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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around Old New England Property (Antique) Landscape Fixtures - Part Fourteen - "Actually Do"

Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
Old New England Property
(Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part Fourteen

"Actually Do"

            To look back... when now... at the opening of the notice... of old stone walls on ...old New England property... as (antique) granite landscape fixtures... and denote that a cynical and harsh murmur has steadily shadowed... like a gray fox in the farm yard at first light... this now lengthy vignette... (approaching ‘discourse’ upon the subject?) “upon” “old granite”...  Have too many jabs, pokes, “bad” points founded and observations of  “horrible” ...taste... and behavior...too... been taken?  Did I TOO divide the armies of the “I feel” of the old and new... New England.  Do I wish I had simply snipped along the edges of the old stones with my hand held grass clippers... the grass and weeds...?  Then carried that clipping to the compost and... smiled with approving nod toward the fab-fads of new New England of, for example, posting one’s mailbox ON a ...granite post... by the side of the street.  And it is a street too...isn’t it.  Stone walls... in their original undisturbed state are... followed... by roads.

            The stone wall was there before the road.
            The road was there before the streets (‘subdivisions’).
            The mail boxes line the streets.
            In front of the new homes.
            A “finishing” (“home”) “improvement” is
            ‘Posting with granite’?
            In the etiquette of new New England... does one... put the ‘cut granite (front door) steps’ first and
            Then (granite) “post” or...
            Post first and THEN ‘steps’.
            And... what about “the wall”?

            The... I have done it again:
The cynical and harsh
            Has begun to, already, shadow the old stone walls... on old New England property?

            “Actually do” comes first for ...stone walls.  Majority-most do ...notice and “LIKE” “OLD” stone walls they ... notice... in... old and new... New England.  The (self) “noticing notice” comes a distant second and is... too... NOT NOTICED.  After a notice... in NEW New England... ‘old stone walls’ ‘fade away’.  Like sap buckets on maple trees, lobster traps being hauled aboard, Bean boots, islands, Moose and... ‘tall timber’ (“TREES”)...:  They (the stone walls)... “actually do” NOT ... hold up against THESE icons.  Too.  No... they fall back behind... for example... Bean boots.  And maple syrup poured on snow.

            But rabbit and turtle... the stone walls race with these New England icons... as the turtle... and that... has... supported the stone wall’s defense of self by the sole strength of the ‘actually do’ rabbits... of new New England.  THEY (the new New England) actually do... very... very little about ‘stone walls’.
            Past a ‘safe distance’ “LOOK”...:  They (the new New England) rarely ‘goes over to’ a stone wall to stand before it.  And look at it.  NOR do they, if they should actually do... that visit... ever ...touch... it let alone ‘move’ ‘a rock’ or...  engage ANY ‘on site’ action (“actually do”).

            IF...then ... the ‘what about the wall?’.  First... what IS that wall anyway.  It is, least probably, ‘recently made’.  It is most probably an ‘old section’ of an ‘old stone wall’ that is, usually... ‘out in front’ of “THE HOUSE” between the road (street), its ‘ditch’ and “THE HOUSE”... edge of the “LAWN”.  And “WAS THERE”.
IF, then...
            “WHAT ABOUT THE WALL?”
            A ‘an action’ of ‘actually do’ starts a continuum ‘actually do’ of “THAT”.
            Short listing this I:  The
            Discuss with
            Landscape service guy
            And / or
            “DRY” stone mason guy
            Too... the building /landscape supply (box?) store:
            “We have our selection of (one ton) pallets of “STONE”
            Along the back edge of our lot”.
            The “want it to look like THIS” craft... man’s... ship (a boat one ‘gets on’).
            To actually ‘actually do’ ...starting at one end (of the ‘section’ of ‘old stone wall) at the property’s edge and ‘going all the way’ to the other edge of the property... is a
            Of the old New England stonewall section and
            A titled “Re-build it”.
            Yep: it is the same as tearing down a colonial ‘old New England’ homestead and
            A NEW
            HOUSE “there”;
            A ‘tear down’.

            Again; the colonial WALL was ‘made’ BEFORE the colonial house.
            The ‘re-build’ usually runs out of rocks so ‘they’ ‘have to buy some’.
            These rocks... come on pallets on trucks from ‘out of state’.  It is cost effective to ignore the abundance of granite field stone ‘scattered’ in New England and ‘buy’ ‘rocks’ on one ton palettes.  New New England ... not only “THINK” these rocks are ‘nice’ but also, it seems, ‘don’t notice the difference’ between these rocks and the scattered old New England ‘field stone’ (“rocks”)
            That’s “what they” “actually do”.
            They tear down ‘old New England property stone walls that are original old undisturbed (antique) granite landscape fixtures and
            Re-build them so they “LOOK”
            Then they weed whack them and spray weed killer along the wall base and
            No one notices they do that

            We are off to a nasty start of our observation of old granite field stone walls... on old New England property... as... (antique) granite landscape fixtures?  Not really.  Majority-most ‘people’ in new and old New England... never “actually do” ‘anything’ about or with... stone... walls.  For example, in my life time... with decades of ‘actually do’ close-up visits to endless stone walls... and aside from a very, very, very occasional ‘pick up and put back’ ‘fallen stone’ I... myself... have... never done ANYTHING to ANY stone wall EVER.  I know that because I am a very notice-noticing my relationship with the old stone walls of old New England.  I know that what I actually do... extends to the ‘majority-most’.  Too.  But there is a dark side, we now notice... to ‘keep in mind’ and ‘denote by eye’.  The ‘dead grass’ along the bottom of the ...old New England... stone... wall from ‘weed killer’...IS symbolic.
            When denoted
            By eye.

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