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Old New England Glassware in the Home - Part Twenty - "Stretching Off to his Right"

Old New England Glassware in the Home

Part Twenty

"Stretching Off to his Right"

            When I noticed to the reader that the old ‘diamond point’ EAPG pattern ‘cordials’ had “all the whistles and bells” of the “THEY”
            “ARE EARLY”
            “ONES” (Part Eighteen)...
            I was speaking about “NOW” on the timeline of  old New England glassware in the home.  This is where we are... and are at.  This is now with this subject... when I do hold a ‘cordial full’... when I do hold.
            And the Minister holds his

            That son-of-a-bitch... doesn’t ever have his little finger... that is free of his grip-on-glass... slide across underneath on the cordial glass’ bottom to... just for a felt (FEEL) second ...crossed by feel only... the ‘ground pontil’ OF that base... as a knowing RE-affirmation that ... the whistle-bell of THAT ‘early’ is THERE... in addition to being a ‘knowing satisfaction’ to antiquarians such as I... to ‘do that’.
            I acknowledge the this glass’ qualities.  The minister gurgles ‘his sherry’ with his
            GOD DAMN little finger... stretching off to his ...right hand view of
...old New England glassware... in the home.

He belches upon his internalized buttered biscuit?  A gassy hands-on of NOT noticing the weight and width of the (glass) disk base that ‘supports’ the ‘standing’ cordial glass.  HOW CAN A responsible intellect NOT sense this delineation of extended design... line... so carefully pre-supposed by the maker to assure the ‘will not tip over’ of ‘top heavy’.  OH SET IT BACK DOWN AND LOOK ACROSS THE ROOM.
            Belch again... softly.
            Sit there
            In the poop of your ignorance.
            “Don’t you see
            The qualities of ... the..:
            OH you don’t even ANYTHING other than the GURGLE of your gulps.”
            I don’t care for it is YOU that is wretched.
            Yes.  A living wretch.

            The top; the bowl, of the cordial is NOT ONLY ‘singularly crisp’ of its pattern.  And this is a subdued pattern that only ‘becomes’ to the eye that... compares... pattern... after pattern,,, after pattern... on an endless mountain region hike (the hiking art eye)... so that will... take you a while; that hike... but:
            The heft of the metal (glassware)?  A... you notice that...?  I doubt it and PROBABLY still “THINK” (the dark region) that ‘thin and light’ means ‘good’ ‘glass’.  NOT SO if it is an old Yankee Minster’s sausage thick and callused FINGERS ‘on it’.  That’s right:  Ministers DID manual labor ‘of self’ ‘back then’.  Firewood.  Porch steps... repaired.  But did they empty their own commode pot?  DID THEY?  Answer me.
            No.  I say.  Their women did.  They (these ‘their women’) suffered the minister’s piss and shit in his... pot.
            Well what about pissing behind a tree?  Did the old Yankee minister DO THAT?
            Of course he did.
            Shoveled his horse’s stall too.
            BUT DOES HIS LIPS know what they touch...
            When they touch
            The cordial’s rim
            “of the “THEY”
            “ARE EARLY”

            “Fire polished”.  What does that mean?
            It means the story of the little boys jostling before the mold master.  I... have heard this tale.  I speak it.
            The mold closes on the (molten glass) metal.  The mold master lets the seconds.  HOT metal cools in ‘seconds’.  The mold is opened by the master.  “BOY” (first boy in the jostled line) touches with his rod down on the now ‘warm’ (STILL HOT) glassware’s bottom... that is then, with the mold opening... exposed as “up”.  Boy with iron rod touches down upon the molded... glassware’s bottom with that touch being ‘a tid’ (smaller than ‘a scrid’) of ‘hot’ glass to hold and lift the ...still hot press molded glassware iota UP and away; above the heads of the jostling boys with their, TOO, iron rods with glass tid attached press molded glassware... TOO.  UP.  Away.
            The boys are five... eight... ten... years... old. And work all day (daylight) in this dark... hot... jostled... shoulder rubbing... standing only... waving ‘glassware’ on ‘the end’ of this iron rod... for eternity (age twelve... or thirteen... “I WON’T DO THIS ANYMORE... my cough is not getting better”).  The first boy moves back... away.  The next boy’s rod is already ‘down’ upon the next mold ‘opening’.  The first boy...
            Turns at the back of the jostled boys and ‘down’ with his ‘above the head’ iron rod to joust forward with the top edge of the glassware iota; a FRONT CHARGE with, before him; its TOP; he jousts forward IT (this glassware top edge) INTO a ‘furnace’ through that furnace’s portal and BACK OUT that fast it comes and HE, this boy, sidesteps and “UP” his rod IS again... and COOL it has and... back down before ANOTHER BOY who, as the first boy’s rod bumps the ‘soft board’ that BREAKS OFF the attached glassware iota and the THIS second boy “saves OFF” the now ‘press molded’ ‘with fire polished rim’ (the top edge of the, here we are tracking, minister’s sherry filled ‘cordial’) of the ‘glass’... ware....:
            SAVED OFF the ‘done’... old New England glassware... FOR the home?”
            NO.  There is a jagged piece of glass on the BOTTOM of the ‘finished’ ‘pressed glass’ ‘fire polished’... glassware iota... that NOW is ‘passed on’ to a whole ‘OTHER’
            Who... in the spacious ‘grinding room’ of the glassware ‘factory’... GRINDS... using a machine ‘invented for that’ the ‘rough glass pontil’ OFF and leaves a ‘hard to see’ 1-1 1/2” “POLISHED” concave disc shaped “PONTIL” in its place.  THIS... is a hard to see... but MAY ALWAYS FOREVER be ‘easily’ felt (FEEL) by a... ministers little finger sliding across the bottom to:

