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Old New England Glassware in the Home - Part Twenty-Eight - "Catch and Release"

Old New England Glassware in the Home

Part Twenty-Eight

"Catch and Release"

            Collectors... of EAPG... actually... did (do) very little (scant) ‘carry off’ of... old New England glassware... in the (from their – the glassware’s) (old habitat of the old New England) home.  They; the collector of EAPG... had difficulty accessing ‘it’; the glassware in the home, and when they did ‘get that far’ often they ‘choked’, ‘stalled’, ‘screwed it up’, ‘fell short’ (“feel faint”), ‘lost out’ or... never even realized that there WAS ‘old glassware’ “THERE” (in the cupboards).  This still happens to this day and applies to all collectors endevoriung to ‘buy out of houses’ what they ‘collect’.  I am not writing about this.  But.
            It takes an antiquarian dealer...:  Picker... to do this “BUY... out of”... well. WHY could this be?  It is the common laws... of the decency... of the declaration... of access to the ...antiquarian... opulence ‘found in the (old New England) home.  One is NOT just gonna sashay in there and ‘clean out’ the ‘cupboards’.  One will most often ‘stall’ at the DOORWAY when ask “WHAT... DO YOU... WANT?” .

            The specific difference is that I, an antiquarian ‘dealer’; an antiquarian ‘picker’; the one who “GOES INTO THE HOUSES” and “BUY” (‘antiques’)... when at the doorway of the... opened door... the “THEY” opening the door know that “I” at the door am “THERE” to “DO THAT”; ‘buy antiques’.  “Ahhhh...” you say.
            Of course you do you idiot but that is because YOU have no historical context to ‘place’ this deceptively normal action... “IN”.  I... like the guy who “is here to clean the furnace’... et al... “AM” ...”SOMEONE”.  Collectors endeavoring to “SAME” are most often ‘one trick dog’ (“I COLLECT”) stammering... nincompoops who are ‘not known’; ‘not someone’.  It is... and there is... a historic tradition of the “I” doing this “THAT”.  Again... I am not writing about this ...rather lengthy... THAT other than to POINT OUT... that ...not very much ‘old New England glassware was (and is) carried off from ...old New England homes by “OTHERS” than the “I AM A PICKER”.  Old New England glassware DOES leave the home ...in abundance and by the ‘rampant’ but... it is not the hunter – gatherer collector of EAPG doing ‘take away’.  It is the older sibling... the professional ‘old house’ sleuth who, as I often say and do... ‘put that on the dashboard’ (of my truck).

            And I don’t do this by sitting in my truck cab eating my lunch... although this is my preferred poise when the “THEY” of the “ESTATE” I am “IN” comes by to “CHECK” on “HOW ARE THINGS GOING”.  We go inside together to the dining room.’
            “It’s empty.” they... verbally after they... observe.  “You’ve cleaned it out?”
            “The cupboards too?”
            Often times they will go over and open a cupboard bottom door and... look... inside.
            But that... is that.... for the
            Old New England glassware in... THAT... home.
            Like I said; I destroy the habitat.  I know I do that. (Part Twenty-Six [B]).

            Left to the... ‘not me’... old New England glassware... in the cupboards... and attics... of the (old New England) home... has a much more basic extraction.  I suggested it at the very beginning of this composition (Part One “Cupboards Full ...Boxes in the Attic).  Most EAPG is ‘removed’ from its habitat by general and loosely conceptualized ‘household’ cleaning... up... that continues to cleaning... out... with this reaching the ‘throwing out’ and that; ‘throwing out’, being realized in a variety of ‘riddance’ options.  Mostly... I’m ‘not there for that’.
            But I catch up to the ‘throw out’ by ...subversive travel... in the circles... of the ‘riddance’ options.  I do, by occupation... do... ‘stare at table tops of old glassware’ ‘all day long’, everyday... and have for decades.  It’s my job.

            The stabilizing of this random recklessness and ...the creation (in the ‘secondary [“USED”] markets) of the remarkable repository of ‘old New England (EAPG) once... in the home... but now ‘thrown out’... that is ...floating... ‘out there’... is stabilized by no one ‘knowing what it is’ raised higher by

            No one cares.

