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Old New England Glassware in the Home - Part Three - "Drink From a Can... May I... Turn on a light?"

Old New England Glassware in the Home

Part Three

"Drink From a Can...
May I...
Turn on a Light?"

            I know the difference.
            I do.
            My eyes do.
            My lips do.
            My fingers scream when I touch
            That ‘feel’ of
            Old New England glassware. I
            ...discard... the
            Glassware that is
            “That way”.

            The... ah... second date; 1750’s (Part Two)... is an arbitrary buoy with a blinking light and dinging bell... that I set up on the turbulent coastal waters just off shore of ...glassware in the old New England home.  That start date... for a ‘phase two’ of glassware in the old New England home... should I ...need... to be that simplistic.... carries to... Middlebury College and 1815.  I’ll get back to this.
            I have to ...tend... ‘Winter’ (“Eve”) and ‘Bing’ (Parts One and Two).  They here become a feature of old New England glassware in the home.  They; their ilk, are always coming around to be annoying to such as I with their paper bag of paper towel wrapped ‘glassware’.  I have had to ‘learn this’.  And have.  I have to ‘tend this’.
            I do.

            For eye... my ‘second phase’ of my life with glassware in the old New England home fruitioned after college and my participation in ‘going to’ and ‘working on’
            Martha’s Vineyard (“MV”)
            And ‘THE CAPE’
It was a Movement
(a sort of back-to-the-land’...era... on the Cape).
            OK so right here I already am feeling my way... of my way... BACK from this MV juncture and denote. by ‘I feel’’ an earlier relevant incident but... I’ll get back to that.  This is because I need to work with ‘tend’ and ‘old New England glassware in the home’.

            To old New England glassware on MV did I?
            Well.  It was my first deep exposure to the world of my fellow New Englanders and THEIR ‘tend’ to THEIR ‘glassware’... and how that’s ‘played out’ for
            Them and I.
            Brutally catching the wave of this MV movement, I, there, for the first time... ‘went with someone’ who ‘bought’ plastic ‘wine glasses’ in a paper box.  They took those ‘home’ and then ‘served’ and ‘drank’ “wine” out of them.  “Ah....
            I don’t know about this” was negated by I... not wanting to drink any wine
            Yeah the boys were all beer from a bottle.  Girls were this ‘wine thing’.  “Oh.”
            Beer from a can
            Too.  Soda from a can?
            A can?
            Drinking from a can in Old New England?  You do that?
            Eve and Bing do.  Ice teas from glass bottles... “but the same stuff comes in a can too”.  That’s a direct quote from Bing.

            This is not looking good taste?
            You got it.
            TWO pairs of flip-flops?  Too?  Ok I love looking a old New England woman’s toes.  That’s right; Eve and Bing are around me wearing flip flops.  “JESUS... CHRIST”.

            So right here then (I on MV) things are changing in the way a beverage touches the lips.
            That ‘cheap’ paper boxed plastic ‘wine glass’ form... is innovated and
            “Takes off”.
            OK so that same year was ground zero day one of Black Dog (BD) (‘Café’) (I won’t touch ‘café’).  I went there.  Then.  The girls said so; “We want to go there”.
            “Girls, girls, girls”.  Everyone knows about that so
            We went there and they served wine
            In plastic ‘wine glasses’ TOO.
            Everything was a BD with red bandana tied around it’s neck.  That’s right:
            “Glassware” in the “old New England home”... stood up in the back of a pickup truck and barked.
            I know because I was right there for it.  I was then, too. as I am now; an antiquarian AND antiques dealer.  I even had a college degree in ‘that’.  What’s ‘that’?  It’s noticing that ‘they’ are drinking out of plastic ‘wine glasses’ that came in a paper box. (design forms... appearing and... disappearing).
            And... They (“girls, girls. girls”) don’t know any better.
            “OK BUDDY... leave her alone”.
            I did.
            NOW they are... ‘Winter’ (‘Eve’) and ‘Bing’... approaching their ....winter eve... and still... ‘don’t know any better’.
            “So low rent.”?
            Or do they know better?
            Or... Yeah there is a little tiny crack in this that if I stick a pry bar in it I can ‘open’ a ‘gray area’ in “this”.  “This” is the ‘don’t know any better” drinking out of ‘plastic’ and a... ‘can’.  (Ok just to design-mind you... people did not always drink out of a can.  It’s a design form that ‘appeared’ and, well, ‘flourishes’... in (old?) New England).

