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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around Old New England Property Granite Landscape Fixtures - Part One - "FREE"

Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
Old New England Property
Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part One


            Pondering a ponder of a problem; that weeds and grass do grow “there” and “I” should do something as a landscape management self initiated effort of exerting my
            Control “THIS IS MADNESS”
            Of the (common titled) “out of control” “WEEDS” and “GRASS”
            Growth growing “THERE” on my...
            “Do I (the “I”) have a property (?)...
            Or do I  have a house upon a... ‘yard’?
            (And) is that... old New England property (that I do confirm I do have)...
            Of old New England granite WITH that bedrock (granite ledge) having:
            “Do I?” have old New England decorative granite landscape fixtures ‘placed’ “UPON”
            That they “these” are festered and mired by
            Weeds and grass “growings”.

            If one does have; property-granite-fixtures-weeds-grass-grow and the self “I” in a
            “MY control MADNESS”
            “MUST”... then
            Should I... so that my EYE
            Is, TOO, as other EYES too
            my property granite fixtures BE
            “Old New England” property granite landscape fixtures... “Trimmed”.

            Did not think (feel) this was a “THAT” of a quick-glance-gaze of a touchy... FEEL of a touch of snotty “oh so... sorry of (YOUR) that”; “doings” that...
            And could be a ‘done wrong’ too?
            One must begin the help of hint by saying that one of this ‘ponder of a problem’ begins by
            Taking your “THAT” down... your
            “DRIVE WAY” to its ‘at the street’ end and THERE put it;
            Your weed whacker
            With the by hand scrawled note attached by tape reading

            Behind one “that doings”... inclusive of one’s empty handed walking return “UP” the “DRIVE WAY” that will allow one to self resolve with one’s empty hands “IF” one has ‘property’ or ‘yard’ by
            Peacefully enjoying that walk ‘back’ “UP” ‘to the... old New England
            One has just now self restored by
            Throwing “THAT” out.

            Pure of spirit now I
            “Take on” the first old New England granite landscape fixture “weeds and grass” “grow” by I
            Know “THAT” be “THERE” on the property.  I go there
            But I first
            My tool for my
            “THIS TASK” of “trimming”
            IT and then go there (on the property) to “THAT”
            And I
            Look down on the Old New England landscape fixture and it’s ‘mired’ “weeds and grass”.
            It is an old New England farm animal water trough handmade (“CUT”) from granite “ledge” probably  “CUT” ‘on the property’ (I KNOW EXACTLY where the ‘the old farm’s granite quarry’ “WAS” (is).
            The trough is ‘perched’ at a ‘there’ and ‘has been’ ‘always’
            “I guess”
            As spring turns to summer I
            “trim it” as one ‘first cut’ hays.
            With my ‘grass clippers’**

            That I snip with one hand and my second hand ‘lays down’ what is an actual tiny hay crop
            (Yes I am at that; ‘haying’)
            so that I, on all four sides of the trough
            ‘Cut’ clear until I...
            “IS THAT?” a some sort of trifle of a wild roses “established itself’ “THERE” so I “huh” and leave it to grow “LONGER” so I can “NEXT TIME” “SEE” if it is
            “ANYTHING THAT interests me” as I bend back up from the ‘haying’ and see the ‘interest me’ blue sky above with ‘no noise’
            Let alone a stinging howl of the old
            Weed whacker
That someone has taken it already for “I heard a (pickup) truck stop
Down there
Did I?”

** : Ponder this ‘old tool’ for it is the whole tool for the ‘trimming’ and works like a weed whacker yet restfully quiet and easily to hand control.  A “NEW ONE” is  wrong for they are ‘bad qualities’ and ‘made not there’ and ‘don’t work’ unless one ‘super pays’ for ‘cutlery’ (high imported) qualities.  Best sources are ‘you already have one but forgot you do’ with ‘yard sale’, ‘church sale’ ‘tool table’ “ONE DOLLAR EACH OR MAKE OFFER” being the best source.  For ten bucks one may ‘collect’ TEN or more so walk the fine line of ...collector and ...hoarder.  Being a hoarder of yard sale purloined grass clippers is worthy of one’s resume and obituary ‘is it not?’.

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  1. Please re-consider, save the jobs of thousands of children manufacturing weedwackers in Asia.