Tuesday, April 19, 2016


            One drawer

            One drawer
            Sewing stand.

            Two drawer
            (Sewing) stand.

            (American Federal)
            (Straight taper leg)
            One drawer (Two drawer)
            (Sewing) stand.

            (American Federal, Sheraton, Empire, Transitional
            Or Victorian
            (Turned leg)
            One drawer (two drawer)
            (Sewing) stand.

            “From my grandmother’s
            I believe
            Had several more.
            I don’t know what happened to

            “In her house
            I believe
            She always had
            (Several) more of those
            Tables (‘little tables’)
            Around.  Didn’t she?
            I cannot remember but:

            I know
            They are not tables
            They are
            One drawer

            They stand
            In old New England.
            They stand
            In old New England
            Homes waiting
            On the dead great
            Grandmother’s sewing
            Still in the drawer
            Of her
            One (two) drawer
            Stand she
            Had beside her chair when
            My mother was a
            Little girl.
            Her grandmother would look up
            From her sewing stand;
            Its drawer(s) pulled open.
            Each evening by
            Candlelight she
            Sewed there
            In her chair.

            “What ever became of that?”

            I used to be able talk to a women but something happened and she moved out to an island off the coast.  Or something like that.  She had a ‘table’; “my little table”
            “Why do you always want that?” she’d say.  “My little table”.
            I never told her why.  It was (is) a New England (Maine) made Maplewood two drawer finely lathe turned Sheraton leg (so ‘fine’ that “the edge of a dime” shows if slipped under the bottom of a foot) with its original and intended rosewood grain painted surface with old shellac surface solid bird’s eye maple drawer fronts and... its original English stamped brass ring rosette (drawer) pulls (“knobs”) with, too,
            Her sewing
            In the drawers.
            These drawers were always ‘pulled’... sort of... ‘open’.

            No one ever bothers me about these old stands.  They have nothing to do with me anyway.  Beside I noticing them.  And knowing them (a ‘good one’).  I would never tell anyone that I “look for them”.  No:  I wouldn’t ever do that.  Would I.  I would never want anyone to know what a ‘good one’ is.  Would I.  No.  They are just “that little table... over there... too.  I’d like that too”.  Kind of attention ‘to that’:
            An old New England one drawer (two drawer) (sewing) “STAND”.
            “That was my mother’s”
They always say
            When I say
            “I want that too.”
            And start to
            Carry it

            I have a funny little thing about that; the ‘carry it away’.  I have these supple soft nylon cords neatly rolled behind the seat of the truck that would ...never ever scratch the surface of an
            Old New England one drawer sewing stand that I use to
            Tie it off
            To make sure the drawer
            Doesn’t fall out
            On the driveway
            And smash.

            No.  A lot of the time I am the first person to “TAKE” the little table; an
            Old New England one drawer sewing stand
            Out of the old New England home... ever since
            That ‘table’
            Came into the house... except, of course, for
            The few times
            On hot August evenings when ‘one of the family’
            Carried it out “won’t you please”
And set it next to (great) Grandmother’s (porch rocking) chair
             For “her”
            Yes... of course there is that.  Sometimes they didn’t take it back inside
            Until the next morning.
            It (the old New England one drawer sewing stand) was
            Out all night.
            If I’d known that I’d of come by and made off with it.
            I’d pick it up with my hand under the front drawer rail and
            Push my thumb on the drawer front
            So that drawer would not fall out
            And smash on the sidewalk.  

            I’ve carried a lot of them off that way
            Over the years.
            Do you really want me to talk to you about this?
            It is a very private little world
            In the old New England home.  When I take the old sewing stands out
            Of there
            For the first time they have ‘ever’
            I know it.
            I know exactly what I’m doing in addition to
            Knowing exactly
            “How good that stand is”.
            “That’s a NICE little TABLE.”
            One woman said to me once
            When I was loading a stand I’d just bought into the truck.
            Another woman, after selling her family’s stand to me, said, over and over
            “Good-bye little stand, good-bye.”
            While I carried it out
            Of her home.

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  1. The majority of "grandmothers to be" at Starbucks own neither needles nor thread.