            What does this crack look like and how do I put a pry bar in it?  And, I remind, I am still ‘tend’ ‘Eve’ and ‘Bing’... ilk... as I report this.
            The way this happened for me on MV is very concise.  Summer season ends.  ‘The rest’ of ‘the year’ happens; ‘Labor Day’ ( actually 10/15) to ‘Memorial Day’ ( actually 4/30).  I had parlayed my MV antiquarian interest into a commercial export-import venture after about
            FIVE MINUTES
            “on the island”.  In shortest:  “Lying all over the place” were both old undisturbed New England antiques AND ‘new word preppy’ retail customers who “BUY ANTIQUES” for, like, their “HOUSE” in “MARYLAND”.  Or where ever.  In shortest:  “Can’t fail”.  I did not.
            And ‘off season’ did not stop it.  No.  Just no mopeds.  The stuff and the people I (EYE) “SAW” were year round.  I mean... an old shed that no one goes in for forty years is, like, ‘still there’ in NOVEMBER.  February.  March.  “Yeah” and ‘easy pickings’ that whole thing was.  Anyway, WE had to ‘stay somewhere’ and the plastic wine glass society being what it was... some ‘they’ ‘we know’ ‘rented’ (‘care-took’) a ‘house’ ‘all winter so “YOU GUYS CAN STAY THERE”.

            “Cool” and we did.  So...
            We show up and are shown up to our little nookery cape house bedroom and She says “I fixed it up for you” and I am on routine antiquarian scan and there...
            On the bedside table (one of two) is
            I know at twelve feet and instantly
            An ‘old’ ‘Sandwich Glass Whale Oil (glass) Lamp’
            That has been ‘electrified’ so has a ...light bulb... with a
            Cute little OLD shade on it (Ah... light shades ARE a design form).
            (They are.  I promise.)
            (They are a serious design form... too).

            So I just keep my mouth shut.
            For several days until by some CHANCE
            I was alone in the room and She stepped by,
            Then stepped in... and...
            This is as close to erotic as old New England antiques get...:
            I was happening to be handling the lamp including the shade being off and it being plugged in and on and with the cord stringing off to the wall outlet and...
            She sees me and...
            I say ‘I like the old lamp’ and
            She says...
            “My grandmother gave that to me.”
            And we
            Just stood there naked before the whole universe of
            Glassware in the old New England home.

            Of course her grandmother gave it to her for not only did she
            Have the lamp to GIVE but she also understood that
            THAT LAMP is the proper glassware for her grand daughter to have in her
            Old New England home.
            Especially in the guest bedroom where it suffers a reduced chance of ‘being broken by the cat(s)’.
            It was silent in that room; the two of us.  There.  Each knowing the exact foundation of all old New England right there:  We had just said it all.  That is all.  That is forever.  There is no other old glassware ‘lighting’ (‘lamps’, ‘electric lights’)
            That is proper
            In the
            Old New England home.

            Now Eve and Bing should ‘know this’ but someone dropped the ball in there (the mother’s house that Eve and Bing have been pecking around in for, well, fifteen years... or so).  So what does that mean here?
            It means that I have just stated that electric lighting in the old New England home is traditionally derived from generations of family members taking old obsolete lighting devices and having them ‘up dated’ (“electrified”) so they may STILL be used in the
            Old New England home.
            Just like they always were and so ‘look right’ “TOO”.  Says your(?) grandmother.  Or were you just like Eve and Bing and ‘boxed up’ the old ‘converted’ whale oil and kerosene ‘lamps’ with their cords (‘wires’), plugs, shades and working light bulbs and
            Carted that box out to the back of the garage to
            GET RID OF IT:
            “For the whole box.” I said.
            “Ok.” They said.
            I paid them right there in cash and
            Picked up the box and carried it to my truck.
            “Holy Cow” yard sailors:  Did I just tell you that the lighting YOU bought at B-B and Beyond... or at that ‘House of Light’ store... should be recycled too?  Should ‘go to the dump’?
            Did I?
            ARE YOU?
            Does this mean that one’s taste of glassware in an old New England home is judged by the ‘your table lighting’.  (Ceiling lighting is ‘no’ ‘never’) (that includes ‘chan-dell-leers’ and... ah... ‘fans’)
            Eve and Bing ‘recycled’ (sold to me) the
            Wrong ‘glassware’. 

