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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around Old New England Property Granite Landscape Fixtures- Part Three - "Our Millstone"

Trimming Grass and Weeds
Around Old New England Property
Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part Three

"Our Millstone"

            Disciplined... I... advance... to the... combined... king and queen of ... old New England property... granite landscape fixtures:
            Be that a “YOU” have one upon a property too?
            “GOSH GLENDA... I’ve always WANTED one.”
            Actual procurements... are... “difficult” these days.
            Yes; procurement of a (real old New England) millstone... is difficult... these days.
            In the hands of ‘enemy’ they be?
            Yes... but for most ‘old stones’ “they may HAVE (“KEEP”) them”.
            I’ll get to this; that part’s easy.
            I’ll start with ‘trimming grass and weeds’ ‘from around them’; that’s easy... too.

            All I gotta do is just walk down to the “DRIVEWAY” from the “COMPOST” (Part Two) and I confront “IT” (our millstone) and... it’s grass and weeds ‘growing about (it)’.  I look down upon the ...massive... millstone form and “SEE” the grass and weeds and
            “Oh are not they that”; “nice”...too:
            Grass and weeds.
            And... rectify (‘put right’)... so I, with eye, look off down the driveway and
            Prepare to do something else for
            I do not trim
            Anything “around” “the millstone”.
            But I will take a moment to review this... old New England... property... aesthetic...
            I take.

            The ‘our millstone’ is the... properly... massive ‘piece of granite’.  The ‘grass’ is... a tall floppy deep green growing about the bottom left third of the millstone round.  This grass ends toward the bottom right where a ...complimentary yellow-green fern has ‘established’ itself in the bottom edge wet spot of the... millstone.  DIRECTLY opposite this fern; across the diameter of the millstone... (that ...WE... now notice to be ‘harmonized’ with ‘moss and lichen’ growings-upon this upper millstone surface)... WE discern a ...sprig... of a wild choke cherry “TREE” has ‘established’ itself “TOO”.  This-these-there whole... act to harmonize so... to beautify... so to amplify by their NATURAL OCCURANCE... the rectify (‘put right’) this ‘property landscape fixture;... ‘the millstone’ and ‘its (old undisturbed) surface’
            A BOOM, bam, bam, BOOM of refreshing
            Unity of... old New England property landscape fixture expression
            Look down on for a ‘seconds’ and then
            Look down the driveway.
            “IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT”.  Don’t worry; if that choke cherry gets to be six inches in diameter ‘of some night’... I’ll CHAIN SAW it down.  Otherwise... nothing growing there is ‘going anywhere’ particularly if one, again, notices the ‘massive’ of the ‘our millstone’
            This is where we start to get a little

            About old millstones “ON” old New England property... as... landscape fixtures.
            I now leave “trimming grass and weeds around” ‘our millstone’ and ‘work with’ “TESTY”.
            We all understand ‘trimming’ well... now... don’t we.
            Soooo... ‘the (mill) stone’... has... so must be understood to have... an aesthetic expression within its ...form... and that may be
            Good... or bad
            To review; we have ‘carried’ grass and weed trimming to a ‘the millstone’.  We have ‘touched’ the surface of the millstone by slight consideration.  Now I consider “FORM” of ‘a’ (‘our’) millstone.
            Brutal and blunt:  A millstone must confer ‘massive’ ‘round’.  It must not be too ‘wafer’ (thin), too thick, too ‘small’, too ‘big’... and... in any way ‘off’ or ‘wimpy’.  “Too thin” is the most common.  ANY ‘looks weird’ to the eye is “NO”
            To the whole millstone
            And you (‘owning it’).
            The stone, as a massive round should be ‘crisp’ at the edges (ALL EDGES) once it is noticed to be ‘the right form’.  This crisp edges carries a stone “UP” as “FORM”.  IF... the edges are ‘rounded’, ‘have rounding’ or... have any visual confusion on them that ‘carries away’ (“IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE SANDED IT”)....:  “NO”.
            This last carries to ‘surface’.  An old undisturbed ‘found in the forest of a long ago’ “LOOK” (here as ‘moss and lichens’) is the ‘good surface’.  Any other surface especially towards the word “CLEANED”... let alone ‘scrubbed’ and ‘bleached’ and... “NO”.
            “Walk from it”:  Bad form and surface.
            NO DAMAGE from “MOVING”; scrapes, scratches... et al:  “NO”.  Moving a millstone is a ‘pay a professional VERY WELL to VERY consciously very carefully with PAY, PAY, PAY to “NOT” “DAMAGE” (the surface) “IN ANY WAY”.  This is AFTER the form and surface... considerations ‘pass muster’.
            “Testy?” you say.
            Just remember
            TO PAY
            Or leave the ...not yet ruined by you... millstone alone
            And GO AWAY.

