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Trimming Grass and Weeds Around Old New England Property (Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures - Part Eight - "A Sit On Rock"

Trimming Grass and Weeds Around
Old New England Property
(Antique) Granite Landscape Fixtures

Part Eight

"A Sit On Rock"

            “WHERE... do YOU go...” she says to me after first noting
            The “traffic” is “backed up” through “both” (Camden and Wiscasset).  That the “LINE” for the decision of a “That’s a BETTER DEAL” “TWO HOT DOGS” or...
            The six dollar and ninety-nine cent “LOBSTER ROLL”.
            “The price of THAT is warning enough.” I explain.
            “IF a ‘LOBSTER ROLL’ is HALF the price of a... lobster roll... THAT should be a warning.”
            “Ah...:  Don’t worry about it”.
            “When we finish shopping WE...:

            (No... that’s not going to happen)
            “NOT THOSE JARS:  I bought those for my SISTER”.
            “Your really not coming with us?”
            “Yes I’m really not coming with you.”
            “No... YOU like doing that.  I do not like doing that.”
            “I CAN see why you like it here.”
            “See?  What do you see?”
            “No... I UNDERSTAND... why you like it here.
            “I could never live here this way; the way you do.  It’s... like... I don’t know... .
            “That’s right:  You don’t.
            “Live here and don’t know.”
            “I do know this is the real Maine.  When I’m here.  I know that.”
            “But it’s not for you.  Is it.  You can’t have it.”
            “Have it?”
            “It’s too real.  It’s easier to just go shopping.”
            “But it is really NICE; the way you guys live.”
            “We’re not the only ones who live like this.  And it’s not about nice.”

            After I got rid of them... I walked down the ...driveway... that was originally the ‘road’ ‘up from the water’.  I veered off before the bend above the spring and ...ducking through the ‘invasive’ honeysuckle ‘broke’ into the clearing beneath the mature spruce trees that have ...been left uncut... for a long... long century.  Right there is where the “oldest barn” (colonial era) joined the ‘old barn’ that was built ‘ONTO’ “IT”.  The... ‘foundation’ is still right there.  All the foundation IS (‘was’)... is a few large (field stone granite) rocks ‘sitting on ledge’.  Colonial barns were not that big.  Nor were the second (‘old barn’) barns big... either.  Or were the plethora of ‘sheds’ and ‘outbuildings” ‘big either’.  So... ‘everything’ was ‘hung on ledge’.  Too.

            Right there... on the old oldest barn foundation... is a big round bolder ‘sit on’ rock.  I ‘sit on’ it.  Just like... a quarter of a millennium of men have... sat on... it.  OK SO LIKE I have a... stupid little jar of old busted clay tobacco pipe bowls I’ve... “found” ... “back there” (about the ‘sit-on’ rock).

I sat on the ‘sit on’ rock while
            They were out.
            Or... wait:  I was out... on the sit on rock... while
            They were... IN.
            The car.
            The stores.
            The restaurant.
            The “we need to get some” at the... grocery (box) store.
            I was the one...
            Who was out
            On an old New England property... sitting on... a ‘sit on rock’.  That rock, among the ‘those other’ sit on rocks ‘placed’ on the property by ... a quarter of a millennium of ‘sit on rock’ men...  are too...
            (Antique) granite landscape fixtures... ON this old New England property.  Too.
            Then I walked down to the cellar hole.

            Right away I came upon another ‘sit on’ rock.  This one... over looks the pond and original pasture (Native American cleared field) ‘above the (salt) water’; ‘the river’... from... its delightfully central vista poise of ‘UP” on the old ‘upper pasture’ ‘above the wall’.  It is so high up in the old upper pasture that one cannot ‘see the (stone) wall’ ‘below’.
            I’ve never found any old broken clay pipe bowls here.  Probably that’s because there is no soil (not dirt... SOIL) right here for this sit on rock sits on ‘exposed’ ledge so... any busted pipe bowl would be
            ‘Prone to perish’.  (ground into dust by the ‘rocks’).

            It’s ok; I sat on the rock for a few minutes anyway.  I always do... whenever I feel like it.  It’s the same way I go shopping in Camden; “whenever I feel like it”.
            “WHO CARES if they buy the worse lobster roll on the coast of Maine while I walk down to the old cellar hole ‘on the (old New England) property’.

(From this one... one 'sights' the back door of the homestead.)

            Who cares?  NOBODY CARES.
            That I know every sit on rock on this old New England property.
            That I have and continue to ...sit on... every sit on rock on...
            That I cherish the sit on rock as a singular form of
            (Antique) granite landscape fixture
            On the old New England property.
            Don’t... you want to... sit on... a sit on rock... too?
            “You care?”

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