“As a knowing RE-affirmation that ... the whistle-bell of THAT ‘early’ is THERE... in addition to being a ‘knowing satisfaction’ to antiquarians such as I... to ‘do that’...” (From above).

            Why am I bothering to tell you this?  WHY?  Why not:

            “OH SET IT BACK DOWN AND LOOK ACROSS THE ROOM”. (From above again).

            I am telling you this because this is the very essence of the greatness of this singular ...old New England glassware... in the home.

            HOW LONG does one ‘think’ this process was ‘kept’ ‘up’?  Dark to day lighted dawn on to dark day ending NIGHT of jostling little boys before the mold masters fire polishing rims for minister’s lips to KNOW THE FEEL ‘of that’.  BOYS grinding off rough glass pontils and ‘finishing’ ‘polished pontils’.  Setting that finished glassware “OUT” to be “INSPECTED” and culled ‘should it not’
            BE GOOD ENOUGH for
            A minister’s LIPS to touch.
            HOW LONG DID THIS production madness... ‘go on for’?
            NOT very long.  It is two things.  The tiny antebellum window of the... joined at the wrist craftsman and ...machine... I spoke of  (Part Nineteen) and
            Old New England... Yankees.
            These Yankees are crazy about lasting ‘finished’ ‘qualities’.  They were (are?) so crazy that they actually MADE THIS GLASSWARE.  Only they made it... in New England... ever.  HOW LONG did they?... you say.  NOT VERY LONG.

            It was over before it began... to be recognized that this... molded pressed glass... that was VERY hand finished... ‘was something’.  What had to happen is that this Yankee ‘quality’ production of ‘Early American Pressed Glass’ had to, as a design craft... “decline”.  That means that the process of “MAKING” had to “SUFFER” numerous ‘craft quality’ ‘changes’ that ...were intended to make an “IDENTICAL” (‘similar’) glassware iota but... with... “a severe” ‘reduction’ of craftsmen’s ‘qualities.  That did happen “right along” and was a sealed
            Deal by the end of the Civil War... era.  “Machine” “MADE” glassware... was very quickly our ... old New England glassware... in the home... ‘ever more’.
            This window is so small that a Yankee today has
            Touched their lips to a ‘fire polished rim’
            They (New England home owners, heirs, decorators and their ‘border ruffians’ of taste... ‘have not’ ‘ever’
            True apex design... true apex old New England Yankee design AND apex executed’ production OF THAT design... they have... probably ‘never even held that in their hand’ let alone
            “Touch my lips”.
            And I know this... very well... both the ‘never even’ and the ‘touch... lips’

            At this timeline’s point (1840-1850’s)... the juice glass... of ‘glassware’ of the... ‘old New England glassware... in the home...’ is one hundred years from it’s “They are dreadful” ‘design’ ‘innovation’ (1950’s).
            That is a ...splendid... century of ...(New England glassware) design ...decline. 

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  1. Regarding awareness of EAPG, the minister is capable, it's just a matter of incentive. How do we know? Think of it, in reference to the church collection basket, with just a fleeting glance at its contents and quickly feeling the heft of it in his hands, he can tell you, within a dime, how much money it holds.