            I catch.  I release?  Catching is easy and perpetual.  “Daily” “always” I find “some” (EAPG).  Releasing... (selling) my catch... is


            It has been that way for decades and has, through those decades, cascaded down this waterfall of ‘hopeless’ to be ‘awash’ in the pool at the base of the cascade of hopeless...; to be.... IN ...A ...POOL of “DEEP” “DARK” “HOPELESS”.  No:  Your not there.  I never see you.  To get there is a ‘can be done’... but it is... a brutal truth... ‘not likely’.  No.  One is better off remaining with the plastic juice glass quenching one’s thirst after ...spraying ‘weed killer’ around the ‘problem spots’ at the ...edges... of the ‘old New England’ “PROPERTY” one... ‘manages’ commonly referred to as “I OWN”.
            What this means for me is that when I buy the pressed leaf pattern goblet set at the church fair (Part Fifteen)... ‘for nothing’... ‘years ago’... it is a ‘still around’ my ‘stock’ of ‘antiques’ because... no one... has ever... ‘bought it’.  On that particular set I may even say that ... no one... has ever... even... mentioned ... or touched... it... let alone “expressed any interest”.  Of course, inclusive with ALL my antiquarian acquisitions, I ‘don’t help them’ (anyone... ‘notice’ any... thing... ‘I have’).  A little unfair of me?  No:  It’s YOUR problem.  Not MY problem.  And certainly not the goblet set’s problem...
            That you ...don’t know... and ... don’t ...care.

            I accept the terms.  The absolute highlight for I has been the absolute delight of having this absolute persistent survey of ‘old New England glassware in the home’ be absolute-LEE ‘I live here.  Leave me alone.’ FOR BOTH the glassware and I... ‘in the (their natural) habitat’.  The rest of it (glassware intercourse) is just a sham of ‘old New England glassware “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”
            I am taking about the purity of professional decorum that the “WHO CARES” has fabricated ...for me... in my lifetime.  This is a... very sheltered... golden halo of ‘they of the most’ taking themselves ‘out’ on this subject... by themselves... and staying ‘there’ (self taken out) for my whole lifetime.  What does one think?  That there is going to be a reading of essays such as this and the ‘they of the most’ will ...rise... in interest...:  Set down the plastic juice glass and ‘make over’ their (old New England) ‘glassware’ self?
            Not happening.
            And... not ‘in the (old New England) home’ either.
            And... “NO MONEY”.

            This last is the key to my lifetime of peaceful co-existence with ‘old New England glassware’.  Sure I destroy a few habitats along the way but at least I don’t go around in flip-flops chewing gum and failing to notice that my toenail’s polish is... ah... ‘chipped’.   I am not the one with the tall waxed paper cup capped with its snap-on plastic lid and protruding-from-the-‘straw hole’ straw that “I SAT IT DOWN I CAN’T FIND IT”.  Failing to discern that one is not only no longer ‘sweet sixteen’ AND, is too, aging gracelessly (like all humanity) TOO...:  Would one think (feel?) one ‘could and should’ perhaps ‘square oneself’ with the (J. D. Salinger sense) ‘phony’ of the new New England ‘hot top’ of ...old New England... through introspective appreciation of that VERY WHOLE New England’s creation (design innovation) of “EAPG” ‘glassware’.  It does, should one ‘have some’ (EAPG) actually ‘touch the lips’.

            No:  It is just fine.  No money and ‘please go away’.  And you do:  “Good-bye”.  Once the collector’s ‘got tired of doing that’ (collecting EAPG) (decline started in the 1930’s, has continued onward and never faltered) there has been ‘nothing’.  At all.  There are a few resilient connoisseurs who ‘do that’; gather and hoard.  As no one ‘cares’, a ‘glass collection’ today is a... symptom of... ‘hoarder’.  This is especially blatant should ‘that one’ endeavor to account for and/or explain their ‘behavior’.  “Where DID I set my ICE COFFEE down?  OH IT’S STILL IN THE CAR!  Just a minute:  I’m going to get it.”
            “OK, ok, ok:  Where were we?”

            We were... and are...:  When it comes to ‘old New England glassware in the home’: “YOU” (‘they of the most’) are NOT a ‘comes to’.  The ‘they’ are ‘self-out’ and ‘no change in sight’ and
            That is fine; a fertile paradise.  “No one needs to do that.”  That is absolutely right.  “Designer” “outlet” “shopping” “bags” “I”... am in line with my credit card.  “Breeze through the security” “parking lot” “space” and having “to walk that far” you old Yankee with the sun on you and the sunglasses slipping down the nose while “I THINK” that “I WILL GET SOMETHING TO DRINK”.  In the last... three to five generations... living in the same ‘old house’?  “You say?”


  1. We shit alone and admire it, no one has "expressed any interest" in our shit, they "don't know... and... don't... care" about our shit.

  2. It is better that the whole crowd has not caught on to the EAPG. There need to be some quiet, subtle areas of antiquity that can only be approached by serious and dedicated study.