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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around Old New England Property (Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures - Part Six - "The Puzzle of the Pieces"

Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
Old New England Property
(Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part Six

"The Puzzle of the Pieces"

             We are... now... (continuing from Part Five)... in the woods... of the old New England property... discovering it (the woods) to be full of (antique) granite landscape fixtures?

            “ROCKS ALL OVER THE PLACE (on the property)”.
            “OMG... and I THOUGHT
            YOU JUST GO TO THE STORE and BUY them.”

            Returning to the ‘turn your back on it and walk away’ ...release... of the weed whacker (Part One)... and my ‘old granite rummaging about the property from there on... we, of latest (Part Five), discerned the old granite fence post ...monuments... with noting in passing those to be very near the ...old New England property’s very own colonial era granite... quarry AND THAT also

            We mentioned the in near proximity too of a ...cellar... hole ...that is a hand dug; one man with hand shovel, hole in the ground with walls ‘lined’ with granite ‘field stone’ and topped (“capped”) with four to five foot  long hand cut granite ‘cap stones’... cut from the... granite quarry... that is two tenths of a mile away (in... once-cleared-field that is now... ‘the woods’) ‘over level ground’... AND... not forgetting our mention of

            The Spring
            That is... a four foot by two foot rectangle...by one and one-half foot deep... that “NEVER FREEZES” (with a water level that) “NEVER GOES DOWN” ( or has the water level lower or ‘dry up’)...; an old cut granite ‘lined’...
            Old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixture...

            Breathless from the STRESS of these discernments... and my suggested ridicule of the “cast cement’ vision-of-version of old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures (Part Four)... let’s just “go back to the house” and... make this quandary worse?

            Why not for IF we find a quarry of granite ledge in the forest we, surely, cannot find ledge to be of itself... an  (“NO!”) old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixture... too?
            But... now we will ‘know’ (learn)
            Of the ‘calling’ (title)
            That is... not... well understood if heard.
            Now will be heard... AS IT BE;
            The puzzle of its piece.
            ‘Revered too’ (turn upon itself)... of being an anchor... of TRUE irrefutable foundation of (“NO!”) old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixtures.
            The title words are:  “Sits on ledge”
            “The house...”
            “Sits on ledge”
            To explain by reversal... “yours doesn’t”.
            Isn’t this a nasty passes-right-by the snotty-ish millstone ‘placed’ (Part Three)?
            Oh yes it does for to say the ‘be able to say’ that:
            One’s colonial old New England home is ‘so old’ that it “sits on ledge”...:  Viewing the horizon line will not bring this cantonment of civilization passages (literally) home.  Most choose to ignore the ‘ever hearing that’ AND the ‘hearing OF that’.
            What ‘sits on ledge’ means is the ‘some’; usually ‘a side’ or ‘a corner’ of the very old colonial settler’s homestead “sits on” the (and only on the) rock ground (‘ledge’) of the property.  That is...:  HOUSE.  ROCK... nothing else.

            So... rock gardeners like ledge in the ‘yard’ too.  And it goes from there:  That... ‘ledge’ is an... old New England property (antique) granite landscape fixture.  Keeps right on going all over the property including... the chicken house ‘hung on (sitting) on ledge’... the cranberry bog being ‘formed’ by dammed (damned?) ‘ledge’ back to ‘quarry’ ‘the ledge’ (an action) and finally back to the house again that has its ‘cellar hole’ ‘dug into’ ‘the ledge’.  This last is rephrased in ‘modern’ as ‘gonna TRY to fit’ the septic tank ‘into the ledge’ or ‘else we’ll have to blast’.

            While I am at composing (composting?) this vignette of chapters (blog posts), I ‘visited’ the quarry.  I’ll come right back to that.  I, also, visited... the northeast corner of the house that ‘sits on ledge’.  For perspective... of colonial era old New England homesteads on old New England properties... the... center of the house... fireplace kitchen...; the original ‘main room’ of the ‘home’... is a diagonal line to the ‘sits on ledge’ corner of about ...twelve feet (therefore “yes” a ‘small’ ‘house’).  THIS whole half of the house space would be divided by two thirds – one third.  The smaller third be... a ‘room’ at that ‘sits on ledge’ corner commonly call ‘the buttery’ but, more usefully being a room of passage from the ‘back door’ ‘into’ ‘the (fireplace) kitchen “room”.  AT the ‘sits on ledge’ corner... one looks out the window to see that the ‘sits on’ ledge rises very, very sharply to have (the rock ledge) ‘flush’ with the window’s ...sill.  UNDER the ‘floor’ of these rooms... is a... six inch space holding ... round six inch tapering diameter “TREES” (logs) that were cut down RIGHT THERE on the property to ‘make the floor’.  There is not... on this ‘sits on ledge’ side of the homestead, even a ‘crawl space’.  JUST... HOUSE sitting on... ROCK:  Nothing else.
            And “yours doesn’t”.
            In the 1740’s... in Coastal Maine New England’s ‘January and February’ THIS SPACE...
            WAS IT; called “HOME”.

