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Old New England Glassware in the Home - Part Twenty-Two - "Don't Let Them"

Old New England Glassware in the Home

Part Twenty-Two

"Don't Let Them"

            Is it ‘sullen’?
            Or is it ‘difficult’?
            The silence that follows a commercial ...suggestion... from a ‘they’ ‘don’t know’
            REGARDING an
            “I DO KNOW”; here a ‘my lips touch’... antiquarian GROUP (set of eight diamond point pattern EAPG)
            objects... “Ah...
            Set the cordial down and shut-up

            I haven’t touched this (sullen / difficult) before... you say?
            Well maybe we ...WE... should.
            The differentiation here is the ...very difficult to find in a written down format... notice of the difference of how an “antiques dealer” “SEES” this commercial query from this minister and how an
            Antiquarian picker... PICKER... “SEES”... ah.... IT.
            This directive brings our current glassware discussion to the broader, bigger, wider... tossed net of ‘what is all this writing about anyway’ (this blog)... AND the brutal differentiations... of that difference.  Yes...  really.
            Understand that I at this word play am first... from my antiquarian ‘begin’ ‘a picker’ and then ‘followed’ to be an antiquarian dealer.  The picker captures the territory of the appellation of ‘dealer’ by ‘having good stuff (things; objects) and ‘charging’ (requesting) ‘more money’ for those ‘good stuff’.  This is not hard to do... if the picker is a ‘does know’.  BUT:
            A good picker is always a good picker... simply (for no other reason) than that the ‘does know’ is used to “FIND” the ‘good stuff’.  The word is “FIND”.  Pickers prefer the ‘discovery mode’ of the antiquarian trade.  It is a hard ...this perpetual propelling ‘treasure hunt’ mode... ‘to shake’.  Especially should one ‘not want to’.

            Ok:  Fine.  This is easy to grasp in this front line poise (IN THE ATTIC OF THE OLD HOUSE) but gets a little bit more rough and tumble when it is operated in the “IN THE TRADE” mode.
            Simply, ‘antiques dealers’ “depend” on ‘pickers’ to “supply them’ with... ‘good stuff’.  They (the antiques dealers) qualify for “THAT” by ... how much they know... followed by a small pause and then followed by ‘how much they PAY’... for this... picker found... ‘the good stuff’.  And... at this point... I add... that without the picker’s ‘FIND’ the dealer... must ...find it... themselves and
            They are not very good at that (going into old attics and buying very, very good antiquarian objects for

            Stepping into a boat with a tote bag are we?  It is a fine old boat that pickers use and it travels ‘on the water’ very fast.  The picker is back outside of the old attic well before a ‘dealer’ ‘climbs the stairs’ TO that attic.  Most dealers are ‘fine’ ‘with that’.
            But... what about the picker?
            In attic the picker is ‘fine’ ‘with that’ TOO.
            OUT of the attic, the picker ‘drops down’ from that halo; that antiquarian ‘high’, to find self ‘before’ in a ...suggested... submissive position; ‘before’ the “I DO KNOW” dealer and... after the pause... ‘the money’.  The seated and sherry gurgling minister’s... position in this... ‘is retail’; a ‘customer’ the antiques dealer ‘caters to’ (services) and the picker... ‘never sees that’ and... actually... ‘avoids’... even if he happens to be sitting in the same room.  That leaves... one (1)... hard to notice... enigma...
            Yes... enigma:

            This enigma is:
            Pickers... ‘doing this’ (the antiquarian profession) with... pickers.  Go ahead and try to find ‘some writing down’ ‘about that’.  It is rare.  I have actively collected it (archival study) for decades.  This is where the ‘this writing’ (this blog) comes from and so... and “yes”:
            WHO CARES.
            And that is just fine by me EXCEPT when... in the middle of my now one hundred page essay on... old New England glassware in the home... some dead weight sherry gurgling fog voice tote bag toting MAN OF GOD suggests I ‘break’ HIM ‘cheap’... MY... “I FOUND” set of diamond point pattern EAPG cordials that WE ARE sipping sherry from right then:
            “NO.”  Not happening.
            Picker to picker you ask... that? 

            It’s a little brutal.  A little vulgar (?).  A picker, to I, as a picker, is OF the brutal realm.  That realm is a galaxy “far, far away” from ‘normal people’ (Eve and Bing Part One) and with this galaxy being a warren of weaving iota alleyways ever lost in delightfully mazed whispers to assure one a captive for eternity.  I... leave off this ‘back pat’.
            BUT report the picker-says-to-me (a picker)... after a glance ‘at that’ (here ‘those’; the EAPG cordial set):
            “Don’t let them gang rape you on that (those)”.
            That’s it.  That is an “I CAN BANK THAT” ‘appraisal’ of their (the cordial set) value as OBJECT and as money.  Roughly it denotes that the object(s) are ‘good’ if not ‘great’ and the (cash) value is thereby there... too and...
            We get dicey...
            He knows that I know that “THEY” (a minister at the least but the dealers at the front line of the trade) “won’t pay” (will try, as a whole, to ‘not pay’ ‘fair value’) (gang rape)
            “On that (those).
            It’s that quick.
            Because ‘they’
            “Won’t pay”.

            Of course the Godly minister ‘would like’ ‘a set’ but
            “Won’t pay”
            And of course I can sell the ‘set’ easily if I price them to
            “Give away”.
            There you go...
            Picker to picker.

            The ‘string on the ground’ of the ‘market’ is bent over and picked up by
            The antiques dealer.  IF
            It happens that the current MARKET engages the JUICE GLASS as
            “More saleable” to the...
            Eve and Bing are the ‘only ones in the market’ for
            Old New England glassware... in the home?

            I do not sell ‘mine’ ‘good stuff’ ‘for less’.
            I do sell ‘juice glasses’ for ‘a little more than less’ to
            Them who do not know?
            Or do they know... their “OH I REMEMBER THOSE GRAPE JELLY CAME
            IN THEM
            REMEMBER we ate ALL OF IT TO GET THE
            STILL HAVE THEM
            In the
            Kitchen cupboard
            At Mom’s house.”

            Like pickers say to pickers:
            “Don’t let them gang rape you on that” (“those”).

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  1. From antique item available, to Antiques Picker, to Antiques Dealer, to Customer. The Customer (and the Picker) may be a Don't Know or a Do Know or somewhere in between. The Dealer, a Do Know, sets the Fair Value and sticks to it. In order to avoid Gang Rape, The Dealer has to overcome poor cash flow, scared money, the urge to unload inventory, the urge to just make a deal, and finally some fleeting strange emotion to be a nice to the Customer. Remember Gang Rape is a nasty crime, never to be forgotten, and rarely forgiven.