            Properly placing the ...old granite millstone... on an old New England property... as a landscape fixture.

            Old granite millstones traditionally were best “found” “in the stream bed” of the “stream” “below” “where the mill was” where they were “tossed” after they “wore out” or the mill ‘ceased operations’, ‘rotted’ and ‘fell down’.  They are not found in the ‘mill pond’ “above the dam” of a “mill sight”.  The pond is ‘up hill’.  Millstones were “tossed” down hill “below the mill”.
            We have now found... evaluated (form and surface)... retrieved from the stream bed and ‘moved’ the millstone to the ...old New England property to be... “PLACED”... as a... granite landscape fixture on this property.
            “TESTY YOU SAY... this “PLACED”.
            Now we confront ‘nasty’.
            And this is a Wasp thing too... so fasten the seat belt; there is wiggle room.
            I’ll start Wasp and move to ‘granite landscape fixture’.  Wasp etiquette is ‘of no notice ever’ ‘in life’.  It is the old ‘only notice’ being one’s birth and one’s death, both noted in the most obscure and shortest.  THAT is how an ‘old millstone’ is “PITCHED” to become a ‘granite landscape fixture’ on an old New England property.  TOO.  That’s it right there in total:  NO NOTICE ...of ‘it’ ever.
            So... to clarify by reversal...:  NO ‘at the end of the driveway’ “ENTRANCE GUARD” poise “IN YOUR FACE” greeting all comers.
            NO ‘two of those’ (one on each side of the... “drive”).  (If one has a ‘two’ millstones together ANYWHERE on the property... as granite landscape fixtures... they better be a “GOOD ONES” TRUE pair and ‘that’s not possible’ so... GOT IT?)
            NO... ‘half buried’ ‘upright’ poise.  NO.  It’s a MILL ...STONE; a ‘rock’.  IF you are a burier... YOU BETTER DIG THE HOLE YOURSELF... (not having a ‘someone do it’ “FOR YOU) so that YOU understand ...yourself... while alone with your shovel... “what an idiot” you are by showing, by burial, how little sense of mill... stone... form... YOU have.
            Burying the ‘whole stone’ to, like... “WALK ON IT” (unless all you got is a thin crummy one with a ‘BAD’ surface ) is NO.  That’s for in front of CORPORATION entrances selling... like... popped collar clothing... “en stuff’.  They (a buried or partial buried ‘stone’ and a popped collar “en stuff”) ARE about the same... aesthetic of... global vision).
            If your reading this and have a ‘buried one’... let alone a ‘half burial’ and are feeling one ‘might want to fix that’... you got the right feel.  So... continuing UP the driveway the stone ...goes... and is then...:

            NOT positioned in, again, ANY ‘in your face’ ‘GUARD’ ‘DISPLAY’ ‘GRAND’ ‘near the front door’... ‘entrance’ to the ‘OUR GARDENS’ or
            ANY OF THAT
            Insensitive to the actual granite-landscape-fixture-old New England property
            The ‘it (the millstone and it’s heritage):  “IT” is... BETTER THAN YOU’...; unstated
            GRACE and
            Therefore “NO.” is what YOU do to IT (Wasp ‘do to others as to thy self’).
            So... with this ...understanding... applied... that’s why most ‘people’ don’t even notice “YOU HAVE ONE” for quite a while (like sixteen ‘visits’ where they “I DRIVE RIGHT BY IT I NEVER NOTICED YOUR.... MILLSTONE:  IT’S SO NICE”... ‘pitched’ ‘there’.

            Our ‘pitched there’ is ‘upon (natural granite outcropping) ledge’ ‘off’ the “DRIVEWAY” ...just as one ‘reaches’ the farm yard.  So one ‘drives by it’ and ‘never notices’
            And no mention is ever made of “IT” ever by us ...unless
            A someone
            And THAT notice is blown off too... unless
            THEY pursue the
            with NO... NO... and only vague mumbled comment.
            Because in old New England property granite landscape fixture ‘life’ you
            “Get your own millstone” and
            “Know all about it”.  Yourself.
            “It’s always been there?
            “It’s really nice...
            The way you have
            It there.”

*** :  In this vignette’s chapter (blog post) I am not ‘explaining’ what a millstone is, how it works, how old mills work, how the stones worked in the mills or any of that.  One may research all that easily and, for I, it is a dull ‘writing-down’.  I am writing about the millstone as a granite landscape fixture on an old New England property.

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  1. Or...weedwhack down to ground level around the granite fixture, blow whacked material away with leaf blower, spray whacked area with ROUNDUP to kill roots, apply bark mulch on whacked area, take a picture (photograph) and have invitation cards made to send to WASPs for summer cocktail gatherings to be held around the granite fixture.