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(Yankee) Hoarding - Part Six (A) - "Management Allocation Asset Alternative"

(Yankee) Hoarding

Part Six (A)

"Management Allocation Asset Alternative"

            After running out of hoard
            To point the finger at
            And pondering after all
            Is this hoard a... really that

            Bothered by the biggest pile
            Of clutter old and dear
            Shuttered windows hide that while
            One may re-appraise their fear.

            No one thinks much about this (Yankee) hoarding
            It is peculiar; this “Right” “Tidied up” “I know”  “Sure...
            I see it all the time”.
            “THAT ONE; that couple, those people... over there.  That they
            Are one
            That:  Hoarding.  Hoard.  I saw it.  No one says anything more most of the time.
            “Just maybe... sometime... someone... should... clean it up”.
            That’s a funny way of looking at wealth management.  Isn’t it?

            Oh yes... your so rich... I know.  Your advice... financial advice... is
            Poignant.  Yes:  Poignant.  That’s what a word can do for money.  Old money.
            When... the... large internet search engine company ‘went public’ and that ‘can do’ money came about and has turned into old money... many haphazard ‘your advice’ wrote out their
            Postulations and
            SOMEONE called one distribution of funds advice “alternative asset allocation”.  (No... I’m not visiting a museum today).  Did you think that was a wand that makes magic?  Alternative asset allocation.  “Oh I know; they buy two matching sports cars and an island off the coast of Maine”.
            That is exactly... not it.  No.
            Alternative assets are... harder to locate... than a “I suppose”.  Allocation of alternative assets is even more ‘harder to locate’... than a “I suppose”.  You don’t do “I suppose” very well anyway so just the locating, for you, is harder...
            I suppose.

            Most postulations are tedious... ring-on-finger... weddings of ‘not thinking this well’ doings that... do not embed hoard...  That is right:  The back of your second garage bay is either ‘clutter free’ empty or a cascade of your flawed failure of hoard.  I don’t need to support that for YOU are obsessed with taking a “ME” to “SEE” it (the garage bay full) if... yeah... YOU HAVE “SOMETHING GOOD” “IN THERE?”.  To me; a New England antiquarian picker... it is like (as if) you want to take me to a little room and show me your UNDER ... PANTS.  Now... if this is suddenly starting to make sense to you... returning to focus on alternative assets and their allocation(s) (yes... a  plural)... we (us together)... will go back to the ‘Gold Rush’ (California 1849) and:
            Okay that, the Gold Rush... was that GOLD was FOUND
On the GROUND.
That is not hoard.  No.  That was gold.  Found.
            On the ground.
            See?  No... you don’t want to?  Hoard is gold found
            On ground?
            It is an asset?  Alternative.
            A found asset alternative... allocation... a
            “YOU MAY DO”.

            And let us get it clear right away.  With (Yankee) hoard... your really tacky... about it.  With it.  With you... and it.  So... when I move (Yankee) hoard into ‘old money’... I mean... you get REALLY tacky.  You know how you are about money.  And other people’s money.  Other people’s old money.  And... toss in (Yankee) hoard ... to that tacky... it is
            THAT TACKY (you are really tacky).
            So... when we take this tacky to ‘alternative assets’, ‘allocations’ and, well... the crap in the back of your garage that includes... the NEED (?) to have a “ME” look at that (‘your underpants’) to
            And assure that you
            DO NOT KNOW (what ‘my stuff’ is)
            AND ARE TACKY
            Again:  I am writing about (Yankee) hoarding
            It is
            Alternative... asset... allocation...
            Old Yankee... old money... allocated assets managed
            OLD YANKEE
            (That is not you).  (The ‘my stuff’ in your second garage bay is... CRAP).

            Did I just do “OMG”?  Yes I did.  “OMG” you find out old (Yankee) hoard is managed allocations (of old money) of assets that are alternative.  The ‘banjo clock’ hanging in the front hall*** is an
            Of old (Yankee) money (funds)
            By conscious design (management)...
            Is conscious design management... good taste?
            Would you prefer to “OMG” again or just go directly to “oh shit”?  ...
            Because you don’t have this... do you.  And your finger points at an “anyone” you can find... that does...:

*** Tad Friend, CHEARFUL MONEY, Little, Brown & Co., New York, 2009, pg. 228.

            Conscious design (Yankee) hoarding... is about ...good taste and bad taste... (with that second having an above head entry banner of “TACKY”).
            “Wow.” Huh.  “Yeah... we got trouble.  Again... this is (Yankee) hoarding I write about.  And the back of your garage is filled with crap and you have no hoard of alternative managed asset allocation of ‘good taste’ and that is so unfair that it comes down to your space filled with crap and the HOARDERS having good taste as being the successful criteria for their success with hoard and.
            Just give it up and go to your peculiar happiness that YOU know as YOUR hoard... hoarder... hoarding:  GO PARK in the box store parking lot, go ‘inside’ and ‘buy crazy’.  It is... a form of suicide.  You will never have to consider (Yankee) hoard again.  You will spend any and all of your ‘old’ (Yankee hoard) money... on crap.  Don’t worry... most people are... good at it.

            Buying crap.  Hoarding crap.  The ‘they’ are good at it.  While what?  While what is the rude and rugged hoard by (Yankee) hoarding hoarders... managed by them as an alternative asset allocation of old (Yankee) hoard (hoarded) FUNDS (cash... “money”)... That’s not what the... and what is more of a ponderous too is the “that” (the hoard) is purloined from neglect by these (Yankees) after this ‘that’ fell into the ‘clutter’ ‘mess’ of
            “They are HOARDERS you know”.
            Maybe “need to”... do we... to second... or forth or FIFTH (this has got to be my fifth hoard ‘world turned upside down’ postulation within this essay) look again before we...
            “Make a mistake to say that.”  My fifth look for you is that a hoard-hoarding-hoarder may well be a very adept financial management of a remarkable body of alternative assets (‘found on the ground’) that, as a conscious allocation... shows
            “Who is the old (Yankee) fool?
            I guess... I surmise... I must continue (a “Part B”) to work with this remarkable precept of (Yankee) hoarding:  Alternative asset allocation and its management.

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