am booting on and booting off, jackets on, off, wet, damp, wetter.  Hat wet too.  Hanging all of that around to dry but having to ‘run’ that too so no domestic complaints may be issued.
            Domestic complaints may be issued around and about running fires in fireplaces so the conservation of the fires and the consideration of the fireplace work zone... commonly called ‘policing’ is, too, a ‘work load’ further requiring I going in and out and round about in the never ending litany of “Don’t
            TRACK MUD INTO THE HOUSE!”.  Career goal?
            No.  The workman’s skill is ‘moving out of range’.

            Isn’t this wonderful weather this year.  Rain that is actually heavy drizzles with ‘mist’ and ‘socked in’ and thirty-five degrees that is supposed, the weathermen have harped, to be fifty-two but I can tell it ‘won’t make it’.
            So can they tell too and they have back
            Tracked.  But I am delighted.  That temperature and that drizzle assures no one will bother the whole ‘outside’ all day especially if I do a very good shuffle of
            Running the fires.

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  1. An "Old New England" task...done in an "Old New England" way...necessity and enjoyment combined...a worthy thing.