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"It's Been Two Years" - Part Twelve - "I Am Around"

"It's Been Two Years"

Part Twelve

"I Am Around"

            “Was that shadow?”
            “No... it SWISHED; I heard that... that; what I SAW
            Swish... there... as I step
            At the top of that stair;
            The third floor landing.
            It... is it IT? ...  It was DRESSED...:  It... went INTO that front room
            The right front room.
            On the third floor.
            Was dressed; her dress... swished.
            IS THAT “WHY?”
            This mansion is STILL... an old sea captain’s mansion.
            I am almost at the top of it;
            This mansion.
            And I find there the “WHY?” it IS THERE
            To be KEPT THERE (in this third floor front room).
            KEEPING this THERE... THERE.
            And I am that skeleton’s KEY?
            Cadence didn’t SEE THAT.  She didn’t HEAR that.  Did see.
            I put the cat food dishes back EXACTLY “Why?”
            Is that her dress?
            Is the HER in THAT dress?
            Is that “WHY?”

            “Don’t be bothered by the clutter.  Please.  I know you won’t be.” said Cadence.

            Before that step; my top step onto the third floor landing... of the old (sea) Captain Snow’s mansion... I had,
            Just like I’ve said
            Put the cat food dishes back
            And returned to my ‘the third chair’ seat
            For when I was standing up and
            Cadence said, looking up at me from her seat, that
            I didn’t know that she was talking about what I had just roped mentally as:

            HER GREAT, great, great, grandmother who bought “the precious littles”
            Is there too” (Part Eleven [B])

            I did not realize
            That she (Cadence) was reading my mind.
            I think?
            No...:  I feel.
            She said that there was a “pile” of “old paintings” “inside” but that “her portrait
            Is pinned up... upstairs,
            And always has been.”
            Then she (Cadence) stood up before I could sit down and
            Started off toward the shed door
            To the first shed
            That lead
            To the kitchen door and I followed
            With her saying nothing and I being too stupid to notice that.

            We went through the kitchen (that was not the temperature of hot blood – Part Two) and on through the rooms to the front of the mansion and toward the front stairs except that Cadence stopped at an
            Empire period (style) card table UNDER that front stair... in its own ‘dark’ ‘spot’ to:
            THERE on top of THAT (this table) were a ‘pile’ of... old... dirty... loose and dry... oil paintings on canvas... apparently never ‘stretched’ (never mounted on wooden stretchers...).
            I... looking them through... found them to be ...pieces of old oil paintings of... ‘nothing’... that sort of looked to be as if someone once was being taught to oil paint with “HOW OLD? (are they) sorting through my mind TOO as I looked and did that TOO; the dating... “WORLD WAR ONE at the latest maybe... 1880?”.
            “They are nothings”

            For one or two... no now three and FOUR are showing FACES of someones and that there is a LANDSCAPE of just outside right here looking from the street back at the mansion and yard “isn’t that not?” I think... NO:  FEEL.  And that one there:  That one is weird... must be
            From the Bible?  Or else someone painted that SCREAM way, way out of nowhere way, way RIGHT HERE in this MANSION screaming and it even scares me NOW to see it is a disemboweled naked MAN dying with SHADOWS of HIMSELF (?) running away “WHO PAINTED THAT?” one:  “It is”... “better be” from the
            Bible.” then
            “Jesus” I was saying to myself about the whole painting pile and
            Cadence started up the front stairs...
            Of the old (sea) Captain Snow’s mansion...
            So I follow along QUICKLY only slashing my eyes across the old tall clock across from the in-the-dark Empire card table where it is pushed against ‘that wall’ just where it is suppose to be.  “IT’S A GOOD ONE”... I... with my eyes... FEEL.

            We didn’t stop on the second floor and went right around up front (of the mansion) to the stairs to the third floor... but the sun... light ...burst through the front window there so it was radiant there; at the stair bottom steps... up to the ‘dark up there’ third floor with I... following behind Cadence who, on these stairs ‘moved spry’ ahead of me.

At the top step of mine
That’s where the swish was
Of the dressed
Going into that front room
I am sure.
But WE just went right along with me following to that room’s closed door that
Cadence just turned the knob and opened in to this ...radiant sun light from the front window
TOO otherwise dusky dark “BEDROOM?” or was ALWAYS used a “STORAGE” for it was choked
 GOD DAMN FULL of... well
            ANTIQUES but
            That far wall in the center DOES have ‘pinned up’ “HER PORTRAIT” Cadence said.

            It was not ‘pinned up’.  It was tacked up; a stupid detail I noted.  But it seems to GLOW too in the dusky light... I feel... but... I was a little unstable right then so HER FACE seemed to be spiritually FREE from the portrait and that caught me that it was like SHE was ‘pinned up’ herself there until it was ok again to ‘go’.  Yeah... like she was just doing that; hanging there, until... well... WHAT?

            “IT’S her I am PRETTY SURE” said Cadence and I was like “HER WHO” and “No it is not her mother so is NOT her... great, great grandmother with THAT DRESS and she’s YOUNG ENOUGH THERE (in her portrait) to NOT be that so grandmother MAYBE my guess is GREAT grandmother did SHE paint this SELF PORTRAIT is THAT WHY the EYES are moving to NOT look me dead EYE I AM
            The skeleton KEY; her skeleton KEY?

            IS THAT WHY I AM UP HERE?
            “It’s been two years”
            Since I
            ...that first
            Old broken bowl that
            Old Captain; the old sea captain, Snow.
            That HE brought back to
            IS HER HERE
            Cadence is the GREATEST
            Feeding the cats
            On HER old china that SHE
            Is in this mansion of
            DIRTY DIRT TOO and
            I have just found this all
            Or have they found me out;
            That it is I who has scrambled
            UP onto the rocky shore to see
            This wreck.
            It is she; this tied to this mast?
            It has been two years

            We are back down the third floor stairs upon the second floor landing in the radiant sun light there
            Without saying a word or
            Looking around much at all
            In that room
            I recall.
            Cadence stops there in front of me to look out the window; the sun lighted window.
            She then turns to me to look me; my face, my eyes.
            “Did you see her?” she said.
            “Yes.” I say.  “Yes I did”.
            “I knew you would.” she said.
            Then we went back down to the first floor landing, before the closed front door.
            Cadence opens that door and sun light that is radiant
            Comes in as she steps out of the open doorway, down the steps, down the path spry to the sidewalk and then, looking to her left, out into the street to hard look left down the street.  I follow out onto the front door step.
            Cadence starts back towards me on the front step
            In the radiant... sun... light
            As I KNOW WHY I am just that very moment only
            The Old Sea Captain Snow himself
            Alone standing there on the front mansion step
            Of his own old sea captain’s mansion
            In an old New England Village.
            “The Library (book) Sale starts this afternoon the sign is out I can see it.”
            Says Cadence to me from the base of the steps.
            “You are around I know where to find you.” She continues.
            “I am around Cadence.” I say her as I step down the front steps.

The End

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