            They are not alone.  Most of them do it.  Just like the plastic ‘wine glasses’.  It is sad when someone takes the HINT their grandmother LEFT FOR THEM of what is proper
            In lighting in an old New England home and
            Throws it out.
            I (eye), currently, live in a rampant undisturbed abundance of ‘lamp dumping’ from old New England homes.  I mean... it is WAY out of control.  The dumping group is the ‘converted’ lamps and the ‘needs-to-be’ NOTICE that the conversion systems are, for the most part, high quality professionally done ‘conversions’ that... well... there really is a problem here
            Right now.
            I... about half of the time... ‘take off’ the (high quality electrical) ‘conversion’ so the ‘old lamp’ may be sold to the antique lighting collector market that ‘knows’.  The other half is a gray area privied (out housed) by an ‘the electrics’ of the lamp working or... not working, the ‘prospect of sale’ market, the ‘just sits there’ market, the ‘I can use it myself’, the ‘it’s a nice one’ and the... always useful ‘I’ll get to it... sometime’.  Yeah I’ve always got a slug of ‘old lamps’ from ‘grandma’s house’ ‘around’ with
            No Eve and Bing coming around to buy ‘them’.  And I
            Don’t care.

            If... one touches one’s lips to plastic to sip the ‘wine’... what does one need to have an (antique New England lighting device) lamp ‘on’ for anyway?  This (don’t care and plastic wine sipping) does not change that a design form of glassware in the old New England home that... to the knowing eye... signals one’s ‘informed’ (art and history) taste is the ‘lighting’ ‘found in the (your) home’.  One’s ‘lighting’ ‘speaks volumes’.
            As for the bottles (glass and plastic designs) and cans, in an old New England home... one “MAY I” but, please do not “can I?” from a... can.  One’s self aesthetic’ should be self consulted for best results.  Perhaps considering that, for example, Oscar Wilde is watching YOU guzzle may ‘reign in’ before a ‘pitfall’ (pitiful).  And don’t bother me.  Where ever one goes in old New England ‘it is there’ for your eyes to notice.  Too.

            The lamp that is featured in the photographs?  What is it?
            It is... an old New England home classic:  An ‘early American pressed glass’ (EAPG) ‘bull’s eye with fleurs de lys’ pattern glass font on a (originally kerosene burning) stepped and brass cased (notice old polish residue in the cracks of the brass) once white (and noticing the very pleasing age and usage discoloration... that MUST be there to assure excluding the old New England decorative faux pas of’s ‘marble’ being the ‘too white’... for “old New England” (“just like teeth” in old New England too)... marble based, brass font supported with the original brass burner support ‘converted’ with a notably high quality fitted support for ‘the electrics’ that are from being ‘converted’ too (electrified) in the twentieth century after long usage that began in the Antebellum North (Beacon Hill, Boston to Sea Captain Thomaston (Maine).  The lamp was made at either the Union Glass Co., Boston or the Sandwich Glass Company, Sandwich, Mass., 1845-1855.
            This lamp amplifies well the ‘understated quality’ aspect of ‘old New England’.  At first one may not note the wholeness of quality found here for it is, in the lamp’s presentation, ‘never shown’.  But, as one’s eye travels in ‘lighting’ observation, the foundation qualities once dashed by... by one’s eye... blossom and... soon...
            One notices the difference concisely
            And nothing else
            “will do”.

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