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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around An Old New England Property Granite Landscape Fixtures - Part Two - "The Decisive Guiding Directive

Trimming Grass and Weeds
Around An Old New England Property
Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part Two

"The Decisive Guiding Directive"

            Without a need to be “planning” “way ahead” as to ‘what-trim-I-next?’ I am diverted by disruption such as a visiting bumble bee investigating the disturbance of I trimming grass and weeds ‘from around’ a... locally respected and... heavily frequented... inclusive of bumble bees splashings in water droplet pools (water ‘spills’) created by larger visitors on the top rim of the ‘trough’; this is a well known ‘watering hole’ and I
            Mingle my thoughts with my downward scrutiny of an earthworm fleeing their formally dark moist home in the edge of the tall grass... now clipped... to travel into a deeper dark region ‘under’ the ‘trough’.  I
            Pick up the clippers and the small arm load of fresh cut hay and
            Pace off from ‘back of the home’ to ‘between buildings’ then ‘across and up’ before the home toward the... second trough.
            Yes... two... “an old New England farm animal water trough handmade (“CUT”) from granite “ledge” probably  “CUT” ‘on the property’... I... ‘old New England granite landscape fixtures’... have.  So thought of trimming number one repeats with thought of trimming number two and I
            With the purpose full arm load of cut trimming hay... TOO... “head” to “that one” (the second trough) WITH the additional work load of... ‘past the trough’ IS the “OUR” “COMPOSTE”... “heap”.
            It is not a ‘heap’
            But the trimmed hay
            Is on its way.

            Noticing “the compost” IS a telling tale always being told for our compost is not a ‘pile’ either...:
            It is a quandary of three six foot square boxed units fenced in (now thirty years) (or is it now... forty years?) to always be a ‘not a heap’ and does, I guess, be inside each fence box a ‘pile’ “IT COULD BE THAT”
            I suppose but I never... “THAT” and feel only my eye’s devotion of I traveling towards “IT” (the compost) of easily directing “I” with my here-now fresh hay load that I do ‘pitch’ on the top of ‘a pile’ in the ‘active’... it really is not a ‘compost BIN’ either... but is just a ‘compost pile’ within a fenced box with two more abutting boxes with ‘piles’ within their own ‘a fenced box’.
            I have the time on earth; my time on earth... to do this foolish (?):
            “I do not know what to actually TITLE... our... for it is not a heap.  NOT a pile... or a...  OH I am so pleased that there is not the noise of some device of powered machinery screaming at I right ‘now’; my thoughts following eyes...
            To the RIGHT compost ‘fenced box’ ‘unit?’ and
Decisive guiding directive
            Of “HOW”
            To “TRIM”
            Grass and weed from around
            Old New England property
            Granite landscape fixtures.

            YES I did just say a ‘decisive guiding directive’ meaning
            For trimming but I must report that I did do a ‘before this’ when  “I walking” approached to the ‘compost’ that... I DID
            The second trough
            Just as I trimmed the first trough and
            That required very little thought
            And effort.

            Therefore the “Instructions” of ‘how to trim’ coming to US from the compost may now become directive excepting
The need
            To notice that IF this ponderous and full of ponder trimming with
            Hand held ‘grass clippers’ continues at the current rate “WE”
            “Will never get it done”
            Unless, of course, “WE” discover that “WE”
            Are done.

            This is why we look at the compost for “Its decisive guiding directive”
            GRASS and WEEDS grow TOO at ‘the compost’ and
            Looking over at that one sees ‘instructions’ from grass and weeds
            That tell “I” just where to ‘pitch’ my armload of ‘hay’.
            One fence box is open at the front with no grass and weeds growing ‘up’ ‘in front’.  The next fence box is closed with moderate grass and weeds growing ‘up’ ‘in front’.  The third fence box is closed too and has TALL grass and weeds growing ‘up’ ‘in front’.  There... then be... three grass and weed ‘growing up’ and these are a “Its decisive guiding directive” for these... WEEDS and grass GROWING UP tell I ‘where’ to pitch my arm load of hay.
            The weed and front board lacking fence box is ‘just being cleaned out’ with the ‘compost’ “thrown on the garden”.  The second moderate weed and grass growing ‘up’ is in the ‘middle second year’ of the compost cycle; the rest-a-year to ‘rot down’ to be ready to “thrown on the garden” in its third (“next”) year.  The tallest grass and weeds ‘grown up’ fenced bin is the ‘active’ “TOSS HERE” first year bin now ending its ‘first year’ (first winter too).  It will be compost “THROWN” in two years after... being ‘closed’ to fresh pitching ‘as soon as’ the ‘cleaned out’ is ‘fenced back up’ and ‘is activated’ in its new ‘cleaned out’ state of three year ‘compost cycle’ “START”.

            What the point of this is;
The “Its decisive guiding directive”
Is that
It is
            THE GRASS AND WEED growth at the fenced box fronts that TELLS ME
            (‘instruct’) “WHERE” to “PITCH” my ...arm load of hay
            And that... therefore... IF I were to TRIM those grass and weeds ‘growing up’ there... I would NOT get the ‘Its decisive guiding directive’ from our ‘compost’.
            THIS instruction travels to become...:  Do NOT trim grass and weeds from around.
            That is the instructions of
            Trimming grass and weeds around
            Old New England property (granite) landscape fixtures.
            That means that the grass clipping I did at the granite troughs was a personal vanity.  Nothing else.
            And that means... unless I choose to pursue greater personal vanity... I am done
            Trimming grass and weeds around
            Old New England property (granite) landscape fixtures.
            I am done.

            I will show... how this is.
            We understand the compost grass and weed messaging.
            We expand this message to be a broad aesthetic state
Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
An Old New England Property’s
(Granite) Landscape Fixtures

            Starting with a ‘not granite’;
            A good example is our clothes line.
            At the base of the clothes line pole is
            A growth of ‘out of control’ ‘grass and weeds’
            This is never trimmed
            I never trim this
            No one ever notices.
            A world of nature lives ‘in it’;
            The grass and weed clump...
            At the base of the clothes line pole.

            Further... if it ‘is clipped’
            It (the grass and weed clump at the base of the clothes line pole)
            LOOKS LIKE ‘it is clipped’; “someone clipped it”
            As meaning, at the least, “huh”
            And at the ‘expand this message to be a broad aesthetic state’
            To be a... concise ‘opposite direction’ of the
            “This instruction is... do NOT trim grass and weeds from around.”
            Of “old New England property”
            (granite) landscape fixtures.

            I review:
            Throw away the weed whacker
            Use the traditional New England hand tool; grass clippers
            Trim grass and weeds from old New England property granite landscape fixtures
            As a personal vanity by
            Following the instruction of the old New England property aesthetic
            Of NOT trimming grass and weeds from around as
            Directed from old New England fixtures such as ....old New England clothes line poles and compost ...positions.

            I now leave the ‘redundant’ specimen examples of this aesthetic;
            The clothes lines, the composts and the ‘old New England property’s “EVERWHERE” of grass and weeds,
            To come back, in the next chapter (blog post), to the featured objects of
            (Old New England property granite landscape fixtures)
            And their proper trimming
            Using what we have learned.

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