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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around Old New England Property (Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures - Part Twelve - "The Pot of Gold"

Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
Old New England Property
(Antique) Landscape Fixtures

Part Twelve

"The Pot of Gold"

            Buckets... full of old New England well water... drawn quietly by oneself... through an old New England property well’s (antique) granite ‘well cap stone’ do not defend the old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures from violation, destruction and their follow-through escapades (Parts Nine and Eleven).  This (drawing well water) does offer a suggestion of good sense... of a good direction... to have good sense of.. when looking over old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures.  IF, too... such a fixture is discovered leaning against the outside wall
Of a ‘store’...
Or is
Half buried
            By the
            Front door...
            One may wish to draw, too... from the ‘quietly by oneself’ ‘good sense of a good direction’ to carefully notice
            One has choices... of choices... when “having” ‘granite landscape fixtures’.
            A beyond... is there?
            I do not have to seek far to find an actual ‘saving grace (a redeeming grace of God).

            Presuming that the reader has discerned that... from reading this vignette (group of blog posts)... the old New England property’s wealth of (antique) granite landscape fixtures and... their poise of ‘original state’ in their ‘original habitats’ “undisturbed” and often “hidden away” appeals to one... and... one finds... that... to be a precious old New England property... landscape fixture... worthy of one’s notice when an opportunity ...flits... before one’s eye... as if one... spying old New England granite... is a... birdwatcher in the field with prowling ‘old rocks’ eye...:  Yes... I suggest ‘bird watcher’...; it is the least foolish behavior with (antique) granite landscape fixtures.  Spy them, notice them, look at them.  Review their current state and habitat and... enjoy doing that.  One will find one “always” “looks” at a ‘one’ that one has ‘spied’ “ALWAYS” when ‘going by’, et al.  Yes:  “ALWAYS” including the ‘heaven forbid’ coming by and “it’s been moved”.  Cleaned... or (“NO!”) gone.  This “ALWAYS” view watch... includes the negative states... too.  Finding a long noticed ‘half burial’ millstone suddenly “GONE” is, actually, a deep experience for the ‘watcher’.  One’s sight collection of ‘icky’ (front door) steps... never ends with ‘recent sightings’ ‘daily’ but ...rare is the notice of a ‘real one’ (true... old New England property [antique] granite ...step) (Part Seven).  Those always turn the head of the ‘watcher’.

            [These images (above) show true old New England (antique) granite foundation cap stones ...being used as steps.  They are NOT old New England (antique) granite steps.  Review Part Seven for clarity].

           [These images (below) show true old New England (antique) granite foundation cap stones... being used as landscape border blocks and... as an (antique?) granite decorative... sculptural... ‘vertical thrust’ within a landscape fixture (yard bed?) (in front of a cement and cinder block foundation wall)].

            One understands the premise?  It is a very safe harbor... and wonderfully ‘plentiful’ in ‘sights’ for a ‘watcher’ as one... rambles around ‘old New England’.  The ‘old rock’ is everywhere.  The new rock is everywhere too.

            “OH BOTHER”.  Well... it does... AND the industry seems to be flourishing
            So that’s NASTY... unless one’s sense of good taste in ‘old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures... laughs out loud at a ‘new’ ‘fake’ ‘millstone’ that has been ‘half buried’ ‘out in front’ ‘by the road’ as a residential sign post with... (red) bark mulch spooned by “THE LAWN CARE COMPANY”... about the “KEEPS THE WEEDS” “DOWN”...:
One WILL ‘see that’.
            “POSTS” are a NIGHT... MARE.*******
            And everyone should be the ‘knows better’ about this... granite post fetish.  That’s the biggest goof of it all.  But they do still... ‘just stick it out there’.  Truly... ‘in the face’.  A lot of once ‘new’ ‘posts’ have ‘been around’ long enough now to ‘have lost their glow’; slightly ‘off’ vertical (“leaning”)... etc.  And always... ‘not old’ “LOOKING”.  Does one ‘think’ a ‘colonial... old New England... homestead’ had a (‘vertical thrust’) symbolic post poised ‘out front’ in the yard?
            “It looks stupid”.  That’s what the antique granite spy eyes say ‘on the street’.  Old New England had fence posts... hitching posts... property boundary (corner) posts or (and otherwise)... no... post.

            The ‘this new granite’ is made (manufactured) differently than the old granite.  No surprise there.  The Civil War dawn line forward applied mechanical precision to ‘cutting granite’********.  The old New England property this same dawn line... ‘stopped’ ‘making’ granite... ‘very much’.  End of rainbow; the design forms (such as ‘troughs’, et al) ‘disappeared’.  The new pot of gold was very precise ‘cut’ ‘stone’.  Today it is even more very precise cut (counter tops) (of imported Brazilian granite from ‘up the Amazon’).
            And from ‘then on’
            Meaning that with the ‘new’ ‘posts’, for example, the “hand chiseled surface’ on the “It looks stupid” post is
            Done by (a) machine (created to DO THAT “look”)
            And from then on...
            To the end of the rainbow of
            Old New England property granite landscape fixtures.
            ‘They’... have not completed the ‘what’ ‘can be made’ out of “GRANITE”.
            The reader already knows this from... daily contact?

            “Saving grace you say?”

            The saving grace is to go back to the original pot of gold at the base of the ‘old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures... rainbow... and... visit it... every now and then to ‘remind’.
            That is... after one ‘finds one’; this pot of gold.

********:  The U.S. Customs House in Portland, Maine... (1866)... is the ‘a splendid’ example of Civil War dawn line mechanical precision ‘cut’ ‘stone’ granite.  The whole... Gothic Victorian masterpiece... of granite is... stunning to the eye to this day.  Yes so often ‘viewed’ when “I pass by” (?) today I call for one’s next viewing to include the notice-to-self that “THAT” is “MADE OF GRANITE”.  Too.  It is worth the special trip... on foot... although turning the corner ‘on it’ at the stop light... once understood as “THAT” is “GRANITE”... becomes, as noted above, an “ALWAYS”.

******* :  The ‘a best’ for what is ‘one seeks’ in posts is found, traveling west out of the Calvin Coolidge, Plymouth, Vermont ...historic village....:  On the left, leaving the village, is splendid group of about two dozen ...just the (fence) posts... undisturbed in their original setting.  If one is seeking ‘a post’ THAT is what one seeks.  Actually ‘getting one’ (a real one) is ‘competitive in the market’.

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  1. An undisturbed (not recently disturbed) piece of Old New England Antique Granite in its original setting does warrant a close view of it and its surroundings... and then some thought about it, how it got there, who did the work, what was its function, how well did it serve its function, when and why did its use end... feel it all for a moment or two... and then walk away, you have it in your head... perhaps come back someday for another visit, if it is still there... but you "do" have it as found.