            Discovering that... we have ‘followed back’ “enough” on the old New England property to find a true... in fact true... ‘ground zero’ (“sits on ledge”)... we NOW may reasonably study the puzzle and its pieces to fully, truly and ....passionately... understand... the why and the what... that makes the subject of this vignette; “Trimming Grass and Weeds Around An Old New England Property (Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures”, a GENUINE... and a singular... and a ...truly beautiful ‘when studied’... old New England.
            Therefore... one may now GO BACK down the driveway and retrieve the GOD DAMN weed whacker and GO BACK to ‘trimming’ the GOD DAMN mold cast cement Italianate Winnie the Pooh ‘GARDEN FIXTURES’ (“features”?) (Parts One and Four).  “OH MIRROR BALL” this is TRUE for that et al may never be TRIMMED ENOUGH to:
            No... it cannot ever...
            “Sit on ledge”... as the pure strain... of the “Trimming Grass and Weeds Around An Old New England Property (antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures".
            I never need to trim out there; the ‘sits on ledge’ corner, anyway; it’s the ‘dark corner’ (northeast).  Very little grows there.  But I went out there... anyway... to ‘look at it’ to... like... see... if either the house or the ledge has moved... one... God... damn... inch.  Both are “STILL THERE” I report.  That’s a quarter of a millennium “there as that”.

            “OH BUT”... right there then ‘pretty cool’ for, well... I forgot about that but I... ah... had ah... “yeah” ah... “PUT” a... natural growth forest found Spruce ‘guttered’ ‘tree’ trunk THERE as a ‘natural wood drainage ‘gutter’...:  “See ah”... I found the tree in the forest on the property when I was ‘cutting’ and I ... noted its natural form value so ‘cut to fit’ it ‘out there’ and brought it back to ‘put there’ to ‘drain the rainwater from the down spout ‘AWAY” from the ...ledge (“sits on”).  The ‘they’ (original old settlers) did ‘en stuff’ like that in... the 1740’s... TOO.  Today... one has to do this “IT” that way TOO for the... “Building Supply Store” super box stores, et al, “we don’t have that I THINK I know what you mean”.

            Now we go back to the quarry.
            When I was out there... reviewing....:  I’ve been out there reviewing for DECADES... I was looking over the hand drilled cut holes... along the ledge... where they “CUT” the “STONE”.  I’ll get to THAT... in a future chapter (blog post).  I scrambled up on top of the ledge and was, like... “yeah” up there TOO ...BUT:
            I find right up on the top ‘ah growing’ “PERFECT” another LARGER AND LONGER Spruce ‘guttered’ ‘tree’ trunk THERE as a ‘natural wood drainage ‘gutter’...:
            I didn’t ‘cut it’ yet.  JUST FILE IT AWAY... and... perhaps... I... determine a spot... on the old New England property where I would (maybe.... maybe not) like to “PLACE” that; a natural wood landscape fixtures.  Maybe not?  MAYBE it’s doing JUST FINE as it is up on the top of the
            (Colonial) old New England property’s (antique) granite landscape fixture; the (a puzzle of a piece) “quarry”.

            All of these ...unique to colonial New England... pieces to the puzzle... that are actually more properly... a property’s puzzle of pieces... must... “are now”... being determined to be ‘of the bedrock’; THEY ALL ‘sit on ledge’...:  They all should  be tallied... properly trimmed... and hidden away.  I have learned.  And pass on.
            “Is there anything else?”

            Yes...:  Trees.  Not lumber.  Not building supplies.  TREES.  “There was there... (granite) ROCKS and... TREES.  “Trees” ...or the lack of them... is ALSO a landscape fixture on an old New England property.  And I mean... “(antique) trees”.

            And that is a... whole... other... subject... whose suggested role we have had occur TWICE in THIS chapter; the ‘under the floor’ trees and the ‘natural gutter’ trees.

            That is all I am going to say... about the “TREES”; ‘suggested role’.  I... have enough to sort out with the weed whacker, the cement garden fixtures... the... “The Corruption”... AND...

The cellar hole... is an old New England property granite landscape fixture?  Too.
             Or did a “YOU” “FILLED OURS IN”?
            Another (old New England property [antique] granite landscape fixture) burial... you say?”

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