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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around Old New England Property (Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures - Part Sixteen- "The History of the History"

Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
Old New England Property
(Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part Sixteen

"The History of the History"


What happened next is that... for the majority-most of ‘old stone wall’, once ‘piled’ “THERE”... no one... at all... ever... ‘did’ anything else “THERE” or even “WENT THERE”.  And I mean ‘exactly there’.  SURE THERE COULD be a chance ...he and her... courting... of a mesmerized moment of love blossom ‘sit there’ or a climbed-over-there-while “GOING” “HUNTING... etc.  Otherwise the piled field stone ‘just sits there’.  Of course I know a few 20th century men who related how they ‘punched a hole in that wall’ to ‘get in’ with their (logging) ‘equipment’ to “CUT” the ...still virgin (?) forest PAST the “EDGE” of the old ‘cleared field’.   And other bulldozer stories of ...stone wall destruction.
One of the...
            Number topper ‘killers’ of stone wall is the word
            Meaning a ‘ready supply’ of “ROCK” that may be gathered to
            What ever one wants to PAY MONEY to have

            “Access that” (roadside section of ‘old’ ‘stone’ ‘wall’) became, from 1890... to this day... a ‘for fill’.  “Road” “building” as a ‘serious consideration’ for ‘using’ (‘driving’) the automobile (including “truck”)... very quickly ‘needed fill’ and found that fill ‘cheap’ right there beside the “ROAD BUILDING”.
            Once... though.. the removal of the ‘stone’ ‘wall’ (piled field stone) that was... “EASY” to ‘access that’ ‘cheap’ ‘beside the road’... they (the road builders) “let off” from “taking” “the wall”.  That was not before ALL and “any” ‘old wall’ that could be cost effectively accessed was ‘taken’.  “Roadside” stone walls today... ‘show this happened’ to THEM THERE but
            One travels a few (twenty-five to fifty feet) PAST any point of ‘easy’ ‘access that’ “FROM THE ROAD” one... usually ‘breaks free’ back into ‘undisturbed’ old pilings of field stone.  Pervasive DOES denote how much road side access “OLD WALL” became “FILL”.
            It (‘if one travels’) is also the source of the epic “stone wall” narrative titled “IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS JUST A LITTLE BIT THE WALLS THERE ARE BEAUTIFUL”.  The ...pervasive problem with that being that one... has to ‘go into the woods’; “off pavement”.  The bugs.  “Getting lost”.  Twisting those puffy pink ankles because one ‘has’ ‘flip-flops’ “ON”...  That’s fine; just leave the old stone wall alone... it doesn’t care that one’s ‘off pavement’ status is... ‘down’
            Also the old piled field stone does not care ...or resist... the idealities vision of a ‘bucket’ (a large yellow painted machine used in road construction; a ‘front end loader’, that goes... “beep, beep, beep, beep” when ‘it’ ‘backs up’) being able to ‘scoop up’ “THE WALL” accessible from the road.  THIS vision is stymied by the ...simple engineering conundrum of ... old stone wall... refusing to scoop up well.  Old field stone is... as it was when first encountered by the lone man in the field a quarter millennium ago... ‘difficult to move’.
            That’s fine for that means that very quickly ‘in the woods’ away from ‘easy cost effective access... ‘old’ ‘stone’ ‘wall’ is ‘no’ ‘one’ ‘there’.

            Am tired of having to ...crust over... like a pie... the... popular... vision... of ‘old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures’ within this vignette of chapters (blog posts) pontificating upon ‘old New England’... ‘granite’.
            I am tired of having to do that.
            OVER and over the solution to preservation of old New England granite has been strongly suggested by I to be “leave it alone,  keep a fixture “hidden away” and “do not mention” it at all.  These personal and professional actions to take are, again, the solution for ‘old’ ‘stone’ ‘wall’.  Too.  If one has old stone wall on old New England property...
            Shut up.
            If one ‘visits’; a ‘goes there’... go alone.
            Quietly enjoy the forest landscape AND it’s ‘old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures... ALONE.
            “Study you say?”
            IF one wanders on property with hidden ‘old New England’ granite upon it.

            I am not the voice of this.  I also, am not the misbehaving miscreant with flip-flops, pink ankles, weed killer, weed whacker... cut granite driveway lamp posts and
            HORRIBLE open mouth utterances that drop dreadful crumb trails leading always to the SAME ...their... ‘pot of gold’ of THEY
            Harvard, 2000**********:  “Increasingly, people live in or near (New England) forest and often own small areas of woodlands, yet their connection to and understanding of the land, its forest and its wildlife is at an (sic) historical low”
            In new and old New England.

            Old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures... from ‘stone’ ‘wall’ to... half buried propped up on edge well cap stones to... sit-on rocks to...

            “Those God damn TOMB STONES they make and sell FOR STEPS”

            Is not directly treated by Harvard herein but is ..indirectly treated... for, as we very well understand... there ARE (antique) granite landscape fixtures... ON... old New England property and THAT IS WHAT this
            “FROM HARVARD”
            Is about; the history of the
            Of the
            Old New England property...
            Landscape fixtures
            From pre- (English) settlement to... puffy pink ankle flip-flop... ‘visits’.

            I am slowly introducing this book.  It is ‘too good’ for the reader just now.  I will come back to and build with the book.  Right now... WE are still fussing with ‘stone’ ‘walls’.  I just want the reader to know that ...there is... an ‘are of’ ‘people’ who ARE
            Of old New England property
            Landscape fixtures;
            Their history and the
            OF their history.
            And that these people CARE.
            If YOU bulldoze an old stone wall... someone does care.  We cannot stop you but we do care.

            Who’s the first person who cared and studied ‘old New England property... landscape fixtures?
            Harvard, herein... defaults back to Thoreau.
            Did he... old stone wall?
            Did he ‘see’ ‘that’ (old New England property [antique] granite landscape fixtures)?
            Did he see them as “antique” “then” (1850’s).  Did he die understanding old New England property?
            Harvard seems to feel... Thoreau...
            Had the feel
            Of the feel
            That is now the history
            Of the history
            Of old New England property
            Landscape fixtures.
            But did Thoreau have... good taste?
            And does Harvard have good taste?

            When one is before a ‘beautiful’ (section of) “Old” “Stone” “Wall”... often... ten feet down the wall and... or... ten feet UP the wall ...that wall... isn’t that “BEAUTIFUL”.  I explained that as ‘things’ ‘happen’ (Part Fifteen).  That; the ‘BEAUTIFUL’, is what happened  ‘there’ ‘then’.  A little further was, “LIKE”, an off day... in mid-May
            Of a 1740’s
            Colonial day.
            Enjoy the “WALL” of piled field stone “THERE”.  Mark one’s little black book of ‘good ones’ ‘old granite sites’.  Leave quietly.  Say nothing.  Go back when you ‘feel like it’ to ‘visit’.  It’s ok to take a few photograph... especially as they remind you later that
            “It’s really not the same”
            As being there.
            A sit-on rock IS interesting to look at but
            ....Butt... makes more sense when... ‘sit-on’.

********** : Foster, David R. and O’Keefe, John F.:  NEW ENGLAND FOREST THROUGH TIME.  INSIGHTS FROM THE HARVARD FOREST DIORAMAS. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 2000., pg. 19.

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